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  1. Robert Price

    Help please electric issue indicators

    Problem now solved, new relay and have also found fusebox spade connection poor on F/Box, despite it looking ok having taken it off so cleaned spade and will see how it behaves. Rob
  2. Robert Price

    TR Shop Fuel Tank

    i have fitted several of my cars with an alloy tanks over the years without problems other than the line up of the odd hole. I do however as a precaution not overtighten the outer bolts, any flexing would be greatest here, but apart from stories I am not aware of anyone personally who has had an issue but I think this sort of concern applies to many parts and gets repeated, best to buy the part which you are happy with. Rob
  3. Robert Price

    Help please electric issue indicators

    Thanks Mike, have now got power from switch wires, however still no indicators but noticed that the ELO electronic flasher which has a perspex cover was wet inside, despite drying out no success. I think a new relay will be next just to eliminate it. It could be a resistance which is causing the voltage to drop off when switched on. Rob
  4. Robert Price

    Help please electric issue indicators

    Having obtained a Lucas original switch which appears to be in good condition and fitted it, I have no indicators. There is power to the switch but nothing either side when switched, no clicking from the flasher unit and no light on the dash bulb. I have not yet checked power at the flasher unit but is the latter an indication the flasher has packed up? I had expected to find power each side of the switch when on. Rob
  5. Robert Price

    Indicator Switch Quality?

    I know there has been past comment on poor quality indicator switches but I notice on EBay there are prices from £22 unbranded to over £30 with a Lucas name, does anyone know if they are from the same manufacture source. Or does anyone know if there is a decent obtainable switch supplier. Has anyone got an original used one in decent condition they could part with? I now have a Lucas original replacement! Rob
  6. Robert Price

    S/H CP Veneered Facia Offers

    I have a used CP facia in good condition and invite on offer for it. It is veneered with a satin finish and horizontal graining, I can supply some photos if you PM me with email contact. Rob
  7. Robert Price

    Ammeter Removal Wiring Connections

    I am fitting a voltmeter so am I correct in thinking that the original ammeter wires 2 thick brown/brown and white and the 3rd thinner wire can all be connected together? and use a 12 volt supply for the voltmeter from the ignition accessory spade connection. Rob
  8. Robert Price

    tr6 small dial lighting

    I have a set yet to be fitted can anyone confirm the dimmer needs to be by passed? Rob
  9. Robert Price

    Odd Door

    If They ran short on the assembly line of UK spec doors in order to keep the line running they would have simply fitted what was available, it may also be that a door may have been replaced by a previous owner, a couple of my previous TR's have had the US door. Rob
  10. Robert Price


    I have a spare CP grained veneered facia to sell if interested please PM me and I will supply details I want £100 for it and I will pay postage. Rob
  11. Robert Price

    Difficulty Removing S/Belt Sill Bolt

    As soon as I get rid of this cold I will get back into the garage, thank you for the info. Rob
  12. Robert Price

    SS Wheel Nuts On TR6

    Nothing to lose by asking Mike. Rob
  13. Robert Price

    SS Wheel Nuts On TR6

    Exactly Roger, looking at the MG's price point if the company were to produce TR ones, they should be somewhere in the same region I would have thought, and members could buy direct from the manufacturer who is in the UK for a change. Anyway a sample nut is on its way to them. Rob
  14. Robert Price

    SS Wheel Nuts On TR6

    Just also realised there is no plain section for the retaining washer that holds the centre cap. But I have contacted the manufacturer to see if they make TR6 nuts and will update any reply. The price difference to the current TR nuts is very big. Have now spoken to the company and they have requested a sample nut to look into the cost of producing them, we shall see! Rob
  15. Robert Price

    SS Wheel Nuts On TR6

    Started this thread because I saw some MGB Wheel Nuts set of 16 Stainless Steel 1/2 UNF 60° Taper MGB P3035 they are £35.56 inc. postage on EBay so now realising they do not fit a TR6 have now contacted the manufacturer. Rob

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