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    TR6 bought today 20/4/21; '96 Volvo 850 R (daily driver); '73 BMW 3.0 CSi (sold sadly); Ex-works Group A Peugeot 205 1.9 rally car (sold stupidly); others of note: Sunbeam Ti, R5 Turbo, Impreza turbo,

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  1. Thanks Jon - quick question, when refitting the sump, do you use a gasket sealant like hylomar or do you assemble it dry? Cheers Conrad
  2. Great thread - as a new owner with a very healthy fuel smell in the cockpit, this has given me a few more jobs to do. Thanks for kicking off the discussion Matt, and when I'm in your neck of the woods visiting some very old and dear friends it would be cool to have a run out. Good luck from another new & happy owner.
  3. Hi Hamish, I've just picked this thread up (my son, currently restoring a classic Mini is also blessed with the awesome name of Hamish). I know the Ring o Fire quite well as I trained with someone who ran it in 2014 - the second day is mega-tough. The best piece of advice I was ever given for trail running was: "buy shoes that drain well". Goretex shoes are great but your feet (or Suzie's feet) will roast like a Sunday joint. I have given up trail running (temporarily I am hoping) due to illness, the last hurrah being a top 30 finish in the Mountain Running World Cup in 2015.
  4. Hi Peter This is a great story and exactly how I intend to utilise my newly-acquired gorgeous TR6. It does need some jobs doing before cruising commences - oil change, water change, brake fluid change, solve the very strong fumes in cockpit, tidy up back end valance. Once done I'll have it MOT checked and it will rolling regularly. Made a note about self-amalgamating tape , rubber tube and jubilee clips. Thanks - maybe see you in N Wales, we have family there and used to live in Gwernymynydd.
  5. Thanks John, and everyone else for the tips re engine oils. I completely agree with the annual change policy. I'm no chemist or scientist but I know that water and moisture are all-pervading and will contaminate oils when left in engines unused/or in low use. Look forward to meeting in due course - Happy Motoring
  6. Thanks for the message Paul and the reference re James Paddock. Look forward to seeing you on the local roads. I stay in Heswall - where are you based?
  7. Thanks John, is that the Red Rose (of the mighty House of Lancaster) group?
  8. This is so cool, I read your posts and emails and then think....'when did I write this? or I don't remember sending this?' Cheers, Conrad
  9. Thanks, I was hoping to stick with dot 4.... though having had a few years without an older/proper car in my life, I now see that most dot 4s are badged as 'synthetic'. Can they be used in a TR?
  10. Is there a preferred recovery service? My current classic is from the 90s, a Volvo 850 T5-R and as with most big Swedes, is super-reliable. Especially compared to its predecessor, an Alfa Romeo that was recovered regularly....and usually from a car show :-(
  11. Thanks Steve, do you use (de?) ionised water, that I often see for sale in the motor factors?
  12. Evening TR Register, My name is Conrad, a Glaswegian Accountant [exciting combination ;-) ] based on the Wirral just across from beautiful North Wales and I'm pleased to report I'm now the proud owner of a '72 TR6 PI with overdrive. It arrives on Tuesday and I know it has not had an oil change for 5 years (what sort of oil is recommended?), the water/anti-freeze also 5 years old (what water & a-freeze is recommended?) and the brake fluid is c7 years old.... Drivers door not quite aligned, front splitter not black (but body colour), running Lucas pumps. Some simple jobs to k
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