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  1. l’m in Sweden this week.. it should be the right way up?!
  2. Good luck with it Lou, that sounds like a proper plan..
  3. Hi Lou, Condolences…. If it’s just door cards then, in my opinion, (others will be able to correct me ) this is not a job that requires a trimmer…. I’m currently out of the country but would be happy to look / fit them on my return
  4. Happy anniversary John….. and good on you for remembering!
  5. Tony_C

    Car Fire!

    Best thing to do with a Morris Deggers!?………. Specifically if it followed by ‘Garages’…
  6. Van harte gefeliciteerd Waldi…. Fijne te horen dat samen met onze ‘St George’ is?!
  7. Yep Happy Birthday Bob, enjoy! All the best Tony
  8. Brilliant Deggers,… a few great teammates and even more dastardly foes….
  9. You ‘stole that’ off Trigger Roger!?…… Let’s at least be happy neither of us have a 5 or 6, six pot, PI guzzler……
  10. How did it go Tony?………. All up and running now?……… Any tips?
  11. £50+ just to top-off…… no wonder I’m looking grumpy……. I’ve had the car since the mid 70’s and thinking I didn’t used to put that much in in months of driving back in those days?
  12. Apologies up front if this is a really ‘stupid question’….. I don’t think it’s possible but would love it for someone to prove me wrong, can you remove the radiator without disturbing/removing the front cowl?
  13. Hi Charlie, Yep I was taught the same, mid to late 1970’s, but the primary reason for using the back of the hand was that electrical current sends a similar pulse as the brain clenching your fist. Therefore, you get ‘thrown away’ rather than clamped onto the current…….. And I remember being told that an electric ‘shock’ was something the body could never be conditioned to…. It would always remain a ‘shock’ (you can get used to bee stings for example…. But not a whole load of voltage going through you )
  14. Tony_C


    Most of you will recall the Credit Card advertising along the lines of (for me, a Liverpool fan )….. ‘Ticket to the match £35….. beer at halftime (Carlsberg or Carlsberg!) £7…….. Seeing that smug smirk knocked off the face of arrogant tw@t Jose Mourinho……. "Priceless!"………….. On the same theme I’ve got one of my own to share… which has been primarily triggered by the recent passing of Willy Cave but also by the feeling that the Forum appears to have currently lost the fun ‘feel good threads’?…….. Sure many of you also can chip in with your own ‘Priceless moments’, TR related or not.
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