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  1. The best pump is the pump from the MK1 Golf GTI
  2. Years ago we found out the noise was a resonance which could be easily avoided by changing the length if the steel hose. It wss nothing to do with the pump.,-
  3. "Est, Est, Est" Comes from the south of Naples.
  4. As I hear very badly I cannot say if the G/B is niosy. I can hear things wirring. I thought I could hear a light whine in 1,2,3 Gears.
  5. Yesterday I found the Garage had forgotten to put the O/D filter back. Great.
  6. I did an oil change on the G/B and O/D yesterday. The oil that came out from the gearbox was clean and from the O/D a dark colour. I have two magnetic plugs in the G/B The Drain plug had more debris than the filler plug. (See photos) There were no solid bits just these hairs. How long can I keep driving with this box. I think I am hearing a noise in 1,2,3 gears (layschaft)?
  7. James that was just what I thought might happen.
  8. Has anybody experienec with Synthetic Motor Oil? To date I have always used mineral oil with Triumphs. I am now having a difficulty to find this type of oil without paying exorbitant price. Many years ago, one warned me not use sythetic oil, as it is not made to be used with our engine's large tolerances. Perhaps after so many years something has changed for the better. My type of driving does not need anything special like Duckams etc.
  9. Peter Talking about end float, is it there when the unit is under petrol pessure? Another check make sure the return pipe is not blocked. It can cause all sorts of problems. This happens often when people play about with their brakes pipes which use the same clamp as the return fuel line.
  10. All this talk about green, blue, brown or whatever books is unneccessary. There is a printing mistake in the Workshop manuel Section 19.35.01 It shows the rotor positions. Unfortunately the bit shown as black is in reality white and the parts shown as white are in reality black. QED Next time when you look down the holes and read the instruction this will make sense. Otherwise said a waxing moon is correct. Not a waning moon. Don't forget a car will still run!!!!!! even with a metering unit 180° out of place.
  11. The point I was trying to make was, if the LEDs or whatever are not acceptable to the authorities e.g MOT, what do the insurance people say? Not the other way round, the insurance have accepted something that may be illegal. Here in Germany we loose our Historical status. If we loose that, we automatically loose our Historical Insurance. As Mike says the Police can pull you up. Whereby I wonder how many young police officers understand the difference.
  12. I went down the relay and Xenons road; I have never regretted it. LEDs in Germany are an ablsolute No, No. I wonder what happens when the police check the car and see LEDs?. Is the insurance non valid? If I drive in Europe with LEDs, what is the insurance situation?
  13. I have just been asked how to adjust the throttle cable on twin SU's. I thought about it and realised I have never had a problem. I have just done it in the past without thinking. Especially as I had Strombergs. I looked in the manual and I found no help. The exact question was "When I alter the threaded adjusting bit. Should I screw it it up or down.?"
  14. I too! Engine not running. I accept there will be a drop in the voltage because of the wiring and the bulbs could be 40 years old. I had a habbit of saving bulbs when srapping a car. Last night at our club meeting came the comment they are just rubish nowadays.
  15. Just put a new fuse in the meter unfortunately I could only get a 16A 250 V not a 20A. I hope this has not altered the readings. But I now have about 3.56 A on the RHS and 3,42 A on the LHS. I have contact sprayed everything I could find there was a negligable improvment. So this means the other meter was duff. After 30 years of ownership I have found a discrepency with the front flashers. As it is an American model it has twin filament bulb at the front (Side lights and flasher. Orange/White lens.) and only one of the filaments light up????????? Thinking about it I realised in those days Oran
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