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  1. Is that a Noah's Ark in the wave to your right?????????
  2. I thought it was a swan, but I have lost my glasses.
  3. bit on Russia that might make you smile. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-05-25/australian-fake-russian-choir-dustyesky-goes-viral-mullumbimby/12270670
  4. With your summer coming up you'll most likely get some cricket to watch. One would think that the separation of the players on the field would keep the authorities happy. One of my friends finds the cricket very boring. He finds it much more exciting to sit out on the verandah, and watch the floorboards warp. (So there's another option for you.)
  5. Oz isn't in the same league as the Uk for pub names, place names prominent here, but some have some interesting contents: Meet the Water Buffalo from Crocodile Dundee The town of Adelaide River, about an hour south of Darwin near the entrance to Kakadu National Park, has a layered history, starting with its role as a base for workers constructing the Overland Telegraph Line and continuing with its military presence during World War II and an influx of gold prospectors in the 1970s. Today, travelers mainly come to visit Charlie, the water buffalo that Mick Dundee (Paul Hogan) hypnotizes to the ground in the outback hit Crocodile Dundee. Charlie passed away in 2000, and since he was a loyal patron of the Adelaide River Inn for so long, he was stuffed and hung for all to appreciate.
  6. One of our local comedians claims to have invented non-stick velcro. His other invention was the full scale road map. He said it was a delight to use, but a b***er to fold.
  7. The pandas seem to like bamboo. The adults/humans seem to like corn!!
  8. At risk of lowering the tone of this section of the forum, the office next to mine at Depair was occupied b y the RAAF's head nurse. One day she showed me a couple of coloured cardboard file covers that had been overlapped over each other and in the same position on the desk for a month or two. (We had pretty good overhead fluorescent lighting.) Under the overlap the dark original colour was there, the exposed bits were a very pale version of the original colour. Looks like we were getting an unintentional suntan while sitting at our desks.
  9. Pete, Great that you are telling us that Vit D3 can help us resist Covid, but it certainly isn't a cure. The situation in Singapore, where Vit D3 should be high in all the residents, still makes a vaccination the priority.
  10. Looks pretty recent - they're the recommended 1.5 metres apart.
  11. Love that adjustable mounting gizmo!!!!
  12. Have you fitted some insulation to protect the beaut alternator from that nearby exhaust pipe. All the aces got me to do it when I fitted mine.
  13. (rear wheel arch)

    You got a larf out of me Roger.

  14. Garnet isn't a worry silicosis wise apparently, I wore a dust mask with two filter pods to keep the lungs dust/rust free. Made a plastic 'tent' in the garage to limit the spread of the dust/rust and just did a section at a time. Underneath the rust there were plenty of bits to cut out and weld in replacements. POR-15 paint for the final act. Found that I was average at welding and painting, but good at filtering dust and rust out of garnet with my sieves, and an ace at sweeping up garnet/dust/rust. Same blaster as Ed. had to replace the blaster 'tips' many times.
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