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  1. Hi, it’s an aerial for the radio on top of the wing. The seats are Mazda seats which I purchased from the TR trader a while ago. Very comfy and fitted for the added safety of having head rests.
  2. Hi Jase, No it’s a single rear pipe Don
  3. Thank you and Oh dear, i had a feeling this would be trouble. Wollies or TR shop seems to be the best option.
  4. So Exhaust all fitted. fitting was easy. My old exhaust was a single box sports system. I can report that the new exhaust has a lovely note and rasp to it. Its quite a lot louder (maybe 25%) when you open the throttle up but in my opinion sporty sounding rather than boy racer. The car appears to be revving much more freely although I have just rebuilt the carbs. Took the car on a recent trip down to Cornwall with the top down all the way...perfect : -)
  5. Its a bit like reading instructions after doing something and wishing you'd read them first! I recently had a disappointing experience fitting a replacement boot seal from a well known supplier.....couldn't close the boot even after adjusting the latch then consulted the Forum and hey presto found the best seal from everyones experience. With this in mind and learning from my mistakes I thought i'd consult the Forum first! I need a new scuttle seal and wondered what experiences people have had, how easy they are to fit and what glue is best (assuming they are stuck down). Many t
  6. As an update: I removed the fuel tank today. Fuel pipes are corroded under the car, hoses are the original 53 year old pipe with no jubilee clips! The attached picture is showing the inside of the tank. The tank looks in really good condition on the outside, inside it’s really clean however there is some corrosion on the bottom seam. I will probably never know what the actual cause is because I’m replacing the tank With an alloy one, new automec pipes and hoses, new filler pipe etc...hopefully will put this problem to bed for the next 53 years (although I guess cars in 53yrs time will h
  7. To be honest this is the second or third time I have tried to stop the fumes which even for a petrol head are quite heavy! Time for me is precious so I too have decided to change the tank for new whilst its out. Im also changing the whole fuel line and hoses too. Having experienced a fuel leak under the bonnet which could have ended the car i'm just not taking any chances. Don
  8. Thanks John, I will order some Bondarust primmer. Don
  9. When looking they do a twin exhaust for the Phoenix system so you should be able to convert from the manifold. Don
  10. Thanks everyone for the advise. I’m still deliberating and thinking perhaps I will contact Phoenix directly for a chat. I have memories of my father driving to work with an a custom exhaust from Mike the Pipe many years ago! I could hear the car for miles! I like the idea of a sportier sound without being overly intrusive. I will let you all know how I get on.
  11. Being furloughed has given me a rare opportunity to spend some time in the garage and catching up on my triumph to do list! So whilst investigating petrol smells in the boot of my TR4a I’ve stumbled upon some concealed rust forming underneath the tank filler panel. Maybe caused by condensation although the petrol cap to body seal looks slightly perished. In peoples experience What’s the best most effective diy way to remove and treat this Rust? Re petrol fumes in the boot I plan to replace the fuel line and old hoses with new including the filler pipe and see if that cures it. The
  12. Hi, Im considering changing my old TR4a exhaust for a Phoenix manifold & large bore sports system however not sure if this will sound "sporty" or loud? does anyone have one of these that can comment? Thanks Don
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