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  1. To be on the safe side I have ordered a new MC. If the old one is OK then I have a spare. I will at the same time finished the piping.
  2. Steve I have 2 systems 1. Snap-on vacuum pump that sucks the fluid out of the nipple. 2. A bottle with a transparent hose and a one way valve. This was bought from a big supplier who normally sells thing only to garages. It works. The advantage of the vacuum pump is I don't have to push the pedal. I just undo the little bleed screw suck and screw it back up again. A one man job.
  3. ok ist any supplier on the black list for this part?
  4. If it is the MC would a repair kit be OK or is it a metal/plastic problem? For various reasons I have not used the car that much. The MC could have been laying in stock for a long time. The reason I am concerned is, I found a tiny drop of fluid under the MC and also under a union. As it was so small I could not taste it to tell whether it was brake fluid or condense water. The garage is dry and underground so why condense water?
  5. Steve I don't know I must try it. I have heard about the MC problems but I don't know exactly what was wrong. So I don't know if I have got a bad . It was replaced about 4 years ago.
  6. I think the bearings and stub axles are OK. The front end was done about 5,000 miles ago. Also new Mintex brake linings from TR Enterprises and new Pistons from Rimmers. The back end piping renewal must be finished but it was always OK.
  7. Thanks I can find a screw and use it as a plug.
  8. Now that is making sense. If I block off one MC orifice does anybody know what is the the thread for the unions? I do know mine is not metric. Somewhere in the back of my mind is 1/4" UNF. I thought the car was basically UNF with the exception B.S.P was only for the fuel ystem. 1 or 2 threads are odities.
  9. Yes thats it. The U type spring which is compressed. Stan part number 508818 God knows why they are direction sensitive. Not the little lock washer that came later. My other Triumph has those. A normal spring which is compressed and a lock washer.
  10. I wonder how many persons have not registered there is a right and wrong way to put the litle shoe steady pins back into the rear brake system. I am one of them. Whereby I try and put the parts down on a tray in such a way, that when I put them back it is going to be correct. Repair Operation Manual. Brakes 70.40.03 Para 14 Quote "Note that the open end of the springs should lead in the direction of wheel rotation."
  11. OK the easy one is the brake cylinders. I don't quite understand what is happening. Are you saying air is getting in, through the rear cylinders or are you saying the movement of the cylinder, is making it feel like air in the system. As I do everything alone, I have no help. No family or friends in the near (all dead) and on top a disabled wife. I will have to rig up a mirror system or a film camera to look into the reservoir. How the hell did you find that cracked flair? I could have found it using the replacement technique. Out of that I don't know. If it was leaking that would be
  12. Something else last week I tightened up the handbrake and after the brakes were so good I could lock them. A week later after standing in the garage, I took the car for a drive and the pedal went down a long way and pumping did help. I do not see any connection as I only touched the adjuster. When the brakes lock or nearly is there extreem pressure in the system?
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