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  1. Robert Price


    I have a spare CP grained veneered facia to sell if interested please PM me and I will supply details I want £100 for it and I will pay postage. Rob
  2. Robert Price

    Difficulty Removing S/Belt Sill Bolt

    As soon as I get rid of this cold I will get back into the garage, thank you for the info. Rob
  3. Robert Price

    SS Wheel Nuts On TR6

    Nothing to lose by asking Mike. Rob
  4. Robert Price

    SS Wheel Nuts On TR6

    Exactly Roger, looking at the MG's price point if the company were to produce TR ones, they should be somewhere in the same region I would have thought, and members could buy direct from the manufacturer who is in the UK for a change. Anyway a sample nut is on its way to them. Rob
  5. Robert Price

    SS Wheel Nuts On TR6

    Just also realised there is no plain section for the retaining washer that holds the centre cap. But I have contacted the manufacturer to see if they make TR6 nuts and will update any reply. The price difference to the current TR nuts is very big. Have now spoken to the company and they have requested a sample nut to look into the cost of producing them, we shall see! Rob
  6. Robert Price

    SS Wheel Nuts On TR6

    Started this thread because I saw some MGB Wheel Nuts set of 16 Stainless Steel 1/2 UNF 60° Taper MGB P3035 they are £35.56 inc. postage on EBay so now realising they do not fit a TR6 have now contacted the manufacturer. Rob
  7. Robert Price

    Difficulty Removing S/Belt Sill Bolt

    Thank you all will give it another go. Rob
  8. Robert Price

    Difficulty Removing S/Belt Sill Bolt

    Started to remove the sill seat belt bolt with socket after about 1/4 inch it suddenly got tighter and the socket then slipped on the narrow bolt head. It is not totally mullered but any ideas as ring spanner and socket will not do it. Rob
  9. Robert Price

    Trophy 15 inch Wood Rim Wheel

    Trophy wheel available.
  10. Robert Price

    Trophy 15 inch Wood Rim Wheel

    My apologies made a balls up of my previous post as the steering wheel stored in a bag with the car could have sworn it was a Motolita should have gone to spec savers! it is an as new Trophy 15 inch wood rim Trophy with holes in spokes which came with my TR and I do not need it. Can supply a fitting ring open to reasonable offer. Rob
  11. Robert Price

    Centre Dash Ignition Switch

    Ignition parts arrived and on the box guess what! made in China. Went onto Mossmotors American site and they also sell two versions, the American part number on the UK item ends 077 and is the American cheaper one, the more expensive one ends 070. I cannot see the Chinese make two versions of the same switch. Rob
  12. Robert Price

    Centre Dash Ignition Switch

    Update - I can confirm the cheap ignition switch is a Chinese item. However the switch body 127651 also sold by Moss is they say American sourced and the key barrel 24G1345 is an original supplier so ordered the latter. Rob
  13. Robert Price

    Centre Dash Ignition Switch

    Are the moss centre dash ignition switches any good I notice in the sale they are only £5.65 are they the same as the Lucas boxed ones I wonder, are they all the same supplier , the prices range up to around £20. Rob
  14. Robert Price


    I found these people good for blanks www.keytrader.co.uk tel 01843 209239 They are based in Margate Kent Rob
  15. Robert Price

    Speedometer Drive Cover on Tunnel

    Does anyone have the old metal cover that fits on the G/Box tunnel over the speedometer drive? it would save me having to make one. Rob

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