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  1. It's all been quiet from the DVLA for the last two weeks or so until I got a letter in the post this morning. They say I've not provided enough evidence to convince them about the identity of my car and have now withdrawn my registration number and V5c. I need to reapply to have it registered. They don't mention any right to appeal, but I've emailed back to say I want to appeal their decision and will be discussing with independent experts of the TR Register. I've emailed Graham Alexander and Derek Graham for assistance and hope they can help. I don't have a photo of the original co
  2. With hindsight I wished I'd done it all a stage at a time. Notify them of the engine change first, then take up the incorrect D at the end of the VIN on the V5, then sought to get the original registration back.
  3. Minor update - I had an initial letter from the DVLA asking me to fill in a "built-up vehicle" form. I filled the form in and explained that I didn't think this applied as my car has been restored not built-up. I listed each element (chassis, steering, suspension, body panels, etc.) as being to my car registration except for the engine. I gave them a detailed letter outlining my position and evidence. This was about two weeks ago. I've this morning had an email from them just asking me to provide a photo of the original VIN plate because the one they have a photo of is a "new" one. I've explai
  4. Ok, the SGS Inspector visited today. I decided to email the DVLA first thing this morning to explain the situation and provide a copy of the very first log book where the O for overdrive had been transposed for a D, and why I couldn't provide them the paperwork relating to the engine (bought, rebuilt by dad who then passed away and fitted by a garage that went into liquidation). I got a response saying not to worry and the Inspector would get all the information needed and it would all be sorted. The Inspector took loads of notes and photos and listened to what I had to say about the
  5. Thanks all, I won't mention anything on the inspection and see what happens when the DVLA review everything.
  6. Hi, I've applied to take the cherished number off my TR6. My car has recently been MOT'd but as it had been off-the-road since 1985 the DVLA want an inspection. This is now arranged for Tuesday morning. The plates on the car all match up with my heritage certificate from 2002 and this certificate shows the original registration number as well as the one on the car now. My V5c shows a letter D at the end of the VIN instead of what should be the O for overdrive. On the original logbook from 1973 (I got a copy from the DVLA back when they were sending them out on request) someone h
  7. Mot'd at the end of July - first one since 1985. Just need a little bit more fettling then I can start to enjoy
  8. I had a real issue with the one I had. It's the same as all of the other switch heads and has the small hole you need to use to depress the retaining button before it comes off. I've used this switch as the manual override for my electric fan, as my car didn't have the interior light on the tunnel and the lights under the dash just come on when opening the doors.
  9. Thanks Mike. It was stabil, and I think I ran the engine after putting it in, but I'm questioning myself now
  10. I had my '73 PI setup late last year and all was running fine. I added some fuel stabiliser before storing away for winter. I took her for a quick run a few weeks ago and all was running well. A week ago and the engine seemed to get hotter quicker and was hesitant on acceleration from low revs, clearing from about 2000rpm and above. I filled up with fuel wondering if I'd let it get low (fuel gauge was at half and I'd only done 100 miles since filing up) but no change. I've looked at the timing and it seemed very advanced so I've retarded it and whilst not getting as hot as quick, she's st
  11. That is a lot more than I wanted to pay, but thanks Marco
  12. Hi Marco, Does your friend sell these? I need a set of these to sort my seatbelts. Thanks, Steve
  13. I'm a little concerned about not knowing if it's on after I've switched the engine off then reversing when I first come to it again. So, in respect of the logic device what's the recommended one to buy and who from? Our is it possible to fit a light to show when it's on or off? If so is there a wiring diagram for this?
  14. Hopefully you mean the car, not me!!!
  15. Thanks Rob. I'm just hoping it works when the car comes back, but at least I know now how to use it and what to expect when using it
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