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  1. No dead right Stuart. I was once told never be surprised by anything you find on a South African car. They are renowned for making anything out of anything, no wonder the doors shut with such a clunk, they must be twice the normal weight.
  2. Just about to recover my door panels and to my surpise found the door cards made of steel, anyone else ever come across this?
  3. When I worked for Ford main dealers in accident repair, it was often reported that more Ford Coswoth cars were written off than were ever built and I quite believe the fact. Chris
  4. When I bought my SA TR3a it had a padded bench in the back. Obviously home made but very simple . Just a section of mdf trimmed standing on two alloy legs and bracketed back to the body below the moulded dummy rear sear cushion. Pretty primitive but it obviously worked. If I can find it I will take an image. Cheers Chris
  5. RUBY131


    Is there a supplier for t track in Devon area? Never heard of them before. Chris.
  6. Mine has Rimmer version fitted, no problems so far
  7. Thanks iain Sh#t is that for real? Do they do a headlamp bezel alarm? Chris.
  8. Do you know anyone in our Devon area who does chrome Iain ? Be a job for the winter. Cheers Chris
  9. May sound silly but try wet wipes, they removed Biro from my 3 piece suit. Cheers Chris.
  10. Rob thank for making your suggestion, tried it but no joy, however looking at the loom closely it looked as if it had been repaired.Cut the casing back and bingo a P.O. has joined a short section of wire onto indicator feed using a coloured wire similar to both main feed and RH indicator, swopped the wires from the switch to feed and visa versa and Boom, job done. Thanks again Rob my hairdresser will be eternally gratefull as I was pulling so much out. Cheers again Chris
  11. Hi Rob thanks for your reply. Still on original lamps & bulbs and as I say If you connect a live feed to the os indicator circuit, front and rear light up fine Will try LH live from switch to RH and see what happens. Watch this space Cheers Chris.
  12. Hi guys. My 3a OS indicators will not work despite fitting new horn /indicator switch, stator tube cable, connecters ect.. If I put power to the cables at the front RH flasher (green white) all lights work. If it put the power feed from the switch to the right hand indicator into the left hand lead (green red) the L H works fine so the feed from the switch is fine? LH all works O.K. as does the horn so any ideas please?. Even tried with the engine running, desperate I know but hey you never know. Powderham Show at Exeter tomorrow and Sunday so if you are there say hi. Cheers Chris.
  13. I would suggest checking the solenoid and connections and also the ignition switch. My Marlin developed the same problem as this and it turned out to be the ignition switch that was faulty. Had an old one in the the bits box and it fixed the problem. Chris
  14. +1 Dave. Maybe you could do a video Stuart and put it on U tube or something similar.. It is a dying art as you say and for me it was one of the most satisfying jobs I had to do when in the bodyshop and restoration business. I did a small repair last year and used an electric heat gun which worked fine but was very slow and not as controllable as a flame but it worrked. Chris.
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