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  1. I've got myself some CL pads now, the same as I use in my Clio and Alfa race cars. i'll report back on how they work with the TR6 after the trackday next week.
  2. Hi I'm planning to use my TR6 for the Snetterton track day in a couple of weeks. What brake pads do people recommend? Running standard discs. I run 2 other track cars with CL pads and been very impressed with them. Anyone have experience of these on a TR6
  3. Hi Paul, l'm local to you too in Little Bentley with a 1971 TR6. Not sure if I can make the Alma this month, but im sure I will see you at some point. Jeremy
  4. Hi Rich Rod looks straight, so refitted and adjusted. Serviced it today, seems to be running a treat now
  5. I started engine for first time in a few months today and had a misfire and intermittent top end rattle. Took cover off and found that a rocker had jumped off the top of the pushrod. Never seen anything like that before. Any ideas of cause? Valve clearances all in spec.
  6. I fitted some to mine around 5 years ago. The backs are higher and more supportive, and the headrests at the right height. Done several thousand miles and find them really comfortable. I've tried to attach a picture but keeps saying upload failed?
  7. I've used silicon last 7 years with no problem. Mine was put in by a reputable TR Specialised when I bought the car from him.
  8. Sorted, took PRV apart and blew it through, plus emptied fuel filter. Had a good run, back to normal now. Debris from fuel filter, think I'm going to have to flush the tank
  9. Yes Bruce, my plan is to replace it all with a Bosch pump and modified PRV, just never got around to it. Maybe now is the time.... SWMBO out to lunch today, so I'll have time for a bit more tinkering with it.
  10. Checked out ignition side of things and all seems ok. Reading through various posts, saw a mention of blocked hole in fuel cap causing a vacuum which sounded like a possibility, so tried to start with fuel flap open. Burst straight in to life and revved freely. Sat down to dinner smiling for the first time today! Just been back out to car and tried again. Started and revved freely for 2 or 3 mins then died. Back to square one...doh! Fuel flap still open. Guess I must have disturbed something else and fuel flap was just a coincidence. I'd been routing round in boot in fuel pump area. Got an unusual set up in boot, have a facet pump between tank and filter, then two Lucas pumps which I can switch between from dashboard. Anyone seen anything like this before, or maybe know who fitted it like this and why?
  11. Thanks for the comments guys, I'll check out ignition side of things this afternoon. Fuel should be ok as it's had a couple of runs earlier in the year and been refuelled
  12. My car has developed a fault this week where it fires but won't run. Engine fires up and runs unevenly at about 2000rpm for around 30secs, but won't rev any higher, then dies. When I take the plugs out after a few attempts they are wet with fuel. Never had a problem before. Usually put choke almost in as soon as it fires and keep at fast idle with the throttle for a couple of minutes, then will tick over. 1971 fuel injected car. Any ideas?
  13. I currently race an Alfa 156 in the Alfa Romeo Championship, so hold a National A Licence, and am thinking of entering the Sprint and Hillclimb Championship with my TR6 this year. Where can I get details of entry, and of class regs? My car is currently a standard 150bhp fuel injected car. I would like to understand what classes I could run in and what modifications I would need to carry out?
  14. ps, Bigger pictures John, it took me around 3 hours to get those ones loaded.................!!!!
  15. Thanks for the replys, When I took the pictures I found that the Facet pump was not secured in any way. It dis, however, have some old rubber carpet underlay wedged around it to keep it in place. I have been to work and back today (40 miles) without the underlay in place and she has run almost without a splutter. That leads me to think that either the pump was over heating in it cosy surroundings?, or it wasn't getting a good earth? I will secure it properly and see how she gets on. Still interested as to why some one would go to the trouble of wiring in 3 pumps though. Jeremy
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