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  1. Yes thanks Jerry, I subsequently found out how to do a search on here and consensus appears to be ‘ where there is a will, there is a way’..... Sounds right for our cars and your response much appreciated Tony
  2. Might be worth a check if your ignition is set-up for the high octane?
  3. Hi Petefen and other enthusiastic experts, Had a question from someone rebuilding a 1969 Mk 3 Spit, will the 4A screen fit? i know the older ones are same but maybe hood fastenings changed by 69 as per difference in 5 & 6? Thanks in anticipation Tony
  4. Hi Darren, all, First up I’ve got to declare an ‘interest’ here..... However, the ESSO product is vastly superior....!
  5. Heads-up for anyone interested, clearing out some old Lotus Elan and Jag bits, I also posted my 4A screen and frame https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284090666900 Happy to discuss / split if any of you on here need Thanks, Tony
  6. Ha No Peter........ However, now you mention it
  7. Thanks Dan, Generalisation but basic rule of Economics, the more competition been suppliers = the better it is for us buyers..... If only (say) Moss are left they would have an monopoly and could charge whatever they wanted...
  8. And me, really appreciate your expertise.....
  9. Hi John, Here’s a couple of snapshots, mine is original webbing and has not been disturbed for many a year....... Certainly not my place to tell you but I would be surprised if the aluminium capping was ever flawless, I think you could put in a huge amount of time and effort for ever diminishing returns...... My approach (I resprayed about 35-40 years ago) was to put back same as it left the production line, warts and all. - it is all hidden away 99% of time anyway by either the tonneau or frame cover (mine came off a Spitfire, cheap as chips and looks at million dollars on the car! Happy
  10. Hi John, what is it exactly you are after? - Happy to send photos of how my webbing is connected, if that is all you require... sorry if I’m being slow (had a glass of wine)
  11. Thanks JOhn, My understanding is that Dominic Cummings is still in charge (despite the high profile photo-op walk out of No 10) of ‘Track and trace’............ enough said?!
  12. Tony_C

    Friday fun

    Oi...... I’m a ‘Scouser’! Very good Sean
  13. Yes, of course you’re right Hamish........ natural progression... we’ve (all?) been there....
  14. Which one, which Tony? ......... (only joking... I know I got knocked off my low perch many years ago)
  15. Now ... he ... ‘Fonzie’....was ‘cool’! Never verified 100% ... But, surely he must have been a 3A Driver....
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