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  1. Just had the briefest of scans of the video - thanks, I will look properly - sat having a sundowner in S.E. Asia wishing I was sailing into Sydney Harbour... Ive been lucky(?) enough to sail round the world, most of it quite a few times, and Sydney is out and out the most fantastic natural harbour in the world (and I’ve climbed your bridge!)... As above and further the video, bizarre but completely normal, impossible to enjoy the challenge at the time (same with rallying, when I did, at any standard) tired, stressed only waiting for the next thing to go wrong just when you don’t need it; loads of money and sacrifices in other areas but, actually the greatest challenge you can see yourself and crew against.. Comfy bed would be too easy! Anyway.. for now, if you have read Joshua Slocum doesn’t it all come into perspective how sanitised and spoilt we all are compared? - What a character to be able to buy him a drink and just listen and enjoy.. ‘Priceless’ as the ad over in UK goes.. He would have gone due south out of Sydney... no worries!
  2. Hello John, Yes, wow, the factory would not recognise anymore... But, tell us, do you really need a heater in Sydney?!... I decided years ago that they are ‘ballast’ even in freezing UK and Sydney is always glorious weather?!. ... Further, considering your impeccable taste re side screen TR’s and S&S sail yachts - Both undoubtedly the best of the best!! - you will fully understand the ‘ballast reference’ above... We have got (UK Norwich built - same town that built my Lotus) S&S. - Yours, undoubtedly(?) was manufactured in Oz and - only judging from the TR photo - will not only look immaculate but confidently get you home whatever force 10 the Pacific or other oceans care to throw at you. - You know the S&S 34 has world records to its name? - Did you set one or two of them?
  3. My Bonnie, sounds like thunder.. albeit needs a minor spruce-up
  4. Tony_C

    Alloy 2

    Looks immaculate apart from the dent in the front wing, suspect those spots will compromise cooling?
  5. Hello Chris, - might be way off but damaged timing chain tensioner can cause ‘ticking’...
  6. If your right Roger then Briony must have been watching in disbelief how slowly the car went up the lane as the credits rolled - only bit I saw, nice car but not being driven anything like a TR should be..
  7. Tony_C

    TR2 Coupe

    Looks like you have got a great set-up there Richard, you won’t get bored twiddling your thumbs. TC is very pretty but absolutely no umph.. compared to side-screen TR (or V8 Doretti specially). Amazon looks to be a particularly fine example; used to rally against them, tough as old boots, supremely reliable and, in the right hands, a truly formidable (and comfortable) rally car. (Ps long shot.. but was it you who ‘saved our Scottish Malts rally’ back in the 90’s when you supplied and fitted rear leaf spring on co-driver Malcolm (McKay) TR2 at the ‘drop of a hat’? - And or was it also you who went out late in the evening to remove working oil pump and courier/taxi it down to team mate? - It was a Kiwi guy who made the final call and taxi ended up somewhere else in Scotland but, that’s another story! ) Cheers Tony
  8. Tony_C

    TR2 Coupe

    That’s the one! Much prettier lines imo.. & every corner of the photo looks interesting, what is going on with the rear wheel on RLL 280; quasi-wire wheel without the wires? - Roman chariot style..Can’t tell for sure what the three black ones are but, I like the look of two out of the three...
  9. Tony_C

    TR2 Coupe

    Dic, - much, much prettier (albeit it in very similar state) ‘Giah-styled Swallow Doretti in ‘Lost & Found’ Classic and Sports Car this month.. & photograph from same place (exactly) as yours; presume Richard Larter’s premises. I cannot upload the photo.
  10. Hello Andros, Fully agree with the other guys, leave well alone and as original
  11. Bolt that shiny more modern one on ...... and be done with it!
  12. Yep, I used to rally with Neil at that time (only once in that tatty old blue (4 VC) one sticking out the garage - we undoubtedly had the best car (and possibly driver in Neils honest opinion) but, my first time navigating, it all went horribly wrong - That’s another story ... However, for all my dodgy driving in the wet, I never frightened him as much as the thought of that turbine letting-go at x amount of revs right next to his Crown Jewels
  13. Well..... Welcome back.. I remember you (I think?!) You used to be called Larry Jerome-Croft and you were (training to be) an Admiral in HM Royal Navy? Also, you ‘borrowed’ a couple of helicopter jet engines, put one into an old TR4 and equally excited and terrified all involved? Also......... Yep, new car does look pretty! Tony
  14. Good luck John, - I had similar when I went to change pads; finding that my wife, natural blonde btw, had thrown away the locking wheel nut key “it was just hanging round the glovebox never getting used”. I tried everything available at the time and the tyre guy’s laughed in disbelief rather than offering any solutions.. In the end, I managed to hammer a cheap and nasty socket on really tight and that worked where all of the above suggestions failed. (On a final note, don’t let Tom or, his sort, come on here and tell you to “drive it to Liverpool”.... Tony - proud ‘Scouser’ although I’ve lived everywhere in the world but for the past 50 years
  15. Thanks Charlie and happy to be proven wrong reading that.... Can’t help thinking though of how you must be forever thinking back: “If only....... the 3A had been a signal red one”? - Likely, you’d now be Venezuelan nobility! (Not to spoil your memories. Don’t know if you have been back to Athens recently? I’m going on Monday, it’s been a sad place, on a number of levels, for the past few years)
  16. No, of course not T Rusty..... Side screen TR’s are brilliant but, taxis they ain’t!
  17. Doddel, did you already see the rear seat being offered? (Swap shop)
  18. Classic footage... Thanks for sharing Deggers.. That’s the 3A ‘my’ Tripmaster and Speedpilot came out of.. Did anyone else note how ahead of the time the TR was compared to the Ford Pop / Vanguard / something else I don’t know was?... And you all know Sltermaker went on to establish his own skid pan driving school in the Netherlands.. T RUSTY... This clip goes some way to confirming my earlier reply... How many taxi drivers have grabbed your ankle, brogues and or stilleto?
  19. By all accounts T Rusty, anyone lucky enough to get in a taxi driven by Rob Slotermaker would have been if for quite some ride, on any number of levels.. Although, appears most possibly wasted on you?
  20. Tony, I went with the standard And although smaller diameter soon got used to it
  21. Well won't be doing that again in a hurry, only meant to show the cobweb due to lack of use! - Best summer for generations and once i finally sorted the fuel Issues something annoying has turned up on the electrical side.. Ian Vincent (and Bob - until he went all forensic!) got it right immediately.. However, to respond to a few: Don’t even want to think about my boat Bob, out of sight is out of mind .. Yep, one of last 3A’s manufactured, all original (apart from couple of seat cushions etc - which I will come to) and never rebuilt ; steering is original vague old box but original wheel retained but slightly cracked, which was fine until rust set in from inside. Fastenings are all original - Ive had the pleasure of meeting a few guys who originally put our cars together in Coventry, by and large great characters to enjoy a beer with but none of them ever cared a jolt if the dot pegs were half an inch out! Seat cushions; a sorry story: 40+ years ago the only ‘problem’ (apart from broken crank perhaps?) was slightly worn and torn driver cushion, I gave them both to an absolute craftsman on a farm in the middle of nowhere and never (yet?) managed to get back to pick them up Grab handle is original, never moved and still shiny as befitting 3A with all the bells and whistles ‘dollar grin’; not as per black on the 2’s! Door cards were replaced back in the 80’s, best (read most cost effective) you could get in the day. But, agree nothing like orig quality and basis I have tried to keep clear of repro since. Bonnet hinges (like rest of chrome) was remarkably good but, this one cracked half way and I put on the ropey old condition one as temporary solution about 25 years ago - Amazing, when car is spruced up, this is still only thing some people notice... I will now get round to changing!!?? Final, for now, if you are all scrutinising ....Why did no one notice the original Rob Slotermaker / Triumph competition Speedpilot and Halda? - Rob Slotermaker was, by all accounts, a wonderful character and exceptional race / rally driver. - When living in Holland, I got ‘given’ the gear by his co driver friends because it was ... Got to take my son now but, will continue if any interest... Cheers Tony
  22. Everyone spot the ‘mistake’? In 40+ years of TR and sports car ownership, I’ve never before knowingly had cobwebs.. I’d like to believe it is the spiders getting quicker rather than me slower?!
  23. Well done doddle, enjoy! If it’s 1961 car then definitely must be post 60000 with flat back floor (might even be 3B?)
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