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Anyone know ?

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8 hours ago, ctc77965o said:

google seems to know the car

Yes done that bit. The car seems to have been through a few auctions. And had some hard use. Just wondering if it has been cared for in return for this work. 

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Its not as good as it used to be by the looks of it, its lost its full cage and gained a honeybourne fibre surrey and a Halda, Are you thinking of buying it Hamish.


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Hi Stuart. 

I do fancy a competition TR4 ......

thats cheap ( oxymoron I know)


I say competition because I wouldn’t want to mess up a nice road car with drilling and fitting safety etc things to it. Also with some competition cars the original builder or client has spent a lot that can’t always be recouped so poorer scavengers like me could benefit. 

I have seen some lovely cars that do our sprint and hull climb championship.

the 4’s have those newfangled wind up windows and everything. And you can get to everything under the bonnet.


don't get me wrong I really love my 3a and it’s far from original and it has looked after me admirably.  just waiting for the last sprint at castle Combe ( that I’m not doing) to see where I finish. 

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Hamish has perhaps unknowingly put his finger on a conundrum for those who wish to compete in historic motorsports of many classes.

How committed does the owner of the car need to be to be successful ? Many owners decide if they have a TR ...whatever,  that is the car model they would like to compete in, that decision can often mean you may compete but will have great difficulty in being in contention of winning, either class or race win. Most of the TRs have plus or minus points either with weight, handling or power or combinations of all, and if you wish to drive to win careful consideration to which car you will drive and in which series you wish to race needs to be made.

Also your commitment in accepting that your car may be left a smoking wreck and as long as you can walk away from it that's a good result, means a good few hp advantage that other less committed drivers need to buy to compete against you. ( see * Birkett Relay Races below). Understand this does not mean you will drive badly or risk damaging other drivers cars needlessly, but when you approach a corner at the end of a straight and smoke covers the track from a blown engine or spun out car and you are approaching it at over 100mph knowing that 2 seconds ago there were 3 other competing cars approaching that corner what you do, and how you drive will decide where you finish in the race and possibly other peoples cars and lives. Many current TR owners will remember the heyday of the Birkett Relay races of the late 80s where teams of 6 cars would compete against other teams of varied marques (Jaguar, Ferrari, Aston, MG, Lotus, Ginetta etc, etc). I spoke to or knew some of the other team managers and they would moan continually about the TR teams (who were beating their teams), "cars are worth 7s and 6d (they never transcribed into decimal) and all the drivers perform like Jehu (they were classically schooled, "Jehu" ie they drove furiously). This culminated in the 1987 I think season when the TRs had a great result finishing "on the road" lap for lap with 4cylinders TRs in 4th and 6 cylinder TRs 6th positions  and somewhat higher on handicap. The fact that there were only specialist car teams ie Lotus 7 Ginettas etc in front of the TRs showed the quality of the result.     

You will see or race alongside many drivers/owners who spend their lives spreading "Chinese whispers" about so and so's car etc. They campaign for rule changes either through the season or in the close season which not unreasonably make their current car more competitive, but often by dint of changing the rules so other cars need to change their specs.

Strangely (not) our much missed Alec Pringle passed comments about the Birkett Relay Races back in 2013 which is shown here


Posted May 2, 2013

There was a time that the TR Register would have been up at the front of the queue with an official club entry - or even two, one team for 4 and one for 6 cylinder cars.

TR performances in the late 70s and 80s, in all the relay races not just the Birkett, elevated the status of the entire TR range by a huge amount. As the classic car movement expanded, TRs were to be seen up towards the front of many a grid, and competing in the relay races in particular punched far above their weight.

The highlight had to be that 4 Hour Donington in the late 80s, 4-pot TRs in 4th on distance, 6-pots in 6th place, with pure sports racer teams in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th slots. Every other production based team trailed the TRs - Aston Martin, Austin Healey, BMW, Ferrari, Ford, Jaguar, MG, Morgan, Porsche et al.

"To preserve the marque TR" - the Register relay teams achieved a tremendous amount, the reflected glory of successful teams rubs off on every car, and it's just one of the many successful aspects that pushed TRs to the forefront of the classic scene.

A TRadition that needs to be revived, if TRs are to have a long term future as rosy as their past . . . .




Cheers Alec mate...see you around.

Mick Richards.

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  • 10 months later...

Still doesnt look like much of a rally car to me, and Im 6`4" and fit in OK


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I’m thinking that it’s been through a few auctions and adverts and they all seem to refer to previous sellers information.  Is this a liability thing if it turns out to be less than expected. Ie “well it’s how it was described to me “

 This is how vehicles can be tainted with multiple sale attempts and worse if they change hand and come on the market again. 

I'm sure this car is Ok and would take quite a lot of cash to bring to this level With roll bars trip meters and lsd etc

other adverts suggest fibreglass panels. Wonder if this is still the case. 

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4 hours ago, Jase said:

Looks a good price, not sure 6'3" is a major size issue though?

The Corbeau Classic seats are probably the issue being quite long in the base relative to a very snug sitting space. I’m only 5’ 8” and mine only clear the rear shelf by an inch in the TR3a.

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