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  1. Buyer beware. The European Breakdown Directory is at least 15 years out of date. One entrant left the country over 15 years ago. When does somebody start to update it?
  2. Just seen this topic. I have noticed my heater knob hits the end stop before the valve is completely open or closed. Is it the bowden cable our the heater valve or a combination of both? Or even worse me.
  3. It's the same old story. My father used to ask me as a kid "Have you ever seen a poor Bookmaker?" Mike, if you are stupid enough to pay the money, they are stupid enough to take it.
  4. If I need to go to court, I will have to have something in writing.
  5. I think we are all saying roughly the same thing. Except for the glove compartment book where is it written down?
  6. I do not believe the garage had even done this test. I think they just put the stripped down engine, back together again and then put it in the car and gave the car back to me. Only after having tried to run it in, I found multiple problems. (They insisted that I should not drive faster than 2000 rpm for 666 miles.???????). These problems could be put down to bad workmanship or damage caused by a Rolling road test too early. I believe the former. I did not request a RR. They gave me official papers stating there was an increase in power output. I am not sure about the legal aspects,
  7. I have had my engine rebuilt. The garage said it has ???? PS they have done a rolling road check. I do not believe them the peformance does not reflect this statement. . They wiil not show or give me any charts or paper to prove this statement. My question is what is the normal procedure in checking out the engine after a rebuild? Is there a requirement for the engine to be run in before putting it on a rolling road. Must the garage check the compression? Must the head be tightened down before? Is there a rev restriction? When can one put a full load on the engine for testing pruposes etc etc?
  8. Graeme That's interesting. It seems that it was a Californian club. Perhaps very local. The badge on my car is from 1971 and the newpaper from 1975 which means the club was going for some time. It is strange that nobody nows anything about this club.
  9. I have never found out who was the American owner. As the car was imported to Germany the persons that imported it threw the number plates papers etc away. Plus all the trimmings. God knows why. The trimmings costed a bomb to get them replaced. The American owner had kept it according to American standards in good conditon. For us, it was a bucket case. e.g It had had a paint shop job done. Quality OK but the coloured paint was all over the wiring it took about 2 weeks with Carbontet. to make out the colour coding. The front right hand side under the headlamp had had a bash. (fire Hy
  10. At least I am happy to see this is a badge from a club that is no longer known. I have been trying to find out what it is since the International in Stafford. Years ago.
  11. My O/D dropped in and out on the motorway. I found the relay metal cover had come loose and after every bump it was shorting out the O/D. I found a rubber band, and this held it in place for the next 6 hours.
  12. No I did not know there was a Canadian correspondent. RKG I have had a very rough look but it seems unlikely if it will help. It must be known somewhere in California as it was on this American car. Inside the door panel was a visiting card from a Mr Wong's garage San Fransico, California. I checked with google it does not exist anymore it is now a testing station
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