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  1. Has anyone had any experience with fitting electric power steering to a standard TR3 standard steering column and box ? I have heard of a firm called EZ Power Steering based in Holland and England and although they boast it’s many advantages I’d rather hear from someone who’s actually tried it. Thanks
  2. On this very subject I am wondering if anyone has any experience of trying/fitting the EZ power steering conversion using the original steering column and box.
  3. Hi Ruby

    I’m the new owner of ‘Poppy’ and would love to discuss it’s past with you.  I have your phone number so will phone you this week, if that’s ok.



  4. Having just acquired a remote that has a hole for a dipstick can anyone tell me where I might find one, please. TR Revington thought that had one but couldn’t find it and the big companies don’t stock them. In hope. Andy
  5. Thanks to all for responding to my query. I now suspect I do have a saloon box but not sure I need to worry. Or do I ? As requested I will be posting a picture of the gearbox and remote just as soon as I’ve worked out how to attach them. Help, please. Andy
  6. Thanks to all for the info on the parts book. Very helpful. Thanks also re the thread about the gearbox remotes. Very useful re the various stages and I have now acquired one with a dipstick hole and 2 tapping and have fitted the switches from another box to prove that it should now have o/d on 2,3, and 4 but I now need a dipstick ! However I’m still not sure what gearbox I have - the only number I can find is on the boss of the clutch operating lever is 4 H 69 and now wondering if it’s from a saloon. The overdrive ref on the side is 22/61711 034276 which I think is ‘normal’ thoug
  7. Hi there. I am trying to identify the gearbox cover that came with my TR3A (CKD from SA) which has the normal bosses (2) for overdrive but not drilled. There is a Heath Robinson modification under the gear lever which gives me o/d on 3rd and 4th but I’d rather like to have it on 2nd as well, plus with the switches on the top. I’m quite prepared to buy another remote but not sure of the correct one. - hence my other posting regarding a good parts book with original numbers. Thanks
  8. Hello fellow members. This is my first posting since I acquired my ‘new’ TR3A last summer. My question is whether there’s a good authorative publication that identifies all the parts for TR2s to TR3s with their original part numbers. I know there’s a Brooklands book out there and the various suppliers’ (Moss, Rimmer etc) catalogues are very helpful, but I would like to know more about the variations through production. For instance I am particularly interested in the evolution of the gearbox covers (which I always refer to as the remote) as they related to overdrives. See oth
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