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Oil Purolator Filter

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The Purolator always weeped oil at the seal.

Tried lot's of non-invasive things to fix.

So I decided to go for the spin-on conversion and all is well.

On inspection the filter out of the Purolator is distorted - see pictures.

I am guessing it is heat that has done this? If so should I be worried?

Is my engine getting too hot or something else?





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The filter element is pressed upwards onto the seal face by a spring in the base on the cover if it is assembled correctly.

If the spring has been changed for a stronger one, just assembled wrong it may crush the element. 

First thing to check is that, I would suggest.



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Some versions of that filter are actually too long to start with, this may actually be the cause.


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If the element is fitted with any form of bypass device (I don't know about this one, do you have the part number), the primary reason the bypass is there is to protect the element from damage.

Poor/wrong assembly or an over rated spring could result in the type of collapse you can see.

The element should be tested to 3x the design collapse rating.

If the spring is correctly rated, is the element blocked?  Did it do excess running hours?

These elements are usually rated at about 60 microns

This, generally, allows the carbon to circulate, as is is not considered to be detrimental to the engine in the usual concentrations.

A blocked filter will capture much more carbon.   This will blind the media and create a high delta P

High delta P could, could, result in the damage shown.


Hope this helps


Note;  If you have the part number, I'll try to get hold of the spec



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Thanks Chaps.


John, you are a tech legend:-)


I am with collapse too. God knows how I managed to do it but the spring maybe too strong.






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