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    TR6 bought today 20/4/21; '96 Volvo 850 R (daily driver); '73 BMW 3.0 CSi (sold sadly); Ex-works Group A Peugeot 205 1.9 rally car (sold stupidly); others of note: Sunbeam Ti, R5 Turbo, Impreza turbo,

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  1. These replies are all very helpful, thanks everyone. I will talk to some of the usual suppliers as recommended, especially the guys at TR Bitz. I may leave it until the Autumn as I cured an exhaust leak today and the 6 is running miles better, ..... and less fumigation in the cockpit too.
  2. Ah that would explain it, thanks. I did wonder that when looking in an old Haynes manual. If I rotate anti-clock, through 180 degrees, I'll also have to rotate the engine through 180 too, otherwise the timing will be 180 degrees out will it not?
  3. How do you access this plug for removal? The dizzy and vacuum advance are obstructing the path.... Do I need to be turning the dizzy to allow access? Cheers Conrad
  4. More help needed please - How do you access this plug for removal? The dizzy and vacuum advance are obstructing the path.... Do I need to be turning the dizzy to allow access? My standard big plug 13/16 socket won't fit in that space. Cheers Conrad
  5. Thanks, I did not know Peco were local to me on the Wirral. I'll certainly ask them. TRE and Revington, too Thanks Hamish, hope you go well at Aintree today. I have pulled out last minute.
  6. Evening, My 6 just past its Mot, hooray for a bit of peace of mind, as the man who tests it is a classics expert. Anyway, it has at least one exhaust leak. I'd like to keep the wheelbarrow style twin pipes. Is it possible to upgrade the manifold and down pipe and retain the twin silencers and pipes? What upgrades have folks tried in that configuration? I have had a short look at the usual suspects website but not found anything yet. Cheers
  7. What grease did you use for refitting the axle shafts into the stub shafts? I am almost out of my stock of Castrol MS3 high melting point grease and not sure what product has replaced it.
  8. That's a great result and a beautiful MAC champagne flute too. Hope it was filled several times once you were home.
  9. Hi, I have a small gap between the side windows (both sides) and the roof and wanted to check if it is possible to adjust the winder or regulator so that it pushes the glass flush, or almost flush to the roof. [and yes my left thumb and wrist are splinted due to a broken thumb!] Thanks
  10. Cheers - will do. Maybe see you at a Speed event thru the season.
  11. A question for the Motorsport folks, I have nearly completed a partial (non-body off) resto of my TR6 ['72, CP]. Looking at the wee towing eyes on the front they are v thin - so what do you recommend? I was planning to bolt a proper TRS web strap to the chassis area, or to weld an exhaust clamp around one of the existing eyes underneath the radiator. This would then need a wee cut into the spoiler to allow the strap to feed through for events. Any suggestions for the rear?? I'll make 4 or 5 of the Register events, plus some HRCR rounds too - currently entered Carnival,
  12. Conradski


    Hi Tim, I'm looking for new carpets and still haven't decided between man made fibre or wool - what is carpet moth? Also if the carpet gets wet or dirty, which dries better and which cleans easier - wool or man-made? Cheers
  13. Hi RIck, I can highly recommend Paul Bishop who supplied me with some refurb'd Mazda MX5 mk 2 seats - they look gorgeous and he trims in a similar style to the original CP seats. If you want his number PM me and I will send it on. I drove to his premises on the day of the big storms, from Wirral/Chester to WInchester. Conrad
  14. Cheers Hamish I have plenty of 'tow' stickers left from rally days and a timing strut made by a dear departed friend of mine, who designed parts of the Sprintex supercharger. I'll get registered over the weekend and enter a few. I have the MAC challenge à scenic tour that end with a run (non-comp) up Shelsley, in April. Look forward to meeting up. Yours Aye
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