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  1. matttnz

    Indicator buzzer

    I found the easiest thing was to swap to a modern flasher unit. They have louder "ticking" which should be easier to hear. Probably the cheapest solution and least amount of wiring changes.
  2. Very happy to. Just PM me your email so the internet bots don't find it and I'll email copies. That goes for everyone who needs a copy. If anyone has a bright idea of how to make it more permanently accessible on the site please let me know. I've fashioned a ppt/pdf from the old original to mimic the AAW circuit diagrams so people can use those to track their own car "updates"
  3. Yes it does. PM me w your email
  4. Just recently had a local drive the triple webers and PI back to back on a long haul drive. He reckons he'd take the PI (CR) over Webers any day. Both sound to me like setup is fiddly and best done by someone who knows what they're doing and after that are good if left alone. Personally I'd keep the PI, if only for it's uniqueness.
  5. matttnz

    john conlon

    If you want to do this: I have a copy of the wiring diagram for these (PM me an email although it should be on the forum somewhere...all other wiring diagrams are onhttp://www.advanceautowire.com/tr2506.pdf). There's a lot in the way of warning lights and seatbelt modules that differ, but if you're pulling some of those and doing a RHD conversion it might be simple enough to change and avoid wiring in the relevant parts?
  6. This makes the most sense to me. As long as it doesn't cost more than a decent badge of course...
  7. Whilst I respect and love the attempts to do this "old school", why don't you just GPS your speed with a smartphone to convert?
  8. If you can, save the speaker & frame and use it as a template for something new but authentic looking. Maybe 3D print a case for new speakers or such like. Plus-if you can fit a small amp it will make a world of difference when the top is down. There are good head units about that look period but w BT and cable connections for the iPhone etc to do the music/radio etc
  9. Mine has been doing this... for mine it was the fuel filter being chokka w rust from the tank. (of course Auckland is cooler and wetter than Sydney so...)
  10. matttnz

    Car cover

    Don’t get an absorbent cover!!! That just holds more water close to the car! I’ve used one of these on an outside car for several years and found it a step above normal covers: Auto-Storm® AQUA https://www.autopyjama.com/autostorm-carcover/ It’s a double cover. They do perish w time from the UV (may be more an antipodean thing) but car is typically dry when I unwrap it. Don’t forget that the water condensing on the car is still actually in the air uncondensed usually as vapour and available to react as rust!
  11. Nope. Original cable: No ticking, "new" choke cable after changing throttles to underslung: Tick-tick-tick
  12. Not completely because of the ballast wire and connections. Basic principle of course is similar I agree, but chasing connections down off those AAW diagrams can be exasperating at times. ]
  13. That's the AAW link that has every single wiring diagram except for for CR cars
  14. PM me KC if you need a CR wiring diagram. The AAW website doesn't have it
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