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  1. Thank you. I will be the one with the shiny new overalls
  2. So it looks like my 1st event in the tr sprint calendar will be at goodwood in April. I think I have got everything lined up but was wondering if there was anybody going that wouldn't mind showing me how things work on the day?
  3. Oh thanks. That has saved me a considerable amount of money.
  4. I have vred sprints but didn't think they were on the approved list?
  5. Sorry. Sprinting. 15x6 wheels. Combined road and track use. Tr4a
  6. Sorry. Sprinting. 15x6 wheels. Combined road and track use
  7. Hi all It looks like I am going to have to change my tyres (not on approved list) and i was just wondering what Tyres people would choose?
  8. Perfect. That helps. Thanks
  9. Hi everyone. I am hoping to join the register championship this year in my tr4. Can ssomebody please explain the timing strut to me. I.e. what is it for, is something mounted on it, what dimensions, located where etc Thanks in advance
  10. Do you have a pcv valve fitted if so this could cause an air leak. Definitely sounds like an air leak on the inlet.
  11. Hi - i know this topic has been covered before but i cant seem to find the info i am looking for in previous posts. I have already purchased a set of weber 45s and I want to request a setup from the supplier that is going to be closer to the final setup(post rolling road) than the standard setup so that I can avoid additional cost as much as possible. My TR4a is currently producing 155bhp at the flywheel on SU HS6s. I am also planning on sprinting/racing in the future. It has 89mm pistons, balanced crank, lightened/balanced flywheel, gas flowed head, piper rally cam, phoenix manifold and big bore exhaust. any help really appreciated. thanks
  12. tested the yellowstuff pads and I have to say that I am really impressed. Much improved breaking performance and feel (not sure what was on the car before) even from cold. Oh and no squeeeeeel.....yet
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