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  1. I’ve got a very sad ‘bonnet story’ from a rally up to the Arctic Circle I did years ago………. Which some other crews made seem hilarious
  2. Just (finally) clearing out some old car mags and came across this…….. I’m appalled- (I think)……… How many of you have fitted this upgrade to your TR? - Good value? Perhaps taking this a stage further (I didn’t check archives if already done to the nth degree) how about best, worst, cheapest, most gimmicky etc ‘accessory’ you have fitted to your car?
  3. Wow Charlie, thanks, that is genuinely good to know…. I’m aware (locally to me at least) that B&Q is more expensive than Wicks albeit, marginally better quality? But, I’ve always under utilised Screwfix, up to now, because you don’t get to wander around
  4. Hi Hamish, ………. I did let everyone know…… The main (mane) thing in the picture was the hairy bit of the horses neck!……….. I should say "I will get my coat". However, it’s T-shirt weather (btw good you can think about this….. does that mean gearbox is well on the way to being sorted?) Good weekend all
  5. Charlie, that’s an (overly) specific take on the mane thing!
  6. Yep Rob it was again noted…. You are definitely trying…… However, not specific enough to get the cigar
  7. The main ( mane ) thing is that hairy bit on a hoses neck Bob…..
  8. ……it’s the Hairy bit on the horses neck!….
  9. Nah, not even close…. Will give everyone a chance otherwise let you know- say - tomorrow? Question: What is the main thing here / anywhere?
  10. Terrific pic…… Both Bob and Rob have missed the main thing here though!………… Anyone/everyone else know what it is?
  11. Can’t get the photos right way up (yes, I know it is easy when you know/remember!) - update 1 out of 2 now ok However, you can all still get the drift….. Car and sign happily reunited after 40 odd years apart and both still looking good as ever…?! I’ve still got the same toothy grin (most of them still my own) when I get behind the wheel…….. but, the scarf has long gone….
  12. Yep know what you mean, I increasingly find all the ‘5 minute jobs’ from the 1970’s now take half an hour minimum……. However, you can look forward practicing your smug smile at the meeting when all the members compliment you on the good job done particularly for putting the spare belt already in place for next time?!
  13. My 3A was almost the last one off the line and has the blanking plate…… Therefore, Gert, unlikely it was ever omitted during 3A production….. (unless Triumph ran out five cars from the end!) Basis all 3B’s had the steering wheel on the ‘wrong’ side that’s a different story?
  14. Simple to do and always good practice anyway is to first go into 2nd prior to reverse… give it a go, nothing to lose.
  15. Thanks Roger, good to hear you are ok and ‘watching’ Tom….
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