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  1. RobRennie

    Boot size

    Hi Mike, I live near Glastonbury - you would be welcome to come here with your scooter and see if you could make it fit. There is a place in Bristol that makes mounts for towbars for carrying motorbikes - make weight is 140 kg I think.
  2. Hi Steen, Take care with the level of noise - I purchased a 50th Anniversary V8 Defender with an amazing sounding noise, turned heads and all of that. But after about 20 miles it was really really tiring!
  3. No idea as to the answer to your question- but stunning colour mate - looking forward to you finishing it
  4. Problem Fixed!! It was a collapsed nearside flexible brake hose at the front - thanks to the heads up from Chris - I had purchased some lovely stainless ones from TRGB and all they had to do was fit them - drives and brakes perfectly. I did buy some new Anti-roll bar drop links and track rod ends - so going to have them fitted anyway - but as this is Somerset, that will be a couple of weeks wait.... I am still going to get a wheel alignment done because it seems a sensible way of seeing if they finished the job off when they fitted the suspension. Thank you all for your i
  5. "Bling is my guilty pleasure" - is surely the Quote of the Day!
  6. Thanks Tim, Funny enough, I ordered from TRGB some replacements on the basis of getting the garage to replace them while they have the spanners out on that side of the car - you never know, it could be something as simple as that. Cheers
  7. Hi Stuart, Interesting insight - If the simple approach doesn't fix it, and frankly, I do not think it will - but always try the simple stuff first.... Then going back to standard would be a really good thing to do if possible - so before going too far, I'll get that possibility looked at On insurance, I told the garage everything, even sent them the link to the company who did the work who still have it on their website and they are just fine with it.
  8. Hi All, I would always love to go back to standard, but assume that these mods were made to accommodate the BMW engine. I have had three different garages look at it - one for when I bought it to service and look over it, local Landy Garage that I use and MOT - all seemed happy with how it is put together. But on the basis of it being stupid and crass to ask for input then ignore it - I'll see if I can find some more specialist place. If the more simple - offside Coilover is shot and replacing it fixes the dive to the right under braking - I will find a specialist suspension out
  9. Hi Stuart, As promised - pic of where that arm went to..
  10. Thank you Stuart - no chance of racing - poly seems a good option then.
  11. Hi All, Per another thread of mine I am replacing some suspension parts on my TR6. TRGB show: Standard Upgraded - with poly option Performance Having only the most basic understanding of how they work - any ideas or advice on which ones to choose? I am happy to pay for the Performance ones but only if they actually will do something! My car is highly modified - and I did wonder whether that would lead to wanting / needing to fit the Performance one? Cheers.
  12. Update - or really, lack of update Took it to local garage as mentioned - long story short, he had noticed the back brakes were not set up correctly and I think the thought that would be the fix -it wasn't - he very politely said that he did not fancy looking at the suspension ..... and to be fair to him, I do appreciate his frankness. So took it to another place, who have said that they are happy to have a look and will swap over those coilovers if they can swap to either find the fault or prove it is not that. I am going to order a box of bits from TRGB for them to swap over on the
  13. I’m on hols right now -when I get back, I’ll take a pic of the setup!
  14. Thanks Jerry - would it be good enough to just go along to a standard tyre place and get them to do it -or are you thinking of something more high end?
  15. Thank you Chris, I hadn’t spotted that - bit of a shame when I had the Calipers replaced
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