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  1. Hello Roger, are you sorted? I know I have some ‘new 35 year old’ baby tenax somewhere but still cannot find them. However, I have found quite a few old and original male pins, most of them are grotty! Most of them tapered thread but few with thread and nut. Perhaps let me know if you might want them? Tony
  2. Hi Brian, Yes, I did that on the corner peg years ago, it works and looks fine (concours has never been my cup of tea) - Let me know if you want photo Good luck Tony
  3. No butchering necessary nor. involved Rod, .... unscrew the lid at the hinges then store safely .. and as per Hamish above
  4. Roger, - not for me to ever pick you up but....... Suspect he made it go just that bit better than “TRiumph wanted”?!
  5. Yeah but... when I first fitted mine we had young eyes and, minimum expectations, that ‘navigator could look that far in front at least.... If ONLY we had known then Tom!
  6. Always fun to cross that old bridge / ‘coathanger’ ... last time 2017 we went over the top, great but don’t need to do it again - whole family breathylised early morning - our ‘wild colonial cousins are changing somewhat.. Stunning though John, your car, boat, town etc..
  7. Doctor Bingley would (have?) know.....
  8. Doug Barrow will, of course know but mine came directly out of works side screen TR. Therefore, brackets and everything else original and period correct
  9. Hello Rod, got mine fitted in the glove box, I’m out of the country but can send picture tomorrow if you still need
  10. Hello Rod, got mine fitted in the glove box, I’m out of the country but can send picture tomorrow if you still need
  11. No Waldi, you were correct I opened up to find everything remarkably clean and dry but, does appear solenoid has been pulling on one side rather than the other most likely for some time, I ve ordered a new one Thanks Stuart and Charlie - Don’t think these solenoids are date stamped, unless it’s in code; the bake light does has some numbers
  12. Sorry for any confusion John, it’s a late (nearly last off the line) 3A.. .I did put a (also late) 4A Engine in 40+ years ago for a bit mor uuumph trying to keep up with ‘Dave ‘Lightning Brown’, Neil Remington etc in their heydays and minor (although in hindsight possibly not strictly fair) advantage in the rallying... Everything else was and remains very original Tony
  13. Thanks John, Waldi,... and Bob, All makes sense, don’t think they were made to be opened up but do you then bolt/rivet back together? I’ve got no reason to believe this solenoid was not the original fitting when car was built nearly 60 years ago and I’m certainly not against replacing now; my big concern is if I have not got to the root cause then it could always happen again with replacement ..... and I’m getting too old for this kind of ‘excitement’
  14. Setting-up the new ignition system with short bursts of the starter motor to locate tdc (battery was low and getting flat due to sporadic charging only over winter and then this intense use - nothing new here). However, then had shock of sticking and staying engaged, turning off ignition had no effect; over 40+ years of 4cyl TR ownership, Ive had numerous times of solenoid ‘clicking / clunking’ rather than engaging in above circumstances but, never known solenoid to stick the other way ie engaged? System is completely standard and ‘unmolested’ for nigh on afore mentioned 40years. Has anyone else experienced similar? Am I barking up the wrong tree linking to low battery output, first idea is just to replace solenoid (is quality repro available?) seems too risky to try again with charged system if any risk of solenoid reingaging whilst out with bonnet down etc? - Do I need to go battery isolator route? All feedback really appreciated Thanks, Tony
  15. That’s not good Roger. Is Dorking within range? - Long, long time ago ‘one man band’ think it was ‘Auto Attractions’ did an excellent job on an old Marcos of mine that a colleague had shunted. The Marcos, of course, was plastic but he was keen TR4 owner and was doing incredible work on some steel exotic classics.. That was nearly 20 years ago and i have not been back for at least 15, he was - as we all were - youngish at the time.. Perhaps Let me know if you want me to dig any further? Good luck to Rod
  16. That looks very nice (although you can barely see it!) .... and (you can clearly see it) you’ve upgraded the rad / cooling
  17. To me anyway... Will that rad cool everything ok? What is the grey ‘round horn’?
  18. Tony_C


    Yes N.... He flogged me a super dooper coil also for an extra GBP 60+ And yes Iain, Dizzy Doc is universally recommended within TRR but (interestingly) not all the other old car circles? Thanks all - I’m feeling much more positive now I have got to bottom of the issue and have both plan A & B
  19. Tony_C


    Thanks Tom, did not realise that but, of course, makes sense; where did you get it from? - The sales guy just sold me a rubber bung for extra GBP 1.50 to fit in, does that do the same job?
  20. Tony_C


    Thanks Stuart, Roger, Yes, will definitely get the original rebuilt and retain...But, will bolt on the ‘123 Ignition’ as soon as it arrives in a day or two - I think they are made in Holland? - I ran my Elan Sprint with older electronic ignition (you could not get under the huge webbers to adjust points) and that worked well... Although, just about everything else used to give me bother the majority of the time!
  21. Not been running well for a while..... I messed around with points and changing condensers when (it now appears) problem was more fundamental; inside alloy casing is also scored on one side, so not been right for a while.... Just ordered Electronic from ‘SC’ at Crawley... Any advice, have I done the right thing? Thanks, Tony
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