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  1. Here’s my tuppence worth Rob,.... Why do it if you really do not need to? Bit biased perhaps but, my (car 3A) body has never been off the chassis...... and t still remains the best one ever built!
  2. Nah Ralph, surely you / we all knew ‘the right’ garage for MOT’s........
  3. That’s properly driving it! ... Good on you Tom!..... 99.9% in control I’m sure?......... I’ve got an old photo somewhere (which my Mother hated) from 40 years ago with just one wheel off the ground at Goodwood... Looks fantastic until you can see the look on my face..
  4. Seriously Hamish?........ What is so dangerous and or libellous about wanting to know the true and complete history, for me anyway, of possibly the most significant TR produced?
  5. Now you’ve made it even more interesting Hamish!?
  6. Plenty of reasons to clap this evening....
  7. Class Tom.............. They won’t hear us but......... We will be out clapping again at 20:00 sharp....
  8. I’d certainly be interested to hear more Nick..... As I’m sure many more would also, any chance Richard, Graham, all?
  9. Good morning acaie, Just a gentle reminder that it was not so long ago that you held ‘tiresome views, prejudices and peddled half truths’ on this very Forum concerning Mod’s and Exclamation marks ! .... Of all Things!!!!??? Nobody on here ganged-up on the shirt-tails of others to knock you... I’m not religious but they did teach us something good as kids: “Let the innocent / perfect one throw the stones”
  10. Yes Mick, this is what we were taught years and years back...... I thought at the time, it would be the difference between a DNF and outright Rally win! However, ditto and also no belt trouble ever since.. Andy, anyone else, need a new belt?
  11. Happy Birthday..... Quiet, B good hopefully... Cheers Tony
  12. +1 Stan.... Ive run 4 pot TR’s for 40+ years, since I was a teenager.... Used to go away to sea for months on end, come back push out of the garage and bump start down the hill and off again.. These cars were never made for mollecodellimng....
  13. Last summer - another world away....
  14. Hello Nick, Yes that’s definitely Ernie, he is in both photos; first one next to Neil, next to the keg of beer.... I think that maybe Dave Squance checking on the kids - possibly Marcus and ? Sue and Neil? Think its Debbie, Earnie's then long suffering girlfriend and latterly (hopefully still) wife, side on in the second photo and back to the first one.. Cannot be sure but I also think that might be my right hand with the 3/4 full pint and left ear in the first photo (Ernie is blocking me out) ... Don’t recall I was particularly interested in what Neil was opening but, I would have remained in the vicinity of the Keg! Did you used to drive a (very rapid) 5 in those days? - Got a memory like a sieve but do remember some great times; with Dave Brown as ‘social secretary’.. Cheers Tony
  15. Interesting and or useful................... ? Yep, suppose it works on all fronts.......................... .......................(Wouldn’t have said that a week ago though!!!!!!)
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