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  1. Good thinking Andrew that should keep you occupied. Once the 4A was finished all I could come up with was contemplative nose picking and studious navel gazing. (omphaloskepsis)
  2. Over here during the Covid D travel restrictions, push bike sales went through the roof. Car sales - The tally of 100,005 new cars reported as sold across Australia during March 2021 represents a 22.4 per cent increase compared to the same month last year. However, the figure is still 3.8 per cent below the five-year rolling average prior to the pandemic. (7 Apr 2021) (I'll get out of your way now.)
  3. I find those reference articles Pete keeps putting up for us to read pretty scary. (Or pretty hard to read anyway.)
  4. On my 4A, I had a hard top that came with car, but had to get a new soft top from Moss. To get the new soft top to remotely look like fitting I had to undo the bolts at the bottom of the windscreen and pull it back to maximum rake. (The hard top still fitted [phew]) Getting the front edge in was a nightmare at first, found marking the centre of the soft top with whiteout, and marking the centre of the screen helped, plus tapping with a rubber mallet or such. First few goes it was too thick and didn't go fully in, the back was nowhere near going in, so I did a bit of heavy stretching
  5. On the other site there's a bit of (medical) discussion about cerebral blood clotting relating to one of the vaccines. but the figures they give say that in non-vaccinated people the occurrence is 5-16 per million and with vaccinated people 3.5 per million. (their figures 79/22.2million). How do you work that so the vaccine gets the blame???
  6. Get BBC here overnight. Agree coverage started to be a bit mono-topical, but I guess the 'press' grew to love him over the years.
  7. To me at least, it beats the hell out of doing nothing Pete, plus looks as though if you are quick you are in with a chance.
  8. Starting to wonder about that name ICEland??
  9. Does he do one on how to change a military bearing?? (Always like Spike's one in the Goon show: "The voice came from a man with a military bearing - which he tossed in the air and caught!")
  10. You can relax. There's room for the vice grips to get in.
  11. My 'dremel' equivalent packed it in recently. Was able to get this one over here: Ozito 170W Rotary Tool Kit which I like better. For small jobs they provide a cable and handpiece that fits into the larger tool. The latter has been getting plenty of use recently
  12. Wonder if it sold as a 'restoration project' for about the same price as the photo???
  13. Similar problem with the Uruguyan couple on our bus tour of Spain. I was greeting them in the morning with 'buenos dios'. On day two they explained that the word for day was 'dias' and 'dios' meant God.
  14. A while back Roger was extolling the virtues of SYB. Just in case you missed it they (SYb) have put out another product called 'Shift ya B******'. In my case, getting the boat trailer wheel off its hub, the ShYB didn't shift it. Belting the studs pushed them all out of the hub (lost 3 in the grass). Eventually putting the hub on a little gas ring, and the remaining ice cubes on the wheel and belting the hub (via wood) did the trick. (I'll get out of your way now.)
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