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  1. Hi Thanks for everyone’s help. We managed to get the rubber in after modifying it slightly. Hopefully it stays in!!!! Colin
  2. Hi Just trying to fit the bottom rubber seal to the windscreen. Bought one from Moss which is twice as thick and wide as the original ones. No way is it going to fit into the channel. Is there anywhere else that I can purchase one that is more accurate on the sizing in the UK? many thanks Colin
  3. Hi Has anyone used the transfers from the Roadster Factory? I also saw a post of the chap that restored TR1, I think it was in Canada, and he was reproducing the transfers. Does anyone know if they are still available? Many thanks Colin
  4. This is what I need colin
  5. Hi I’m trying to find the decals for my 1954 TR2. I need the oil filler cap, I’ve found a few but not the right one. The one I need says in the middle ‘Recommended Oils’ and then a list of the oils on the outside. I also need the valve clearance transfer that goes on the side of the rockerbox cover and 2 blue circular ones that go on the air filters. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Colin
  6. Colin V


    Bob that would be great colin
  7. Colin V


    Hi Just coming to the end of my restoration on my 1954 TR2 and am looking to keep the original interior in the car. Just wondered if anyone had an original near side door card, blackberry, VYNIDE. I also need an original front bumper with over riders and one piece of a seat runner that bolts to the floor(not the adjustable one). Hope that makes sense. I did try to place an ad in the ‘Parts Section’ but couldn’t get it to work. Would be grateful for any help. Colin
  8. Where’s the best place for windscreen. Colin
  9. Hi Trying to find some information out on my car, Reg No. MFH 430. I have found a couple of car badges in the car and wondered if anyone knows where I can find any archive information on the Truimph Sports Owners Association and also the Wye Valley Auto Club. Thanks colin
  10. Thanks Conrad scuttle salted just need n/s o/s long doors colin
  11. Hi I need a top scuttle panel for a 1954 long door, old or new. Or even a complete scuttle. Any help would be much appreciated. Colin
  12. I’m starting to look for replacement parts and wondered if there are any suppliers that I should avoid? Moss is fairly local to me so I’m thinking about using them... It looks I’m going to need a lot! Colin
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