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  1. Well said John, I would like to echo your first paragraph, all our kids were also challenged and enriched by his scheme. I only met him once, bit less than 20years ago when he came to plant a tree at our office .......actually he only did a couple of token spade fulls before we all went off for a well deserved slap up lunch......... the fun started when he politely asked for a bottle of beer (we had a strictly enforced, from the good old US of A, zero tolerance alcohol policy; procedures required immediate removal from the premises, never to return) instead the service staff preten
  2. I’m just re-reading through "Secret War Cabinet" documents..... as you do!?...... from 1917... This particular tome concerns the ‘Future Status of the Mercantile Marine’ from Lord Inchcape to Shipping Controller dated 6th July 1917... Of all the different chapters and many pages, the broad topics include ‘Lessons from abroad’, ‘Shipbuilding’ , ‘Unemployment’ - Memorandum by the President of the Board of Trade, ‘Trade Facilities’ , ‘Should Britain Retire from the North Atlantic ‘, Royal Mail group holdings’ (both these two from 1932 and fascinating ) - "A business of National Importan
  3. Good morning Pete, good luck with all this...you certainly will not be getting bored.. Just as an alternative, plan ‘B’, could you dig a pit in the patio?
  4. Another one!...... nog een? Dit klopt niet..... maar gefliciteered
  5. Thanks Andy, you’re right! ... Just to thread drift a bit further with my muddling.... it was Joe Mercer who did ‘actually pull Stan Bowles off’ at halftime in his last ever game for England........ ..... Bringing ....... Frank Worthington on to replace him.....
  6. Ah.. sure you’re right about Rodney Marsh Andy... those three were ‘chip off the same block..... But, I reckon it was Joe Mercer!?.... (Rodney Marsh was later than Sir Alf and even he would surely not dared to have answered back to Alf in his regimental pomp?) - one of the 66 winning team told a great story of how they nearly lost the World Cup by giggling like school boys but no one brave enough to tell Alf it was due to his team talk every time he mentioned the threat of an Eastern European player, ‘Uvaart’ over and under lapping up the wing... "and if Uvaart"...... que entire te
  7. Talented footballer and quite a character by all accounts..... Liverpool went to sign him in his prime (from Huddersfield if I recall) but ‘official’ story was he failed his medical on a heart condition which was not an euphemism for turning up with a hangover.... plenty did that, Terry Mac, Souie et al, and went on to serve us well... Think it was actually Stan Bowles but could well have been Frankie who came out with the immortal response when getting a (relatively rare) start for England..... "If you don’t track back, I’ll pull you off at half time"!......... Response: "wow.. all I get
  8. Just found this UK made (in Devon) similar bit of kit, 220v and got a foot peddle also comes with unused chisel set.. (my neighbour is clearing his Dad’s tools etc out ... could be a bargain, let me know if you are interested?)
  9. Ah OK Bob, if he ever needs to do both sides at once... I’m only just up the road from you (Don’t know if I mentioned on here but I’m helping neighbour / friend clear out his Dads garages and it’s a real treasure trove; know he had a couple of Rovers P4 and a 5..)
  10. Very effective puller.... But, what for specifically?
  11. Yep, gotta love these thread drifts.....
  12. That’s what I had fitted on my 71 built, negative earth Elan Sprint.... However, if you look carefully at the photo, it’s blue and only (properly) fits on the negative battery lug..
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