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  1. Here's the one I made. You'll notice it has squared ends to get a spanner on to aid removal when you need to. Fan belt slips between the rack and this fan extension. Now, a roadside fan belt change is no issue.:-)
  2. Here is a picture of it fitted. What makes this really work is the flats as it means you can install it without the Monkey Wrench. I think Marco's stills needs the wrench.:-) All else fails there is always stockings but if you are driving with a lady that wears such things I don't think the fan belt will be on your mind at all.
  3. I have not posted for a while but I thought I would share this one. 45 miles from home on my wedding anniversary the red ignition light came on and the temperature started to rise. The tell tale sign the fan belt had gone. On many cars changing a fan belt is a fast affair and can be done roadside but on a TR4A I have found the best way is to slacken off the engine mounting bolts and jack up the engine to create enough room for the belt to pass between the steering rack and the fan extension tube. So no chance of fixing it at the side of the road. Fortunately, I had an ally
  4. Thanks All I'll have search. Best
  5. Thanks Roger as always. So, if I have this right. If I put a Surrey on my TR4A it is a matter of 1: Replace convertible hood frame with Surrey frame and backlight. 2: If using a canvas Surrey roof no problem in fitting straight on. 3: If I want to use a hard Surrey roof the brackets for the convertible roof have to come off. 4: Does the windscreen cap on the TR4A have to be replaced/altered to take the hard Surrey top? 5: Understand on the sun visor bracket. Has anyone got a picture of this? Many thanks. Paul.
  6. Is there any difference in the surrey top in terms of fitting to a TR4A over a TR4 or did the same Surrey Top fit both? Many thanks. Paul
  7. I am late to this topic but.......My overdrive would engage but then would not release. I tried the oil/solenoid/switch first but eventually traced the issue to the pressure valve. It is a gearbox tunnel off operation. This is my valve in the picture. There is a small hole the size of a pin and this was blocked with the smallest piece of crud/grit. If you have a gearbox rebuild I guess it is possible to have the smallest bits of metal floating around? This was potentially my issue. It is a DIY job but it is just a faff and be careful not to
  8. Got to the bottom of it. Front shaft bearing collapsed. Damaged front shaft and main shaft. Metal deposits throughout the box:-( Complete rebuild required! to get rid of loose metal etc. Let's hope this time we nail it for good.
  9. So, We replaced the release bearing and put a new fork on. On the test drive a massive crunch in second persists. So we drained the oil and it is full of metal. This is a box that was rebuilt by Mike Papworth 4,000 miles ago???~ In any event, it looks like another rebuild is in order as we can see bits of bearing in the oil??? Bummer:-(
  10. Cheers chaps. Investigation starts tomorrow. Best. Paul.
  11. All gears are stiffer than usual. Reverse is fine but stiffer than usual. Roger I have an awful feeling that you maybe right!!! Gearbox out again!!!!! Arrrrgghhhh!!!!! Where can one purchase an industrial strength taper pin??? The best. Best. Paul.
  12. If it helps, you can see a detailed strip down of the heater and all the parts including the seal here: http://tr4a.weebly.com/smiths-heater-triumph-tr4a.html Best Paul.
  13. Hi Roger, I don't think an 'extra' taper pin was fitted? What is this? Best. Paul.
  14. I thought I would moppet a question out there before I do more digging in case it is anything obvious that springs to your collective minds. My gearbox quite suddenly decided that going ion to 2nd gear was a problem. I was driving along and went to change down and could not get it in to 2nd without a crunch. 1st, 3rd & 4th gears seem a lot better. Maybe 3rd has a little trouble engaging. 2nd is a 'I don't want to go in'. Recent history of the box is as follows. 1: Overdrive and gearbox rebuilt by Mike Papworth 3,000 miles ago. 2: Had an overdrive issue that was the
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