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  1. It's better than "beer garden" which needs a bit more brown in it to be proper bile... "Exorcist" is really an unforgivable pea soup colour. Even for the 70s...
  2. So many choices... I'm taking it that originality isn't the absolute prime directive or you wouldn't change to suit Mrs PodOne. If you ever need a crowdsourced vote (there's an idea-what does the register think is the best iteration?), I'd vote: black windscreen surround (IDK why-it just looks right), black sills (it's trad and I wish my PO had done it properly), absolutely and utterly a black Kamm tail rear and remembering to matt black behind the grille. And Mimosa Yellow bc despite my initial reservations it's really grown on me
  3. 6'2", 14" dished leather. No problems
  4. Familiar story. I’m still tracking all my fuelling gremlins down. Best bang for buck for me was making sure that the throttle butterflies are balanced and opening a)fully and b) symmetrically -the CR throttle control can get loose so 5/6 don’t ever open properly and run rich. There are replacement kits available.
  5. I have zero issue with this. It's cheap and has minimal risk and there are several areas of health in which it shows promise. I'd even consider it if CV19 was uncontrolled in my area but not at the exclusion of other, well proven (and cheaper) preventative measures such as handwashing/social distancing. BUT: the inference that "big pharma" and the medical community is willfully ignoring an effective therapy in order to line their pockets in a worldwide crisis such as this is an absolute conspiracy theory, not to mention insulting to those who work in the hospitals and healthcare.
  6. Wow Peter, that is some pretty industrial grade consipracy theorising going on, and maybe I do know a little more than you think. Do you really think that the "profession" would really subject so many people to extreme risk of mortality purely in the quest of better profit margins? A profession with ethics at its core (admittedly one where it gets it wrong at times) and a NHS currently drowning and run by managers trying to minimise cost to the taxpayers? One where the staff each day are putting themselves in harms way treating the profoundly unwell, who are dying in front of them d
  7. Please everybody: The Spanish study only shows association, not causation. There are very real differences and very real reasons why people should not oversell this yet (think bleach and hydroxychloroquine). It may well be real but it in no way meets sufficient scientific rigour to be considered an appropriate treatment modality. Please trust me that if something so simple, cheap and safe was the solution it would be rolled out as soon as possible. Note that dexamethasone (old and cheap) was the 1st mass adopted treatment over the expensive or Trumpistan supported solutions out there.
  8. Thank you. Of course it pains me to admit that Aussie wine is "adequate" but I must admit it's vaguely tolerable! Will also admit that China currently have not expanded their manufacturing skill set to include wine
  9. Because of me. I expect I'm biased because my wife is of Chinese ethnicity (but not PRC born) and I think my Kiwi multicultural background views these things differently... but I personally find the recurrent negative assessment of Chinese made products on this forum borders on racism. It's analagous to how people used to view Japan and Taiwan in the 80s/90s who are now desirable engineers and the criticism then was essentially unfounded racism and protectionism. If you want a modern car to last more than 10 years today you buy Japanese or Korean, not European. The particular comment o
  10. I might be suggesting nana learns to suck eggs... but you have tried heating w hot water etc?
  11. As a temp solution (and diagnosis), try to bypass the rheostat by swapping one of the connectors to the spare fitting on the same side. Should be able to do behind the dash and if it's the rheostat, your lights will be back
  12. matttnz

    Door Card

    Maybe I'm just an egg or the door cards are further gone than others, but... Screwdriver worked ok in lieu of trim tools (wrapping some cloth around the shaft protected the paint) & once you sort the technique, the handle/winder pins are ok. I got some new roll pins and placed w pliers and tapped in. Need a bit of pressure on the door card against the internal spring (check Moss for the tech diagram)
  13. Must be an antipodean thing JC. Sub tube in boot (a bit useless overall TBH) and an amp driving the (1/2 decent) speakers on the rear trim... I'd do tweeters, but best place would be the eyeball vents and despite the fact they're useless, I'm not going to destroy them. (Although if I find another set that I could hide one in....hmmmm). I think the amp makes the most difference as some speakers driven by a modestly priced 2 channel can still sound good with the lid down and no distortion Can even hear top down on the motorway so must be irritating at the lights if it weren't for my fan
  14. Thanks Peter, absolutely a member of the AKL crowd & agreed, it seems this vacuum issue will be the one (hopefully...) Butterflies and throttle linkage should be ok as I've changed the CR sytem (that was worn) to a Racetorations underslung version with rose joint adjusters
  15. Yes please!!!! PM me and I'll flick you my email Thanks v much Peter, I've never come across that but then again; John & I don't have many Triumph autojumbles downunder (or even autojumbles full stop in NZ...). It's all full of Ford and Holden! It took me aaaages to find a CR wiring diagram and it was such a mess I made up the ppt version to clean it up. That was back in 2014, I still haven't seen an easy to locate version online yet.
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