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  1. ... I never did get the ‘6’ but ran late Sprint drophead alongside the early TR’s and old Jag’s, it was magnificent........ When on song
  2. The opening paragraph is wonderfully politically incorrect... Let me know if anyone wants the mag - It’s a great read in hindsight
  3. Hello all, - this is Tony, long-term member (3A and 4 Driver) but complete virgin to anything ‘wedgie’ - be nice to me! Further my recent post ref TRAction 1979, this mag was along with others (really cannot fathom why but perhaps come to that later)....
  4. As ever, looking for something else when came across some of the early (for me) TRaction’s - Still a good read but, not all fun, brought back memories ref page 3.....
  5. Ref my previous post...


  6. Looked good and (mostly) performance was good... Not much could live with the 2.5 PI (even a clapped-out one) in a straight line in it’s day.. Recall someone(!) bought one basis how easy the police 2.5 jam sandwich chased his sports car down on motorway.. only for police Rover 3.5 to subsequently do (not quite) the same to the Triumph 2.5 PI...
  7. Thank you John and exceptionally well done.. Must admit and as you well know, times were that I despaired.... Next step; getting some of the vibrancy back into it - without any need to resort to petty nastiness? Cheers and all the best Tony
  8. Saw a nice white 3A going down the A3 in Guildford direction about 10:15am (and an Allegro?!)
  9. Hello Frank, welcome and well done for raising this.... I have exactly same issue (only difference - ref Stuart above - I stuck with old DOT 4 fluid) but, have kept stumm up to now ... Only thing I could think, in isolation, was that replacement parts are not quite compatible with original (possibly worn) components?
  10. The UK has remained a bit of a blob throughout. However, the distance from Europe appears to have grown over time; did the folks at Canley have some sort of crystal ball?
  11. Sounds like a plan Roger... How will I recognise you (Duh!)... No good shouting - I have read another thread on here - I will be the one with the red car and matching red face
  12. In fact, buy you a beer at the next one!
  13. You did not have ‘your hat’ on!! See you at the next meeting? - 3A back on song, happy days...
  14. Is that (still) your number plate Roger?... On a Sunday, about a month ago, you(?) drove off the Leatherhead exit M25 roundabout around midday..
  15. Hello Roger, are you sorted? I know I have some ‘new 35 year old’ baby tenax somewhere but still cannot find them. However, I have found quite a few old and original male pins, most of them are grotty! Most of them tapered thread but few with thread and nut. Perhaps let me know if you might want them? Tony
  16. Hi Brian, Yes, I did that on the corner peg years ago, it works and looks fine (concours has never been my cup of tea) - Let me know if you want photo Good luck Tony
  17. No butchering necessary nor. involved Rod, .... unscrew the lid at the hinges then store safely .. and as per Hamish above
  18. Roger, - not for me to ever pick you up but....... Suspect he made it go just that bit better than “TRiumph wanted”?!
  19. Yeah but... when I first fitted mine we had young eyes and, minimum expectations, that ‘navigator could look that far in front at least.... If ONLY we had known then Tom!
  20. Always fun to cross that old bridge / ‘coathanger’ ... last time 2017 we went over the top, great but don’t need to do it again - whole family breathylised early morning - our ‘wild colonial cousins are changing somewhat.. Stunning though John, your car, boat, town etc..
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