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    Generally trying to be a goodish chap and enjoying my Porsche 930 1989 and Healey 3000 and TR6 !!! Oh and playing Rock music

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  1. KOB

    NUTS !!!!

    Good idea, yes we have a few in Uckfield, and if they are open tomorrow we can engage in a safe transaction hopefully.
  2. KOB

    NUTS !!!!

    Good morning everyone A real muppet request, but I need 2 x brass exhaust pipe to manifold nuts the ones that hold pipe to manifold, 4 nut fitting. issue is that they are about 60p each but P&P around £5, does anyone know of an outlet in East Sussex, near Heathfield/Uckfield that may have these on the shelf ? Hope someone has an idea. Happy Lockdown everyone, I have just polished my wheel nuts for the 2nd time this week as I cant take the 6 out !!
  3. I have a set of 4 Revolution alloys that I have been hording for too long, I may sell.
  4. Just a heads up if anyone interested, I have listed some parts for sale in classified; Brand new triple 40 dcoe webber kit, still boxed wheel centre trims x 4 and nuts x 12 wheel outer trims, US spec All open to reasonable offers, collection East Sussex, Heathfield.
  5. thanks Paul, that is really helpful, I had no idea springs were available
  6. I have been running twin 175 Strombergs on my 6 for around 22 years, these are fed by a Facet pump in the boot. The pump had become problematic earlier this year so I replaced it with a new Facet pump. I now have bypass issues at the carb needle valve. I understand the facet generates up to 5psi and this may be a little high for Stromberg carbs, does anyone have a fuel line pressure regulator fitted for this set up ?
  7. I was wondering what are the popular spares to have stashed away in the boot when going touring in a TR6 ? Your recommendations would be most welcome. Thanks
  8. I have a facet fuel pump, 20 years old. Its the drum style one. I have just started to experience intermitent failure, the type that is remedied by a sharp knock to the pump and its away again for around 10 mins. Can these pumps be repaired does anyone know ? back in the day of SU pumps I would always be reaching for either emery board to clean the contacts or a new set of points. But can these be brought back to life, or is it a new one needed. Thanks in advance for your input and help. Kevin
  9. I have a set of 4 of these available for sale, condition, I don't think anywhere as near the damage above. We can discuss price if anyone interested. sorry to bush wack the thread but just might help someone out.
  10. Thats just the ticket. Thank you. I can do a complete car change over this winter.
  11. I have bosses on the roll cage that pass right behind the perspex rear window that I can straddle and provide a location pretty much central, in fact I could fabricate a bracket that places the light ( model yet to be selected) right up against the rear panel. I think that should do it. I have to say I am more concerned now than ever about a 400 mile trip over night on French autoroute, at least no speeding tickets !!!
  12. These appear to be a complete kit for the vehicle, and yes ideally I should go this way, interior instrument indicator lighting so poor that there will be a great benefit, but all I need at this stage is rear light intensification, any ideas ?
  13. I am seeking a few technical suggestions, hope some will help with ideas ? My 6 is well served with front end illumination and for French touring I even have a set of Lucas "yellow" strap on headlamp correction devices. But the rear end always worries me when on motorways and continental auto routes in the dark. The rear lights are by todays regulations very low set and low in intensity. I was wondering has anyone added modern LED red strip light bars to the hood frame or in my case roll cage ? If so, what and where did you source the lights. I feel this will at least bring
  14. Update; I sourced a SS pipe with boss from Rimmers at a very sensible price with otter switch. Pipe installed, cooling system re filled and now working on electrics with a relay to control the fan. Thanks all who contributed.
  15. thank you for your input Waldi, It seems the Moss ss tube is not available, so I have decided to use a demon tweeks short pipe section cut into the top hose, question is "what is the ID of the TR6 tope hose" ? Can anyone help as I am away at the moment and cant measure mine. I want to get bits arriving on my return so I can get this issue sorted PDQ Thanks
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