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  1. That is a lot more than I wanted to pay, but thanks Marco
  2. Hi Marco, Does your friend sell these? I need a set of these to sort my seatbelts. Thanks, Steve
  3. boogie

    J-type overdrive

    I'm a little concerned about not knowing if it's on after I've switched the engine off then reversing when I first come to it again. So, in respect of the logic device what's the recommended one to buy and who from? Our is it possible to fit a light to show when it's on or off? If so is there a wiring diagram for this?
  4. boogie

    J-type overdrive

    Hopefully you mean the car, not me!!!
  5. boogie

    J-type overdrive

    Thanks Rob. I'm just hoping it works when the car comes back, but at least I know now how to use it and what to expect when using it
  6. Hi all, This might seem a strange set of questions but I'm trying to understand how to operate overdrive as I've never driven with this before, and I'm hoping to have my car back soon- it really has been the slowest and most stalled of rebuilds ever known!! I know o/d can be used in 3rd and 4th on mine. 1. When should I operate o/d for the first time on a journey - do I have to be at a certain speed and in 4th at first selection? 2. Do I need to deselect o/d before shifting down from 4th to 3rd? 3. Do I need to deselect o/d before shitfting up from 3rd to 4th? 4. When I turn the engine off is o/d cancelled if I haven't already done it? ie will it still be in o/d when I next turn the car on? 5. Is there an easy way to know if o/d is selected whilst driving (other than the revs being lower)? Thanks, Steve
  7. Is this the part you're looking for? https://fredmillturnparts.com/my-manifolds/cr-tr6-and-2-5pi-mk2-saloons-and-estates/
  8. Thanks Bruce, and spot-on with the adaptor/union on the m/u flange. I've tried PTFE tape but it just tears up and doesn't stay in place. I've added a bit of thread-lock and will see how this goes
  9. I've noticed when on choke there's a fine squirt of fuel from around the return pipe union on the m/u. It doesn't seem to be there when the choke's fully closed. I bought a replacement pipe and on taking the old one off I noticed the union was a bit "waggly" and on closer inspection isn't sealing properly - I suspect this has been cross-threaded and that's what's now causing me the problem. I'm still going to replace the old pipe anyway but would I be okay using PTFE tape to improve the seal, or should I take the m/u off and get the hole re-threaded?
  10. No oil cooler, spin-on oil filter conversion but not the one that takes the oil cooler
  11. That's the plan now. It's going to be a few weeks before I can get back out to do this now with work commitments, a holiday booked and having to "sort the garden out" to balance up the time I spend on "that damn car"!!
  12. To avoid any confusion, the oil was on the ground under the car, not in the passenger side, but your point about the pipeline is one I was considering as the spill seems to centre on where this connection is. If not here, then possibly the oil pressure release valve - can this spurt out about 100ml of oil in certain circumstances?
  13. Yes, I didn't manage to clear through the engine or heater, just the radiator
  14. Thanks Waldi. I decided not to get too downhearted and have just been back in the garage to do as you suggest. There's no huge puddle under the car so that's good. The oil level is still above minimum and I've wiped over all the surfaces. There's no oil at a higher level and the first oil I can find is around the distributor pedestal. There's then oil all along the lip of the sump to block, so I've cleaned that completely now. There's no oil on the driver side anywhere (rhd car). The main oil residue is arond the sump plug and the drain plug of the gearbox. My oil is rusty again, so I need to flush through again - I suspect all the crud's in the heater and/or engine
  15. Well, a little bit of progress then not. I drained the coolant - I say coolant in the loosest sense of the word, as it was pretty much just rusty water. Fitted a new thermostat and checked the water pump was still functional. I've left the temperature sender and gauge for now to see how things pan out. Afterabout 10 minutes on tick-over the temperature seemed ok and I was getting warm air through the vents. Then disaster. My car decided, whilst I was staring in the engine bay and darting around to check on temperature, she was going to mark her territory. Oil all over the floor on the passenger side about level with the firewall. I've given up for now and will look at the oil issue in a few weeks when I'm back from working away (another two steps back!!!)
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