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  1. Hi Stuart Thank you for your suggestion that the fuel pressure in the PI system in my TR is too high at 120psi. It is still set at that value, which is measured at the PRV. The advice locally is that it will be lower than 120 at the MU. It is now performing at least as well and probably better than in the past. Jim
  2. I apologise for my uncomplimentary postings about the DD. I have no complaints about the quality of the parts supplied by Martin Jay; those I have bought have all been excellent. When I posted my first comments I was really wound up by the difficulties encountered in trying to fix another of the "Teething" problems following the rebuild of my hill climb TR6 and over reacted when suggestions from members offering me help reminded me of an experience in the past . That is no excuse for making comments in the manner I did and Martin deserves my sincere apology, which I now offer. This problem concerned my other TR6 and was resolved at the time (July 2014) and should have been erased from my memory long ago. Jim
  3. I have received a reply from Esso on the subject of sharing the list of those stations selling ethanol free Synergie Supreme+. The wording used is: "We would like to kindly ask you to only share the list privately and not on the internet on any platform." I am not going to ignore their request and I don't relish the prospect of being bombarded with requests for the address of everyone's nearest filling station. Jim
  4. Apologies for the period of silence. I have been devoting almost all of my time to attempting to have the TR6 fit & ready for two days of hill climbing at Harewood Hill this weekend. Thanks to the practical assistance of fellow Cleveland Group members, father and son Peter and Neil Willis the car appears back to its old self. When I spoke to Neil at about 6 pm yesterday to ask if he could suggest a remedy, he offered to come to my home. He, and Peter arrived an hour later and, applying their considerable TR knowledge and engineering prowess, they left for their home at approx. 9:15. They ran a series of tests on the PI system and discovered that the PRV was restricting the fuel flow to the metering unit. This resulted in there being insufficient pressure to operate the injectors. By using my unused spare PRV as a test for the fuel pressure, the one installed was found to be the culprit. The new one was fitted and with engine running and demanding fuel, the pressure was 120 psi. The damaged distributor cap and rotor arm were replaced with items from my spares stock and once the PI system had been bled, the engine sounded healthy again. When I thanked Peter and Neil for their success, Peter told me I should not thank them until I had tried a cold start! This morning I used my usual sequence and the engine started instantly I pressed the button. The car is ready for tomorrow's Harewood event to which I am now really looking forward! I hope the Willis's deem it acceptable if I say how grateful I am for the generous effort they have made. Stuart asked if I would elaborate on my comment about the Distributor Doctor. Some time ago, I am not sure when, I sent a very tired distributor I had acquired for refurbishment to replace on the one fitted to my touring TR6, which was probably the original factory unit. I provided all the details I was asked for, including whether the existing unit was using the vaccuum advance/retard mechanism. It was and so it was decided to include it during the rebuild. I installed it and took the car to be set up at a rolling road. After approx 30 mins, the. operator, who is widely respected, said he could not get a satisfactory result. The vacuum pipe was disconnected and the then engine ran well. Eventually, the rebuilt unit was discarded and the old original one replaced it. That is how it became an emergency stand by spare. Thank you to you all! Jim
  5. As usual, the Forum community has come up with possible causes of the problem afflicting my hill climb TR6. Thank you all very much! I must now respond to those to whom I have not responded. The failure to do so to date was the result of concentration on my attempts to establish the reason for the problem. Ian, a new loom was included in the rebuild work and the opportunity was taken to include several features found in many competition cars. It arrived with a different coil and the modified distributor referred to in my earlier reply to a question by Rob asking if electronic ignition was fitted. A competition style combined IGN/Starter switch was installed so there is no longer a key. Tim: Voltage at the positive coil with IGN "on" & not cranking when checked was 12.95. Rob: Fuel pressure when failing to start was 100 psi. when checked a few days ago. Stuart: my personal experience of DD distributors is not good. Thank you all for your willingness to help. Yesterday I removed the distributor cap and found that every plug lead contact was damaged and there was a scratch on the inner surface of the cap. Marks on the brass tip of the rotor arm confirmed that it had caused the damage. Perhaps the cap had not been correctly replaced when last removed. The advice then was to check the MU drive dog which could have been broken by the distributor drive jamming momentarily. With #1 fuel line removed and the poppet valve extracted with #6 cylinder at TDC I turned the engine by hand. I cannot be certain of seeing the hole in the MU rotor but every small movement of the engine resulted in disturbance of the residual fuel which caused the fuel to spill out of the port. Does this confirm that the rotor is turning? I am a novice where PI is concerned and am baffled. This engine ran without missing a beat throughout 4 busy seasons of hill climbing. The only problem during that spell was a leaking head gasket 2 years ago. That makes the current situation doubly frustrating Jim
  6. Thanks very much Mick. As it is, for me, the simplest and quickest of your suggested fixes, I will change the coil first. If that is ineffective, I will try the distributor swap. I have a spare, unused coil and a complete, standard distributor. Jim
  7. Hi Rob, Thank you for your posting. Yes the car has electronic ignition. It is of unknown origin but, when asking for the full spec of the engine, I was told it was fitted with an H & H distributor and had some Mitsubishi components "for reliability". It is all within the distributor. I have printed confirmation that it is by H & H but no detailed spec. Jon Wood cannot identify it and he has never trusted it. This car was driven in hill climbs extensively by me for four seasons without problems before the "incident" referred to in my plea for advice. Jim
  8. I have taken the precaution of asking for the approval of ESSO before posting the list with which they have provided me. Jim
  9. Yet another problem on which I would be grateful for advice! Following a rebuild of my competition TR6, necessitated as the result of an "incident" at Blyton Park last year, a series of teething problems arose which were worked through and fixed. However, at the recent Shelsley Walsh round of the TR/Revington Championship round a new problem appeared. On attempting to start, the engine fired immediately but died within a few seconds and then could not be started. Eventually and after leaving the fuel pump running for several minutes, it reluctantly fired, running very unevenly . It eventually cleared and but never felt right all day. To try to ensure it would continue to start, I started it every 15 mins throughout the day. It usually fired up OK but occasionally the same difficulty occurred. On the competitive runs, smoke was emitted from the exhaust. The opinion was that this was unburnt fuel. Investigation back home revealed that the Bosch pump was dying. The pressure was found to be way too low. It was the one which was fitted when I bought the car 5 years ago and was part of the conversion kit sold by TR suppliers. We replaced it with a Motorsport version with a greater flow rate and the pressure is now as specified. The fuel filter was also replaced and the opportunity was taken to fit a newly overhauled Lucas metering unit. On a road test (the car is road legal) of approx 10 miles using bursts of maximum rpm, the engine ran really well and sounded and felt better than I and Jon Wood can remember during my ownership. Jon 's knowledge of TR's, his practical skills and enthusiasm during the rebuild were invaluable. We concluded that the problem was solved. We were wrong. In preparation for this weekend's Harewood events, I went to start the engine and the symptoms exhibited at Shelsley Walsh had returned. Attention yesterday then turned to the ignition and electrics. The battery is fine at 13.65V but that fell to 11.5V while cranking. The reading at the positive feed to the coil was OK static but low when cranking the engine. The next check was for a spark at the plugs. Initially, on cranking, there was a reasonably strong spark but it gradually weakened until it faded away completely. Apart from the obvious wisdom of ensuring all cable connections are good, we are stumped. Any suggestions for finding and fixing this irritating problem will be gratefully received! Jim
  10. Thanks once again for your comments. I did receive a reply from ESSO yesterday, by email, with an attachment listing all filling stations which offer ethanol free ESSO Synergie Supreme+ petrol. As someone living in North Yorkshire, no one domiciled north of Birmingham will be at all surprised when the information supplied by ESSO confirms that the North/South Divide is alive and well. Of the 145 sites on the list, the most northerly available ethanol free ESSO fuel is in Rotherham. There are two sites there, approximately 60 miles distant from my home. There are a few in the Midlands and the remainder are further South. Is that a surprise? NOT to anyone OOP NORTH! All the filling stations on the ESSO list are operated by TESCO. Does this mean that the advice of many pundits claiming that supermarket fuel is not to be trusted, should be reviewed? Yesterday, I had a phone conversation with someone in the "Product Tech Team" at Shell UK in an attempt to discover the ethanol content of their VPower fuel. I was informed that it is "up to a maximum of 5%" but that this varies depending on the season. When I asked by how much and in which season was it at the lowest level, there was no clear response. The reply to asking whether it ever arrived at the forecourt with no ethanol was an emphatic "no". Make of all this what you will. I agree with Peter - more green whitewash. Jim
  11. Hi Conrad. For a while during my time as a regular at Kingsholm matches, John Fidler was a respected member of the coaching staff. His son, Rob, was a lock who was very much respected by the "Glawster" faithful. As an away team player, you have clearly experienced the opinions of the so called "one eyed" occupants of the Shed. I have witnessed referees blowing their whistle as the result of protestations from the Shed. They are still known as the second ref! Jim
  12. Once again, I am asking for your assistance. A posting I saw recently on this section informed us that Esso Synergie Supreme+ is free of the dreaded ethanol. It also reported that this did not apply in Devon, Cornwall, Teesside & Scotland. Having suffered damage to the seals in a metering unit and internal collapse of flexible fuel lines, I contacted ESSO filling stations in North Yorkshire. All are supplied from Teesside. ESSO head office was the next call. I have now phoned twice but no help has been forthcoming. How difficult can it be to send a text, email or make a 2 min phone call to tell me where the nearest station with ethanol-free fuel is located? Web searches have proved negative. Can the TR Forum guys offer any guidance? I am in North Yorks, 17 miles north of York and am prepared to travel into West or East Yorks to collect. I see that 10% of this chemical will soon be finding its way into our fuel. The politician (I prefer the description "hypocrite") announcing this change said that vehicles built before the year 2000 should not be affected. All the damage to my TR6's resulted from using fuel with only 5% ethanol. I have always used an additive claiming to protect against this problem, along with seals and flexible fuel lines, all of which claimed to be ethanol tolerant. Jim
  13. Hi Conrad, Sad to say that I am way past the age at which rugby playing is possible. I lived in Gloucestershire for 12 years and became an ardent Cherry & White supporter (still am) with a season ticket. There's nowhere with an atmosphere to compare with Kingsholm, especially under floodlights - magic! C'mon GLOS! As I am a Scot, you can probably take a fairly good guess at my international loyalties. See you! The company carrying out the work, when asked about the parcel contents answer "Car Parts" and there is no problem. It appears typical of the lack of consistency with most things in this country. Thanks for your help everyone. Jim
  14. Thanks for your continuing info. When presenting the parcel I was asked what it contained. Car parts, I replied. I was then asked "exactly what car parts?" The parcel was then rejected. I presented the parcel at a different PO. I wasn't even asked what was in it. So I paid up and went home a happy but confused chappie! The Hermes website includes car parts on their Prohibited list! I have at least learned how to send parts in future. Thanks again! Jim
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