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  1. And it’s not been messed around with / molested over the past 40 years... Looks like it could be very original one?
  2. Neil Revington and me lost somewhere in Berlin, in 3VC..... (We co##ed this particular rally up also in full colour!)
  3. Yes Peter, best wishes and sympathies from me also..... Don’t think any any of us went into TR custodianship knowing or expecting where it might ultimately lead.... We are all on the same path, just at different cycles, I’m hoping long term ownership can only help make us more resilient in whatever small way, you can say if that is all total bol###s
  4. Bang on Andy, I’m exactly the same.... Must admit that the ‘5 mins jobs’ take increasingly longer than the allotted half hour nowerdays but, that generally also OK
  5. Thanks Chris, the video is great.... Rob Slotermaker racing in his jeans and blue t-shirt.... and cannot think of any other sports car that could go down the hill like that?
  6. Bonkers.... But, well done (again) for finding it
  7. Bet the Westfield could have just gone under most car park barriers? .... Just out of further interest, asking on behalf of a ‘friend’ etc, would this always work in all cases of ‘auto number recognition’?
  8. Ken, the car (still) looks brilliant...... But, the tyre walls look over tarted up... Have you been polishing away at them?
  9. Thanks Tom, just found them... and belatedly seen Roger’s update... I could not see how you made the link from lantern Cheers both
  10. Thanks Roger, I will try and google them down.... Apparently/ maybe the entire pop-riveted stem is available (somewhere) that would be ideal
  11. Currently over in Holland, my (TR3A owning) brother in law has got this problem with old Alvis headlamp vibrating and not happy with this bodge. Anyone know if / where could be properly repaired or, even, replaced? Thanks, Tony
  12. Tony_C


    Only just sent you message! Late 4A ‘E Reg’ ... Can post few more pics?
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