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  1. Thanks again to everyone, so much knowledge out there. Just to add to my problems i took the rubber cover off the O/D solenoid and the plastic/bakelite section where all the terminals are just fell to bits. New one sourced from Bowers being delivered Monday so onward and upwards. Thanks again Chris.
  2. Thanks Stuart, you probably know of Paul at D.P.R. as he is down your way. Chris.
  3. Thanks every one for your help. The only number I have found so far is as suggested on the clutch fork casting and it says 4H69 and the overdrive is atype with a horizontal solenoid which I an just ordering. The center plate problem will be solved soon by a nice man called Paul who is DPR at Lifton Devon who reline clutches ect sometimes while you wait 01566784855. Cheers Chris.
  4. Possibly Stuart, I have no idea. Any distinguishing mark ect to look for? It has overdrive on 2, 3 & 4 if that is any help. Must be something like you suggest as I have just been to Souton Cross to meet a Buddy who thought he had a plate but no joy. Cheers Chrris. Cheers Chris.
  5. Hi all. Just taken the clutch out of Poppy and cannot get a centre plate to match the one fitted. Ordered one from Rimmer and an OE from Borg & Beck. The plate fitted has 10 splines but is much smaller diameter in the spline hole. Despite quoting the number on the plate to B.B. I still get the wrong plate. Any one had a similar experience? Cheers Chris.
  6. The new one I bought was marked front and rear. Very helpful. Although it seems obvious, when you have the screen off, upside down ect its easy to get it wrong.
  7. Pumped mine full of grease, no leaks and works better than ever.
  8. Yep, get it the right way round, back edge into the channell, fairy liquid the lot and roll the back of a table knife along the exposed edge. Did mine in 20mins., did not shrink or stretch fantastic.
  9. Thanks guys, as there were holes I imagined that someone drilled off the channel.
  10. hi , should there be a channel that the seals on the a pillar/bulkhead to door edge fit into? I am guessing they are like a u section for the rubber to slide int. I have evidence of something being on the panel but no idea what it was or should be. Thanks Chris
  11. No dead right Stuart. I was once told never be surprised by anything you find on a South African car. They are renowned for making anything out of anything, no wonder the doors shut with such a clunk, they must be twice the normal weight.
  12. Just about to recover my door panels and to my surpise found the door cards made of steel, anyone else ever come across this?
  13. When I worked for Ford main dealers in accident repair, it was often reported that more Ford Coswoth cars were written off than were ever built and I quite believe the fact. Chris
  14. When I bought my SA TR3a it had a padded bench in the back. Obviously home made but very simple . Just a section of mdf trimmed standing on two alloy legs and bracketed back to the body below the moulded dummy rear sear cushion. Pretty primitive but it obviously worked. If I can find it I will take an image. Cheers Chris
  15. Is there a supplier for t track in Devon area? Never heard of them before. Chris.
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