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  1. +1 for the revision. Ken Yankey
  2. Hi Dan, This Doretti appears to be the next one off the production line after your car. Ken
  3. David, It does appear that it is correct that Monkspath Garage did experiment with building a fibreglass body on a Doretti chassis. In 1981 a "readers letter" from a Peter Jones, published in C&S, stated that circa 1957, he went with his father and brother to Monkspath Garage to look at a Kenmar (later called a Shirley). The "demonstrator" they were shown was built on a Swallow Doretti chassis. According to Peter, it was painted gloss black, had full depth doors with no sills below them and was fitted with fold-down windscreen which looked tacked-on. Ken
  4. Vehicle identity and history unknown to me. Vendor not presently volunteering any information. Ken
  5. Swallow Doretti owners, past, present and future are invited to meet-up at 1.00 pm on both Friday and Saturday (9th &10th Nov) on the TR Register stand at the NEC Classic Car Show. Contact Alan Gibb for more information.
  6. Early-type TR2 radiator, without starter hole.
  7. Hi Dave, Was the swapmeet at Tappen? I bought some useful bits and pieces there a couple of years ago. Did you get to Drakes Motors and talked to Bill, if you visited Kelowna? Ken
  8. Don, I'm just wondering if you knew Ed DeBrecht who was a Triumph dealer in Saint Louis. He contacted me back in 1991 after reading a Doretti article in C&S magazine and we exchanged a few letters. I am now getting round to updating a short item about him and thought you might be able to add some local Triumph-related info. Ken
  9. Alec was very much involved in the Swallow Doretti Register in its early days. More recent owners might be interested in an short article on the Doretti, written by Alec in 1994 which can be seen on the Doretti website at www.doretti.co.uk/nr1252-00.htm Ken
  10. Baby Tenax stud dia. = 5/32" Standard Tenax stud dia. = 3/16"
  11. The internal dimensions of a baby Tenax button and a standard Tenax button are different. A standard Tenax button will be a very loose fit on a baby Tenax stud, but a baby button will not accept a standard stud. Ken
  12. Doretti owners, past, present and future are invited to meet up at 1.00 pm on Friday and Saturday at the TR Register stand during the NEC Classic Show this weekend. KY
  13. Does anyone recognise this Doretti with an unusual side exhaust? Ken Yankey
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