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  1. Got to the bottom of it. Front shaft bearing collapsed. Damaged front shaft and main shaft. Metal deposits throughout the box:-( Complete rebuild required! to get rid of loose metal etc. Let's hope this time we nail it for good.
  2. So, We replaced the release bearing and put a new fork on. On the test drive a massive crunch in second persists. So we drained the oil and it is full of metal. This is a box that was rebuilt by Mike Papworth 4,000 miles ago???~ In any event, it looks like another rebuild is in order as we can see bits of bearing in the oil??? Bummer:-(
  3. Cheers chaps. Investigation starts tomorrow. Best. Paul.
  4. All gears are stiffer than usual. Reverse is fine but stiffer than usual. Roger I have an awful feeling that you maybe right!!! Gearbox out again!!!!! Arrrrgghhhh!!!!! Where can one purchase an industrial strength taper pin??? The best. Best. Paul.
  5. If it helps, you can see a detailed strip down of the heater and all the parts including the seal here: http://tr4a.weebly.com/smiths-heater-triumph-tr4a.html Best Paul.
  6. Hi Roger, I don't think an 'extra' taper pin was fitted? What is this? Best. Paul.
  7. I thought I would moppet a question out there before I do more digging in case it is anything obvious that springs to your collective minds. My gearbox quite suddenly decided that going ion to 2nd gear was a problem. I was driving along and went to change down and could not get it in to 2nd without a crunch. 1st, 3rd & 4th gears seem a lot better. Maybe 3rd has a little trouble engaging. 2nd is a 'I don't want to go in'. Recent history of the box is as follows. 1: Overdrive and gearbox rebuilt by Mike Papworth 3,000 miles ago. 2: Had an overdrive issue that was the pressure relief valve - sorted no problems. 3: Complete oil change at 3,000 miles. 3: Had a grumbling clutch release bearing and replaced that all fine The overdrive is working fine. Clutch slave adjust as much as possible at the rod. Any thoughts? Best Paul
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tr4a-Sun-Original-Sunvisors-And-Brackets/173694290817 I wouldn't normally post such things but these are a very hard to find item. Took me 2 years to find the brackets. Best Paul.
  9. Thanks Chaps. John, you are a tech legend:-) I am with collapse too. God knows how I managed to do it but the spring maybe too strong. Best. Paul.
  10. The Purolator always weeped oil at the seal. Tried lot's of non-invasive things to fix. So I decided to go for the spin-on conversion and all is well. On inspection the filter out of the Purolator is distorted - see pictures. I am guessing it is heat that has done this? If so should I be worried? Is my engine getting too hot or something else? Best Paul.
  11. This little video should make you laugh. It was all my fault. I had installed the wiper box upside down. Made more comical with the lolly stick. All sorted now although I had to do some wok to the new wiper arm. It was too tight to go on to the wheel box shaft so I grinned down the insert a little and used a rubber mallet to secure. It will not come off:-) Thanks for your help. Paul
  12. Thanks Chaps. The rack is below the pinion but it maybe above on the passenger side.?
  13. When I rebuilt my 4A I should have replaced the wheel boxes but I used the existing ones. Anyway, today I braved the damp and cold and replaced the wheel box. I have a tip, refit it with the backplate in place lightly held by the screws. It has taken ages as access under the dash is a nightmare. Imagine my dismay when the wiper box appears to go in the opposite direction to the other side???? What have I done wrong? I have left the shed for the evening as it is dark and cold but I thought I would ask you guys for a quick pointer. It can't be as simple as putting it in upside down? I think it works the same anyway either way up? Any pointers welcome before I resume tomorrow. A wiper box is eating my whole weekend??? How can this be? Thanks Paul
  14. As I thought. Cheers Roger/Harry. Bugger. If only I had known when I had to fix the overdrive?!?!?!?!? Here we go again!!!! Best. Paul.
  15. Hi, My grumbling clutch bearing is grumbling to much to the point where it is making grumble. Is there a simple way to get to it? Or, am I engine/gearbox out? Interior strip out to get to the box etc. Just wondered if there was an easier fix than I think there is? Cheers. Paul.
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