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  1. Bought a few from this supplier who lives in Coventry good quality. The TR6 stays will need a bend to go over the stainless top, every one I have done have needed this. A couple of cars I also had to cut some off the front outer edge on each side from the top, this did not apply to all TR's so I guess it is a body varient of the curve. A good quality hacksaw blade managed it. Rob
  2. Robert Price

    Engine cut out

    Important to do one thing at a time. Inside the distributor it does look corroded so replace the earth and clean it up inside, check all the other connetions from the coil and fit a red rotor. I would also invest in a new coil. But as I said only do one job at a time so you know what the fault cause is. Rob
  3. Does the cam for the fast idle always return fully when the choke is pushed in, these can stick on the head of the adjuster bolt. When the idle is higher push down one at a time on each butterfly spindle stop, only a slight movement can make a rev difference. Rob
  4. Would a GT6 stick fit they had the switch. Rob
  5. Had exactly the same on my last 6. Jack up the rear on axle stands and hold the prop shaft with some gripping gloves and turn each way and see what you hear, then do the same on the drive shafts, you may find its is a UJ, or worn splines on the shaft or prop. I found the rear wheel could be turned three quarters of an inch each way without moving the diff. The whole lot was replaced which I obtained from Prop Tech. it is just a case of elimination, good luck. Rob
  6. I bought a TR6 fitted with HS6 SU's its injection system came with the car. However it ran on badly, standard fan and anti run on valve fitted. I decided to refurbish the injection and refitted it to the car, the running on was gone. Having owned MGB's as well for some reason some run on others do not so you may have difficulty in stopping it. However I would try as suggested a colder plug and high octane fuel as it can be compressed more before detonation than lower octane fuel, check the plug colour to see if it is running too hot, reduce tickover to 650/700 max you could retard the ignition slightly if all else fails. I doubt messing with fans and coolant will produce a cure but nothing to lose I guess. good luck. Rob
  7. Having removed the hinge bolts how high can you lift the bonnet? if you can get a length of wood or flat metal is it possible to slide it over the manifolds and under the front of the latch agaist the striker/cone and move it, as it probably only needs a mm or two maybe at the same time someone pulling the cable. Might be the manifolds are too high not sure from memory. In my case a very weak spring on an aftermarket part did not help. Good luck. Rob
  8. This was mentioned by someone earlier, my bonnet would not spring up and eventually I managed to push the bonnet rearward a little and to my relief it popped up, In effect you will be moving the striker away from the catch. Just hope your rear bonnet rubber cones are not too tight, good luck. Rob
  9. Check the security of the clamp at the bulkhead inside the car if that is loose it will cause movement even if the dash clamp is tight, otherwise column bushes as previous, Rob
  10. Your fuel pressure appears 10psi over normal range and has nothing to do with your alternator or battery. Are you sure your pressure gauge is correct? if you have a local garage why not take the car there and have the pressure checked, if it is high then adjust the PRV. I fitted a diaphram one from Revington and adjusted it manually to the recommended number of screw turns, then took it to my local guy and it was spot on. Good luck. Rob
  11. Have had this dual valve set up on a TR6 and compared with several others I have owned did not notice any great difference, like many things the theory may appear sound but results in practice very different. I personally would not go to the trouble again. A couple of my cars had a very steady tickover but others did not despite many attempts to improve, old technology I guess! Rob
  12. Could it be debris which is moving around and blocking the fuel supply in the tank which would affect the pump sound? when stopped fuel may drain into the supply pipe enough to start the car, after a few minutes, then movement disloges the obstruction till next time. Rob
  13. An unusual number of TR6's have appeared on Ebay looks like a scam for Christmas? Rob
  14. Fitted alloy tanks on several TR6's over the years no problem and bought the last one from Rich modified for a larger width spare. Rob
  15. Paul Bishop supplies some heavy duty brackets for these seats or can put you in touch with the guy that makes them, I have had 3 pairs of seats off him over the last few years made my own versions of mounting but the last pair of seats I used these brackets and I found them very good. They use the existing floor holes, just screw one of the large nuts onto the front mounting studs before fitting the seat and the rears straight onto the mtg. brackets the seat sits no higher than the standard position and will have a slight slope up toward the front, which I did not attain with the home made versions which sat a bit high. Rob
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