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  1. I have just had a phone call from my Triumph supplier. He said as there is no manufacturing date control of spare parts. So nobody knows how old they are. Even firms like Moss and Rimmers have this problem. Manufacturers have a habit to make things in batches. So after the batch has been finished perhaps 80% are sold and 20% wait for future sales and sit on their shelf for ages..
  2. I am wondering how old were the new cailpers from Rimmers. Had they been stored on the back of the shelf, for many years and the rubbers were already out of date. As I have a complee new set of rubbers for the pistons I will take them apart and renew the rubbers. Thanks everybody for the help. I will let you all know what has happened.
  3. The back end is completely new but it does not hurt to do a second check.
  4. I think I used to call it brake clearance. I cannot remember anymore it is too long ago.
  5. Keeping the pedal locked down over night was a trick used by the motorbike community in the days when there were Britsh bikes racing. It got rid of any unwanted air from the system. I have tried it and it does work. In this case, it was of no help. Hence I started to look elsewhere for a leak or whatever.
  6. The hoses are new/good. Have not noticed wheel wobble but will check. I like very hard brakes and tight handbrake. So I do notice small changes. The brakes piping has been renewed. I checked every union. I am just wondering if a union is not seating poperly. Hence the original question.
  7. I am very sorry but I don't think I understood the English.
  8. Ok but I cannot write german correctly. Reading perfect. Speaking very good but German grammer beats me. I never learnt German as I always worked with English or French. (long time ago). PM me a tel number and we can Whats app.
  9. Marco can you PM me with this in German. I am not sure if I have understood. Thanks
  10. I have bled the brakes many times and after a while they are soft again. Could I have an airleak at one of the unions. If yes how do I check it and find out where. I have no signs of fluid. Washing up liquid did nothing. Master cylinder never seems to change. Locking the pedal down over night has no effect. I cannot think of an easy way to pressurise the system to see if there is a pressure change. Or am I missing something?
  11. Can I correct my statement a bit. When activating the pedal and no load then it is normally it is the clutch bearing.
  12. Xiberras This is the type of problem that made me ask is there a list. If not, then we should make one. There is a tremendous amount of knowlegde in the club. In fact this question could be extended to other clubs who have simular drive trains.
  13. Ok another one. I believe a whine when stationary an going from neutral to 1st gear is the thrust beaing going dry.
  14. Is there anywhere a list of gearbox noises? i.e. a whiring only in top gear with O/D could mean ..... Loud noise when under load could mean ..... another noise only in certain gears could mean the layshaft bearings etc. Put the foor in the clutch and the noise has gone etc. The logic being, if the cog or whatever is not being used or rotating it can't be the cause of the noise or vica versa. I am not an G/B expert. I hear noises and I then have a worrying drive, thinking the worst. The then next drive and I don't notice it. The drive thereafter Oh God the G/B is falling apart. All very ne
  15. Thanks, fantstic information.it is just what I needed. A Garage is trying to tell me I can use a short nose crank with a long nose Flywheel. He won't believe me that it is not correct. I read somewherre the Triumph decided for some reason to beef up the Flywheel, hence the change in length.
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