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  1. Hello Cfgarrod, You say you ‘are not a copper’, on one of the other two of your total 3 posts, you say ‘I’m not a pendantic’. Therefore, naturally - being the trustful, helpful (and latterly moderated / censored) we have to believe you.. Appears however, judging from all your posts over the years, that you are a total wind up merchant?! - Good luck to you if a black and white number plate is really the biggest worry you see in this current world of ours... Tony out
  2. Sounded just the job when I read it this morning, in Oslo, Dave...... Now I’m back home in leafy tranquil Surrey, are you sure we will not have ‘Armageddon’ on our hands? (btw and albeit a very, very long time ago I used to live in Toxteth, Liverpool and sure it frowned upon by some even in those days?!)
  3. That sounds just the job Dave, - will wait until the wife is out but sort of job my boys wont mind helping with..
  4. Hello Barney and welcome, your post struck a chord with me, I’m just slightly down the curve with the forum and its been great - So much willing knowledge available here.. Agree with all the Guys, this appears ‘timing related’. However, worth just checking if plugs are wet, if fuel is getting through; just to rule it out.. Tony
  5. Thanks Mike, - should have said ‘Stone Paving’... Will look out for Jizer and I like the idea of just sprinkling cement powder... Cheers Tony
  6. Any one got quick, easy, guaranteed method of removing oil stains from the drive? Pressure wash and engine degreaser?
  7. OK Roger, understood.. Good luck tracking them down
  8. Hello, this is all I can find at the moment, old TR3A originals; some should clean up OK, the paint is actually protecting the surface below.. Perhaps let me know and I can pop them in the post? Thanks, Tony
  9. Tony_C

    Car shows

    Terrific show Sue, great fun - Rod said; “we were best audience ever”. However, I suspect you will top it in Milton Keynes. Heads-up, the ‘in-crowd’ wore skin tight, shiney leopard skin outfits or similar Celtic shirts?! - Not sure if we missed a trick or, not...
  10. You are right Roger, that’s the ‘factory setting’ and oil in the dash pot dampers (hopefully) a given for newly rebuilt carbs Peter? - I (must have) disturbed something in my front carb when I replaced the diaphragm, even with oil in the motion was jerky.. Sure this is not ‘by the book’ or for the purists but you can also narrow it down, away from ignition towards carb(s) by spraying a judicious amount of easy start / carb cleaner directly into misfiring engine
  11. Fully agree with Mike, - crude but effective I advanced until pinking and then retarded accordingly, then a bit of tippex
  12. Hi Smyllie, - I have also recently fitted same 123 ignition system with same carb set-up and also been driven to distraction with the seemingly endless options. However, with some hard learned hindsight, I think I may have been getting too carried away with the ignition; I’m back to setting it up best as poss static, I wasted so much time to finally find that one of the carbs was (suddenly?) now not lifting smoothly .. Suggest taking the filters off and monitoring, I had to loosen the four screws off, clean up and re-‘torque’ them evenly - all very frustrating. Agree, also checked the vacuum but, for me, most of the woes actually were the carb Keep us updated and good luck Tony
  13. Tony_C

    Car shows

    Ha, thanks Sue, I will let you know.. He kicked footballs around the stage last time, interested to see if and how that goes this time? Perhaps you could help out here: My wife asked me earlier; “what should you wear to his concert nowerdays”??
  14. Tony_C

    Car shows

    Triumph Sports 6 are at Leatherhead (Surrey) autojumble etc from 10:00am tomorrow..... Although, i’m going to miss it; off to Amsterdam to see Rod Stewart first time for 40+ years
  15. How’d you do that Roger?......... You’ve mucked it up for everyone down-under!
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