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  1. Hi Roger,

    I bought a lovely commission plate from you last week and was wondering if i could buy another one and you can have is stamped for me?

    Many Thanks,


  2. Hi, I have just got my below the boot lid injection badge out to clean before fitting and noticed the lettering is red. I thought it should be black and just wondered if there were different colours as standard or is mine off a different model or just painted by someone in the past. Any help would be appreciated, Nick
  3. Hi Stuart, Do you mind me asking what you use? Many thanks, Nick
  4. Hi everyone, I know this has been covered before but i can't find any recent posts. What is the best way and name of the sealant to use between the wings? I have seen 3m, various silicone/mastic type products etc etc but i am hoping there is one product that is tried and tested, looks good and stands head and shoulders above others. Many Thanks, Nick
  5. Thank you for your replies.
  6. Coulstock

    Odd bumper

    Hi All, I have a rear quarter bumper that i went to fit to my TR6, put it altogether went to fit it only to notice the captive nut is 2/3rds of the way down instead of halfway. It looks the same as the Tr6 bumper otherwise. Does anyone know what car it is for ?? Did Tr6 bumpers differ? Many thanks, Nick
  7. Thank you both, seems the obvious thing to do now youv'e said to extend the wires.
  8. Hi everyone, I have 2 questions today i hope you can help with; 1/ I have wired up my new loom and everything is working except the offside indicators, The nearside is fine but the offside nothing not even the dash light.I have checked the bulbs and they all seem fine and ive tried the old and a new flasher relay. Any ideas? 2/ My gearbox has been rebuilt and the overdrive switches on the top gearbox cover have been fitted so that the electrical spades are facing away from each other causing the loom to be stretched. Can i take a fibre washer out therefore giving me a lit
  9. Hi Roger,

    Thankyou for your reply re; my ammeter. Will the main casing become live if i have the spades fixed with nuts straight to the back of the ammeter. If so, what do i put between them to stop this, i am guessing some rubber washers?

    I hope this makes sense and i'm not completly bonkers.


    1. RogerH


      Hi Nick,

            the posts that the spades are attached to should be insulated form the case.

      The nuts will be live but isolated from the body work.



  10. I have tried to upload photos but am struggling, i will have another go tomorrow. I think Roger has answered my question, so thanks Roger.
  11. Sorry guys i am not making myself clear. I understand about the knurled nuts and bracket. If you look at the picture, the gauge on the left has the green and black wire and the light green and white wire are coming off two spade connectors. If you look carefully they are held on by round brass looking screws. My temperature gauge has them but my ammeter just has nuts. These are what i am not sure about, do i need them or are nuts ok? Many Thanks Nick
  12. Thanks Guys, i have the holding bracket and understand it musn't touch the spade connectors. i am talking about the round nuts/screws that you can just see in the above picture on the gauge on the left, or can i use the ordinary nuts that are already on there.
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