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  1. Great news the replacement came from Moss this morning. Inspite of Brexit. Super service. 4 Days total. Tommorow or Saturday I will see if it works. p.s. I ordered 10 packets of Shepard pie mix in Dec and paid up front, this included a surcharge for the Brexit logistic problems. Middle of Jan. I had an email "We have Brexit problems." Middle of Feb "We cannot deliver because of Brexit." Yesterday "Oh yes we could give you you money back" Who has a plausibility problem?
  2. I wonder who will pay me for the time lost?????????? I have spent over 20 hours because of stupidity. Luckly I am a pensioner. So there is no loss of work time i.e. money.
  3. Hi everyone. It is my lucky day today. I have found out why I could not bleed the rear brakes. Rear end of the braking system new. New servo (6 months ago), new TRV M/Cyl. Filled up with brake fluid and started at the back end to bleed the new pipelines, nothing no fluid. OK get out my vacuum tool and suckout the fluid, nothing. Try the other rear cylinder, nothing. OK go up front and check if there is fluid coming out of the pipe going to the rear of the car, nothing. Check if anything is happening at the front pipes,nothing. OK pressurise the M/
  4. I think it is even worse, he has never even tried to check it. If you mean the clips at the back of the Slave cylinder behind the back plate. No the slave cylinder was too big. Quote " Locking plates when assembled have a hole that is 0.9055 long. Brake cylinder dimension 0.964 BAD reason moulding injection seams have not been ground down. Use your file to get the correct dimensions." I am not sure what you mean with the springs.
  5. Mick that's good I will make a suggestion and see what happens.
  6. All over club age groups are getting older and older. Hence reluctance to actively support clubs. In Germany many of us would love to have some organised tours. As far as I know it is not permitted for a non profit making club. Mr Taxman says NO NO. So the individual groups must do their own thing. As I said times have changed and nowdays there are less and less persons willing to take on this job. What is the trick that lots of professional tours/trips are offered in the TR Magazine apparantly with TR Register backing? We perhaps could use the same tricks here. Or are the finance laws s
  7. I threw the manufactured pipes away and made up new ones they fit perfectly, thanks everybody. If anybody finds out who send a brake line pack back then do me a favour just kick him where it hurts most.
  8. I have a brake flaring tool that I used lots of times on the saloons. I also have a big roll of copper + (nickel?) brake piping. So I will be a good boy and do what you say. Oh god all over again. I have to get it done because after the Lockdown we have lots of meetings including the Euro meet in Sept.
  9. Yes just like this. The pipe that was bent was the right hand pipe to fit the MC left hand hole. I thought that is nice they have bent one pipe go show the user how it is done. Silly me. I will now have to go back into the garage (3 miles away and -4F°) and have a very careful look at this kit.
  10. Peter No I did not get that far.As the pipes were aready bent, I did not check that. I just put them on the only was they could go. Strange now that you say it. I wonder if this box of pipes had beeen returned to our supplier and somebody before has started to bend the pipe and did it wrong then put it back in the box. All the other pipes had to be bent.
  11. It is happening again. I thought whilst I have drained everything, I could replace the original brake pipes. A long tima ago, I said as I have done it often enough on the saloons I will go down the road and do it the easy way. I bought a complete made up set from our well known firm. Never got round to fitting them. Today trying to fit the pipe going from the back outlet of the master brake cylinder(MC) to the PDWA I found the ferrule (is that the right name for the screw bit?) kept on turning and I could not get it tight. The other end the same. Ok, so I took it out and put the 50 year old on
  12. Mick it may be verbalIy in use but nobody does it. Isn't it terrible that we have to write about such things. A pity that we cannot just buy somethig and use it. The supplier offers me something stating it will do the job. I agree to the pricing and we make a verbal contract. Afterwards he goes back on his part of the contract by delivering something that does not work. Oh yes, there are lots of laws that cover this. Who has all the hard work and chasing around to get it right. I know of no law that covers my time and expence, when it is a hobby.
  13. Mick I am sorry but when were you born, definitely not in the last 2 centuries? You are talking about service and finishing the job, so that when the customer gets it, it works. I learnt about that from the History channel.
  14. I left the inches or mm signs off because it does not really matter. The main thing is, you can't put a big thing in a small hole. At least I can't.
  15. Back plate = hole for hand brake lever 1.275 x 0.311. Handbrake lever 0.25 thick no problem Good. Back plate hole for brake cylinder 1.45 x 0.65 Brake cylinder 0.73 BAD reason, moulding injection points have not been ground down. Use your file to get the correct dimensions. Braked cylinder jaws for handbrake lever 0.236. Handbrake lever 0.25 thick BAD moulding not accurate. Use your file to get the correct dimensions. Locking plates when assembled have a hole that is 0.9055 long. Brake cylinder dimension 0.964 BAD reaso
  16. I think we will have to ask a manufacturer. Everybody seem to be saying very simular things. Me too.
  17. Many years ago my friend and I, had nothing to do so we drove to Afghanistan in a VW T2. (Official designation in Germany) On the way we met some people in a T1. They let me drive it. In Persia it was not the right transport. There were no roads, just very bumpy dirt tracks. The T1 suspension was so soft, I felt like a bouncy rubber ball. Speed was governed by the engine temp. Air temp 108 F. We had already put a temp guage in. All in all great fun. We used to say you could check your speedo milage using the VW 3rd cylinder. It always went bust within a few miles of circa 80,000 cooling p
  18. Gareth I see you had a split screen camper was that a VW T1?
  19. As I was always a Triumph man it was always back first. I thought the idea was to get rid of air bubbles and if you start at the front there are air bubbles at the back which are very hard to remove.
  20. Ok but why do some manufacturers recommend from the front and others from the back?
  21. In my Workshop manual for my TR6 it says, when bleeding the brakes start at the wheel furthest away from the master cylinder. In my Mityvac handbook it says, follows the manufacturers recomendation (if known). Procedure given in this article specifies to begin bleeding wheel closest to the master cylinder, !!!!!I wonder why the difference? I thought it was a general rule to start on the one furthest away. Any ideas?
  22. To be on the safe side I have ordered a new MC. If the old one is OK then I have a spare. I will at the same time finished the piping.
  23. Steve I have 2 systems 1. Snap-on vacuum pump that sucks the fluid out of the nipple. 2. A bottle with a transparent hose and a one way valve. This was bought from a big supplier who normally sells thing only to garages. It works. The advantage of the vacuum pump is I don't have to push the pedal. I just undo the little bleed screw suck and screw it back up again. A one man job.
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