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  1. Brilliant Peter, Always known my Stromberg cars were more robust than my highly strung Weber cars........... Now Ive got an inking as to why Thank you.. and for all your wider contributions on here Tony
  2. Not for me, in my current predicament, to comment on correct or ‘appropriate amperage’; I know mine are not! However, on much safer ground, happy to share an an old ‘best practice tip from the rally experts from the old days’, run the rev counter cable internally and not outside underneath where it is vulnerable. Thanks and well done for starting this thread...... (Can’t get enough of overdrive right now)
  3. ...... He’s a very nice man but actually not that exciting, he’s a ‘wannabe TR owner’ - I believe - But only actually a Vitesse owner.........
  4. No, but that might be really good local advice...... Think I meant ‘Lund’, which is University Town one stop before Malmo on the train? - Colleague and friend here in UK highly recommends?
  5. Ah, always good to have a ‘Plan B’...... However, I suspect ‘Plan C’ is most likely here.... A small town near Malmo is supposed to be very picturesque?
  6. Looks like you could drive the white one home... even really enjoy it in the summer! Thanks for posting Ijonsson, presume “starting bid” means price will go up.... rather than accepting an offer on that price? - If you don’t ask you don’t get.. How far from Copenhagen? We are over next week and planning to cross the bridge into Sweden - Skol!
  7. Hi James, just for info here is my original relay been working fine since November 1960 (really was one of the very last off production line)... It was showing it’s age (before I cleaned it up!) but I no longer believe it was the culprit!
  8. Now I’ve REALLY done some damage.... Correctly re-wired by the book (or so I thought) did not get any click(s)..... Just returned, albeit few days later, to try different relay and found this ( could have been even worse) ignition and overdrive both off with car in neutral - Time to look at this pesky solenoid but all the heat appears to have been generated at the relay?
  9. That’s Ernie Cole’s old car... We all (well both) ran rough old 4’s but that one was much tired err than most - Fun times though!
  10. Oiy Crawfie! The reason for posting such profound post here was fully in the realisation that many of the deepest thinkers and ‘sharpest pencils in the TR Box’ had left other areas of the forum (ref evidence Peter’s Post above) following the BoD ‘Shennanigans’. Why am I no longer so sure?
  11. Just had a random thought...Or, is it in fact a fact...... The World is a better place when your TR is running well Thinking it further, much has changed over my 40+ years of ownership.... But, the above has always remained a constant
  12. Paddling and or sandcastles?
  13. Tony_C


    Ha, I’ve been to many of the test grounds (even MCG) but not Durham, always looks fantastic very picturesque next to the castle; that was where Shane Warne got spooked by a ghost The ashes are always special.. would be good if we can now carry this form throughout?!
  14. Tony_C


    Hello Geoff, what’s your asking price? Where are you based? When did they last work? Thanks Tony
  15. Tony_C


    Hi John, - you up late enjoying the cricket?
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