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    TR6 bought today 20/4/21; '96 Volvo 850 R (daily driver); '73 BMW 3.0 CSi (sold sadly); Ex-works Group A Peugeot 205 1.9 rally car (sold stupidly); others of note: Sunbeam Ti, R5 Turbo, Impreza turbo,

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  1. Thanks for all the responses and different views from everybody - it is very helpful, even with differing opinions and experiences and is one of the great things about the forum - like a discussion in the pub at the old Wednesday night car club meet but without the colourful language :-). There will be much shoogling this weekend as I'm going to dismantle the whole o/s/r and see what I find. It will likely need: - new drop links - new springs (will probably go standard but will measure the existing ones first & will replicate as far as possible,...unless of course they have
  2. I have been fettling, wire-brushing and refurbing the underside of my TR6. In checking the suspension, the springs are quite corroded and look old. It also has the original style shock absorbers, similarly corroded and past their best. I also found 2 of the boots on the drive shafts were split. Therefore..... 1) If I'm going to change the springs, should I go to modern shocks as well? If so, Revington set up looks good - any experiences of that would be great; or are the other set ups with parts that bolt on to the chassis just as good? 2) Whilst I'm doing the suspension, ho
  3. Thanks great information, much appreciated
  4. Thanks and..... my other car is a Volvo 850 T5-R, nice to see a D5 twin turbo as a 'daily driver'
  5. Afternoon TR Folks, I'm planning to upgrade my seats from the old '72 CP style with no head rests to a nice set of MX-5s. Had considered a tan or biscuit colour as my car is red with the original black seats, black trim and carpets etc. However, I'm now thinking of black seats, red trim, retain the black door cards etc but go for a red carpet or the matador red that John Skinners supply. Any thoughts on that as a colour combo - ie would it be gross or would it work? Working on the basis that I'm not the first person to consider that combo.......
  6. Also another one for David - can you enter histerics rallies with an LSD in the car?
  7. Hi - do you have to remove the hood to fit the firewall ?
  8. Thanks Dave B I did not know that. I have LEDs fitted in the side lights but never got round to doing the headlamps....... but I could always interchange between the two as the units I have a plug-in, so no splicing of wires required.
  9. Hi there, Having finished work early for Christmas, my attention has turned to preparing my 6 for the Tour of Cheshire and a trip to the Le Mans Classic. Maybe occasional use At Shelsley Walsh? 1) Where do you find a fireproof bulkhead to separate the cockpit from the tank? 2) what spot lamps do folks recommend and what relay, switch etc as they never come in a complete kit.... Getting ready to order: - sumpguard - Mx 5 seats - new bushes for front and rear suspension -..... Still considering a new fuel tank and Bosch pump... Though the old Lu
  10. Evening Everyone, I was trying to locate a copy of TR action from earlier in the year, only a few months ago, which has a short passage on tracker devices. They were tracker devices that do not require wiring into the car's electrical system - my filing system has failed, as a I cannot find the copy of the mag with the wee article in it. It was between April 21 and now. I'd be grateful if anybody could reply with the company name and their website or phone number. Thanks.
  11. Hi everyone, My TR6 has been undergoing some light restoration since acquisition in April. Latest improvement was the fitting of adjustable rear suspension brackets to help cure excessive toe-in on the n/s/R wheel. Followed by balancing and aligning all the wheels (thanks to Montador motors in Birkenhead for excellent help) What a difference! The car drives much better. There is still a minor steering wheel wobble which we put down to very slight buckling or untrueness in the original pepper pot steel wheels. Has that happened with anyone else's wheels?
  12. I spotted a lovely red TR6 belonging to a fellow register member from Ayrshire classic car club. A long way to Harris from Ayrshire on amazing roads. Well Done.
  13. I spotted a lovely red TR6 belonging to a fellow register member from Ayrshire classic car club. A long way to Harris from Ayrshire on amazing roads. Well Done.
  14. Thanks Jon - quick question, when refitting the sump, do you use a gasket sealant like hylomar or do you assemble it dry? Cheers Conrad
  15. Great thread - as a new owner with a very healthy fuel smell in the cockpit, this has given me a few more jobs to do. Thanks for kicking off the discussion Matt, and when I'm in your neck of the woods visiting some very old and dear friends it would be cool to have a run out. Good luck from another new & happy owner.
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