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  1. I had a similar thing recently, turned out to be a failed relay
  2. Yellowperil

    Race Win

    Marshalling at Snetterton today. Great to see a TR4 dominate a 40 mins race from start to finish.
  3. Yes, deep down I know there’s no choice really
  4. Thanks Nigel Revolutions are one of the options that I’m considering. Currently running Pirelli’s. I’ve had them on there for 10 years but only done around 5000 miles. Next dilemma is whether to throw them away or reuse them... Whole new can of worms...
  5. Thank you. Currently running 195 65 R15’s which I’m quite happy with so thinking of opting for 6J
  6. Thanks for the replies so far. Rimmers, for example, offer alloys in both sizes. I was really hoping to hear what size people had gone for and how they fitted.
  7. I’m looking at fitting some alloy wheels to my TR6. There seems to be a choice between 5.5Jx15 and 6Jx15. What are people’s recommendations and experiences?
  8. I’m with you on that one
  9. Not sure now John, left over from my Westfield days and been kicking around in the garage for a few years
  10. Yes, £9 of carbon fibre effect wrap
  11. Fitted some LED dash bulbs today and updated dashboard whilst it was out. I’m really pleased with it, sure it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea though. now, what to do with next day of lockdown.....?
  12. Hi Dave, Yes,I was there yesterday, had drier days. User name dates back to a yellow Westfield that I built before i got my Tr. Rules are rules, so well done on your 3rd place.
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