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    as an ex-employee from 1960-1979 (apprentice in toolroom at the Radford plant in Coventry) anything connected to Triumph Cars

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  1. Just a warning Although tyre tread depth might be OK It was easy for me to over look the age of my tyres 7 years old They do deteriate with age also the valve can crack in rim. Please be safe and check for age & wear Stay safe and Have A Happy New Year
  2. yes there is buy it on E-bay about £5 A milky liquid that runs into seal and dry's clear it's that simple My Tr6 is now water tight derek
  3. After a return visit to Powerspark with yet another dead module which they exchanged and fitted adding an additional earth wire to Dizzy now working 100% but after 3 modules Hope it lasts!!
  4. Hi thanks Peter I have Magncor leads which work well still no joy with module no two Going to have a heated chat with powerspart to-morrow hopefully getting a refund or bettet service. Derek
  5. Has anyone fitted a Powerspark ignition module I have tried two modules neither seem to work Going back to good old points Or am I doing something wrong in fitting
  6. Hi Mike Papworth he is in Coventry Home of Triumph's He did my Tr6 box and overdrive he is good and competitively priced
  7. Hi Mick Papworth Did my Tr6 gear box and overdrive He is the Best and not too expensive What price do you put on Quality
  8. delboy

    tipping valve

    Hi Andrew Thanks for your help.I have just re-bled the system.After a sudden rush of air from rear cylinder this seems to have cured problem don't know how or why but now have brakes on all 4 wheels...THANKS FOR YOUR HELP Delboy
  9. delboy

    tipping valve

    Thanks for replys what I have done so far: I replaced front caliper & servo tried bleeding brakes only seem to have front brakes only i do not think there is air in system pedal seems good but brakes are poor does tipping valve cut off one part of dual system it is on a 1972 Tr6 ihave just had MC off again everything seems OK can push piston in freely About to re-bleed!!!
  10. delboy

    tipping valve

    How can I reset tipping valve in master cylinder on Tr6 can it be done with M/Cylinder still in car??
  11. delboy


    Hi Thanks to Pilke & JMO for your reply on brakes pulling.Unfortunatly have found out why .Both front brakes fine but found a badly cracked wishbone chassis bracket on near side.So off to find a good welder in Coventry. thanks for advice Delboy
  12. delboy


    Hi Thanks Pilke & JMO for your reply found problem not the brakes at all, they are fine.But found a cracked wishbone chassis bracket on front N/Side allowing movment.Just driven back from Prescot[oops]Off to find a good welder in Coventry Area Thanks again. Delboy
  13. delboy


    Hi I am having trouble with my brakes pulling to the left on my TR6 .I have removed pads on right hand caliper and made sure piston are free and return moving freely.Checked rear r/hand brake all seams well clean and moving smoothly. Is there anything else to look for that will cause car to pull to left? Thanks Delboy
  14. Sent PM about linkage
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