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  1. Here we get told which of the petrols available have ethanol in them, I always use the one that has none (boat and car, both precede the arrival of ethanol.) The boating forums are always on about it, and some owners are pretty paranoid about freshness, They always dump their fuel after a month or two and use it in their mower. I can never work out why the boat won't run on it but the mower will be OK. When I consulted Shell they informed me with a sealed tank the fuel would last for close to 12 months (that's from memory, sorry). In practice I've found it to be true, and have n
  2. little jim

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    You blokes ARE funny!!
  3. Dunno if these help. on a 4A
  4. Many years ago when I was a kid, one of my brother's friends let me go for a ride on his Vincent HRD. I found that on sharp bends the huge flywheel it had, caused 'gyroscopic precession'; bends one way it took like a dream, the opposite direction you had to fight it to get it to go round.
  5. While not a joke but a true story you might get a larf. Bob Catter senior told it in his retirement speech from the Oz House of Representatives. He represented the huge country electorate of Kennedy that goes from the eastern side of Qld to the NT border. He always tried to get round the electorate to meet all his constituents once a year. Towards the end of one such trip he driving down a hill in the ruts of the one lane dirt road, when he saw a cloud of 'bull dust' in the distance indicating a car coming the other way, towards the bend at the bottom of the hill. He thought "I'm knacker
  6. The Canberra authorities would pull all the houses down at great expense because of the asbestos dust.
  7. From Oz views of how much sun you get in the UK (except for '76 when we were there) and Pete's comments on Vit D3 levels, the Vit D deficiency level of 15.6.% doesn't seem all that high a figure. Maybe it wasn't just D3 being measured, even though most likely, and Pete's recommendations on blood levels are much higher than the accepted norms anyway. Sometimes these articles don't always tell you what you thought from the heading you were going to find out.
  8. ?? heatgun on highest setting on the shaft opposite?? Quick spray of penetrator on the key before applying the gripper.
  9. I found the opposite. probably the day we went to visit Stuart to say thanks for all the info. Quite late at night. missed a turn and went up a long steep hill, no traffic, did 'U' turn to get back on track. Road wasn't quite wide enough so went on to the dirt verge. The 'dirt' turned out to be loose coarse gravel for a speed trap for trucks that lost brakes coming down the hill. Stuck. Several kind people stopped to offer help, but there wasn't much they could do. one young lady phoned the cops, who didn't do a 'uey' but went to the top of the hill to turn round. T
  10. I've never used my Oz NRMA breakdown service. But having joined as a brand new adult (21 in those days) I was well on the way to 'gold' membership when the 2 yr posting to Brize Norton occurred (36 yr old). Think I joined the AA in the land of the pom. Came back and rejoined the NRMA, back to yr zero!! previous membership counted for nought. The gold membership cuts in at 25 yrs and brings a number of 'goodies' into play discounts on other insurance, free overseas travel insurance etc.
  11. Mr Trump now has it, (corona virus). Wonder if he is glugging down a bit of bleach, instead of rubbing it in his toupee??
  12. golly, never thought I'd see Roger get cranky at anything. Obviously he's pretty impressed with the info that Peter has been providing us with. To me Peter has been using a slightly evangelical approach to get his message across on the benefits he sees from Vit D3. Especially earlier on, no one else was even mentioning it as a possible benefit, so I was happy that he pushed the message. Personally I'm relying on the Oz sun to provide me with enough of it, my bald head ups my dose quite a bit, and the quick action by Australian medical/administrative authorities has limited the effects o
  13. To remove recalcitrant pedal cranks cyclists can buy a 'puller' (only costs about $14). (See arrow photo #1) In practice I found this saved at least 5 or 6 nanoseconds. Stripped about 1/2mm of metal from each side that I didn't have to cut through in phase two. (See photo #2) This particular bike appears to have the chain wheels swaged on to the pedal, so looks like I replace the chain wheels as well as the pedal shaft. (sigh!).
  14. Pete will feel a bit like saying "I told you so" when this article gets a bit of publicity. https://elemental.medium.com/a-supercomputer-analyzed-covid-19-and-an-interesting-new-theory-has-emerged-31cb8eba9d63 However for a cure/not getting it, I'm sweating on the vaccine.
  15. That sounds like a very 'English' tip. (Should have added it's a good tip for Canberra at this time of year.)
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