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  1. Dales Tour Day 1 mid Berrys.pdfHi Richard, Phil has hit the spot with those destinations. There are few places better! The Northumbria Group did a Dales Tour in 2019 based in Argengarthdale near Reeth. I put together some Tulip Routes for each day which I attach for your perusal. First and last day was getting in and out of Yorkshire but the mid section covered many of those names Phil mentioned. You might be able to extract some of the route to better suite your needs. Hope it helps. When you get your 6 finished we might be able to persuade the Northumbria Group out again and do some o
  2. Hi Guy, If you take the seat out and remove the sliding frame you will see the adjusting mechanism has a number or square notches into which the seat slider locates once you release the adjusting lever after selecting your seat position. There is sufficient space to add another set of notches to get your seat circa 25-30mm further back. Drill the holes where you want them and square them out off with a needle file. I made this mod myself when I first got my 6 and it made a difference, allowing much more comfort, particularly if you’re tall, long in the leg or have knackered knees. Not as
  3. TonyC

    Oil Pump

    Hi Folks, I need an oil pump, but I want one that meets the original Triumph spec. relating to end float, clearance between barrel and case, and clearance between rotor veins and barrel. I know that end float can be managed by lapping the end plate but nothing can be done if the other two tolerances are excessive. My question:- anyone bought a pump recently that meets above and if so from where. Many thanks. TonyC
  4. TonyC

    EFI fuel pump

    Thank you both for your info. I took Jochem’s advice and bought Bosch. Fitted now and silent again. Have noted the number you gave me Bruce. If they carry Webcon bits it’ll be good to know I can contact them. Maybe now I can get out in the sunshine. TonyC
  5. TonyC

    EFI fuel pump

    Hi all, Any of you EFI guys recognise this fuel pump - see pics. This is part of the Webcon Pro5 EFI setup. This pump is starting to become noisy and I want to replace it. However existing pump has no identifiers on it - no brand, model ref, serial number or pressure rating. Webcon pumps although similar in size would require mods to the fuel delivery piping and electrical connections. A direct replacement would be nice! Many thanks, TonyC
  6. Just to add my penny worth, I worked in the microswitch biz for a number of years and there is a parameter called movement differential, which essentially is the difference between the operating point and the reset point of the switch. If this is large - and it could well be with replacement/remanufactured parts ex China, then the movement created by the operating mechanism i.e. the rod, may not be enough to operate and reset the switch. Movement will be within the differential and will either stay off or stay on. The smaller the movement differential the more accuracy you have in controlling
  7. Sorry if this is a bit late but I recently had a slave cylinder failure (see my post April 10). The replacement slave I obtained (1"bore) specified for the TR5/6 (ex James Paddock) only had one side of the mounting flange machined therefore only allowing one mounting option onto the engine mounting plate - the incorrect one! In both the Haynes manual an Roger Williams restoration book, reference is made to 'ensure that the slave cylinder is installed the correct side of the mounting plate, and also the right way up..... ... fundamentally, the flange on the cylinder should be to the rear
  8. Anyone using the 6 with the Webcon Alpha+ or Pro5 Electronic Fuel Injection advise where to buy replacement injectors. The injectors in my PRO5 set-up are IW031 and may have a Webcon part number of WFI191. A google search wasn't very successful and even Webcon's own site doesn't list this injector. An option may be to have them refurbished. Any recommendations for this service? As always many thanks for all valuable info. TonyC
  9. Hi Keith66, Check out Car Builder Solutions - www.carbuilder.com. I've have used them before as have some pals without issues, but sadly these days almost anything can be traced back to Chinese origin. TonyC
  10. Thanks, Rich and Waldi for your informative replies. Based on your comments and further reading of Roger Williams books on rebuilding and improving 6’s, I have concluded that my existing slave is in fact a 7/8” diameter version refurbished to 1”. It’s really the only explanation given the very clear marking on the casting. I have the adjustable push rod arrangement so have ordered with some confidence a replacement 1” slave. Will let you know if there are any problems arising. Many thanks guys. TonyC
  11. Hi all, Lost the clutch. Pedal to the floor and surprise surprise no fluid in the master cylinder. Car hasn’t been driven over the winter save for a couple of mile blast a couple of weeks ago. There is no evidence of fluid leak on garage floor but that aside inspection of the slave cylinder shows a lot of wear marks on the piston, even if the seal doesn’t look bad. Anyway decided that a new slave is in order, but the one removed has County S02 10 or SO2 10 and 7/8” on outer casting surface. I see that all the usual suspects have the standard 1” slave available with the exception of Revin
  12. Just an endorsement for the forum and valuable input from so many folks with experience who thankfully participate. I just replaced the flexible steering coupling on my 6. It took a couple of hours thanks to the tips I found in these pages. After removing the old one - reasonably straight forward I clamped the new coupling with a 50-70 mm jubilee clip and tightened it almost to destruction. This compressed it sufficiently to align the mounting holes. Then with front wheels off the deck, I was able to get each socket head screw started in the respective brackets. By just engaging the firs
  13. You get about Roger. No doubt you know that there is a bigger rail network on the Yorkshire Moors - Pickering to Grosmont. Well worth a visit if you haven't been already. You can also take in a visit to Mathewsons Classic Car museum and auction house at Thornton Le Dale, a couple of miles from Pickering. This is the place featured in Bangers and Cash on Yesterday channel. Super, and Derek would love a chat with you no doubt. This is the Flying Scotsman on the North York Moors Railway just approaching Goathland. Tony
  14. Tan Hill pub full of farmers. Can't believe it Roger....... Bet the carpark was full of John Deers, and probably the odd Fergy! Have not as yet enjoyed the rail link between Remire and Leeming Bar. Something on the 'to-do' list. Hopefully that line will be extended and you will be able to take a train deep into the Dales. We ran out of time to visit Dent Tim. Definitely next time with the group, but I've been there a few times. Definitely quirky, long may it last. Is that a pint of Black Sheep? Scottish Highland cattle in Yorkshire - it really has everything Marcel. I am guessing tha
  15. Northumbria Group's 4 day tour of the Yorkshire Dales covered in excess of 350 miles, visiting many of the famous landmarks and places of interest. The route included narrow roads, hairpins and gradients with the odd ford thrown in, but nothing too demanding. Day 1:- 60 miles. From the meet-up point at Raby Castle the first days incursion into the dales was via Gilling West, Richmond, Leyburn, with lunch stop at Berry's Farm Shop, then onto Aysgarth Falls, Askrigg, Thwaite and Tan Hill (highest pub in British Isles), and finally along Arkengarthdale to our base, The CB Inn. Day 2:- 8
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