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  1. Hi, Where can i also buy the mounting kit. I have nothing only the fitting holes in the frame.
  2. Hi, Can anyone advise me on sun visors for TR4 It's very confusing on Moss and Rimmer what will fit. Thanks Maggie
  3. Thanks everyone that was very helpful Maggie
  4. I want to fit an alternator to my 1963 TR4 can anyone inform me what i need Thanks Maggie
  5. Hi Stuart, What brake fluid should use DOT 4 or DOT 5 when replacing master cylinder seals. Sorry for all the questions Maggie
  6. That is expensive PAS I have 165 tyres what tyres would you recommend ? Maggie
  7. Hi Stuart, I would love to drive down and speak to you but at the moment i don't trust the TR to make it that far. So what servo would you recommend and any other bits needed. Also i'm in the process of fitting new seals in the brake master cylinder. Apparently there is another PAS company classic driving development. Maggie
  8. Hi John, Is Moss or Remmington the best place to go ? Maggie
  9. HI Stuart, I live near Taunton. I will check out your suggestions Thanks maggie
  10. Hi, Can anyone point me in the right direction. I have a 1963 TR4 and would like to update my braking system to have better stopping power. Also does anyone recommend EZ electric power steering ? I live in the southwest. Thanks Maggie
  11. Thanks for your help i will check that out. Sorry to trouble you Maggie
  12. Thanks should I expect the oil pressure to change when I rev the engine. Maggie
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