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  1. Car is now sold at first viewing. Thanks to all who showed interest. Les
  2. Unfortunately Rod, time is the deciding factor here. I want to sell it to a register member who would complete it for their own use, so someone is going to get a bargain.
  3. Not yet Phil, I'm disappointed by the lack of interest to be honest, and still no sign of Fuzz and Tim with a trailer! 😉 Perhaps if I mention an expected sale price of around £4500 - £5000. I can't imagine a cheaper TR2 than that, other than a rusted-out wreck. Regards Les
  4. Adrian, pm replied to and thanks John, thank you
  5. Thanks Tom. I know you've had your share of heartbreak. Les
  6. Due to my failing health I have come to the sad decision that my hopes of doing anymore work on my TR2 just won't be possible, so it's time for a new owner to take over, so I offer my beloved TR2 for sale. I have owned the car since April 2002, and used it as my everyday transport for five years. The dreaded rust was by then eating both the body and chassis so I took it off the road for a rebuild. After building a roomy new workshop the work began. Work progressed slowly as I was still working six days a week at that time, but after stripping the car right down to nothing much of it had to be thrown away. A replacement chassis was sourced and repairs made. New inner sill attached and used to jig the rest of the body. It still needs the lower fulcrum pins sorting. Any rusted body metal was cut out and replaced with new, including both footwells, battery box, both floors, middle floor, boot floor, boot sides, wheel wells repaired, etc etc.Girling rear axle fitted but the noisy Lockheed is included. I fitted early disc brakes from a TR3 but include the full drum setup. The engine is stripped for a rebuild. I have two crankshafts both with standard journals so plenty of life left in those. I found a crack between the waterways in the head, low port, so I bought a replacement. This is blasted ready for reconditioning. H4 cards and manifold, plus a set of H6s with lowport manifold if you can find the Le-mans head. Very good overdrive gearbox, plus a very good non-overdrive spare. The car is complete with full set of instruments, seats, hood and frame etc New parts I have stored for the car include a top quality aluminium petrol tank, full set of stainless steel bumpers, stainless wing beading, Valeo/Cibie headlamp units with Osram Nightbreaker bulbs, Plus a few small bits and pieces, all included. The car is a RHD UK car and still carries its original 3 digit, 1 number registration (non transferrable). I have a British Motor Industry production record trace, plus a Standard Motor Company trace. Full V5C registration in my name. A few pics below to show the state of play. Not for the faint hearted or inept. Years of work still to do. I expect anyone interested to come and view the car and make a reasonable offer. I am in Shropshire, close to the M54 Telford. Regards Les
  7. Inge, the rustyresto site you mentioned was my TR2 rebuild pictures on photobucket, but removed when I was asked to pay for the "upgrade". I have not yet rebuilt my sidescreens. Les
  8. Hamish................I have a straight but rusty spare one removed from my TR2. Yours FOC if you fancy a trip down to Telford. Les
  9. Common fault then Bob. Flatted mine off on a sheet of emery paper. ps like your new signature pictures! ( but now they've disappeared! )
  10. My Clarke Industrial compressor was losing all it's stored air when switched off, from within the auto switch box, so I ordered and fitted a new one. Still leaked all air to zero! Problem was not in the box but a worn seal in the non-return valve in the compressor to tank feed pipe. Dohhh!
  11. Thank you so much Graham. I look forward to their arrival. Funny thing is....... I only recently managed to find the correct SU float bowl lids for the H4s. The banjo thread was stripped in one of mine so I change them for lids with push on pipes. Can now return to original. Les
  12. Rog If you do fit the low port head, make sure that the head studs have enough threaded length to torque down properly. I think the high port head uses longer studs. Les
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