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  1. Chassis No.1252 has recently been advertised for sale. The car was first registered in 1955 as UHU 134 in Bristol and used in the UK until 1990, when it was imported to Guernsey by John Machon and re-registered as 8003. Despite the car dealer’s claim of, “no known or documented history prior to its importation to Guernsey,” a lot of information is available about the car’s early life. For example No.1252 was once owned by the late Alec Pringle, a truly enthusiastic Doretti owner, who commented. “In 1975 I saw UHU 134 (Chassis No.1252), advertised in Sussex and bought it forthwith; an early Dor
  2. Hi Jack, I wonder if the blue Doretti in this 1960s classified advert, could have been your car? Ken
  3. Can anyone identify this Doretti? The vehicle may have been possibly located in France.
  4. All the guys from the Aberdeen area - over 7 hours.
  5. I have come across some bits of information about these cars - contact me if interested. Ken
  6. John - thanks for your help in solving the Renault 4CV engine puzzle. Could this associated image also be a Renault with a non-standard engine? Ken
  7. Thanks for your help John - I'll try posting the image on the PistonHeads forum. Ken
  8. The title "Rainbow Archive" was given many years ago to my personal collection of images, digitally copied from early 1950s Kodak stereo transparencies. Among the stereo slides, loaned to me by the late Helen Rainbow, are photos of Dorothy Deen, Frank Rainbow and Ken Richardson taken in the UK, France and the USA. Ken Yankey
  9. Among the images in the Rainbow Archive, circa 1954, is this photo. What is the ladies name and what make is the engine? Thanks in anticipation of your help. Ken
  10. Tommy - Thanks for your enquiry, I have sent you a PM. Ken
  11. Hi Dan, I just could not resist using another of your excellent images on the Doretti website. Ken
  12. Chassis No. 1069 now posted on Ebay.com with a low start price.
  13. A Doretti owner in the US has recently been in contact to let me know that both of his project cars will soon be up for sale. Chassis No. 1069 is just as it was bought, rough and incomplete (missing windshield, dashboard, exterior trim) and it has a TR3A engine. Chassis No. 1092, the other car, is numbers-matching and complete but totally disassembled. This car needs some rust repairs to the chassis and inner body but is otherwise a straightforward project. Both cars are located in north-west Oregon. Let me know if you are interested and I will pass on your contact details. K
  14. I have reluctantly decided because of ill-heath that my partially restored Doretti will have to have a new owner. The car was being re-built professionally to my personal specification which incorporated a TR4 rear axle and front disc brakes with separate hydraulic brake and clutch systems. A custom heavy duty aluminium fuel tank is also included. The chassis and all the inner steel bodywork have been blasted and re-painted. The steering and suspension have also been restored and a 2" stainless steel exhaust system fitted. A re-built TR2 engine with the correct H6 carbs is installed with a re-
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