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    Generally trying to be a goodish chap and enjoying my Porsche 930 1989 and Healey 3000 and TR6 !!! Oh and playing Rock music

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  1. So its a problem that many of us have or have had in the past. Thank you for all who took my post with the seriousness it deserves Its velcro time...................thank goodness for the NASA development engineers Happy motoring guys.
  2. Great advise, I will have a word !!!
  3. Good afternoon sixers. I have owned TR6's since 1976 and have always had problems with getting the under dash centre pair of crash pads firmly held in situ On a recent 600 mile trip to Cornwall my wife gave me severe ear ache on the hour every hour as the rearward clips of the crash pads ( the end that clips to centre H frame) kept departing from their rightful position. Is it just my wife who has thesed problems ? has anyone experienced similar issues and managed to provide a working solution that holds the items firmly in place ? Cheers
  4. KOB

    Bright wheel trims

    I still have these wheel trims for sale and also wheel centre trims, nuts and what I believe is an original TR6 wheel and centre boss. Anyone interested ? Oh also I have a pair of seat runners that I may let go. Message me if anything is of interest. Thanks
  5. KOB

    Bright wheel trims

    I have a few more items found over this weekend if anyone interested. a set of grey plastic wheel centres with chrome caps, in Ok order not perfect. a set of chrome wheel nuts for standard steel wheels, they are OK but surface a little rusty in places. Also but may not be of interest on here a "Lotus" Intertech steering wheel that came from my Lotus Cortina a few years ago. Anyone interested in the above get in touch and we can discuss thanks
  6. KOB

    Bright wheel trims

    I had no idea, I did believe they were original US spec though. If anyone wants to buy just start to talk and we will see where it go's thanks
  7. KOB

    Bright wheel trims

    I am continuing to clear garage and have found 4 trims that fit a std steel 6 wheel. They look like US spec items, not chrome but bright and polish well. There is a little scuff damage, not to bad and when fitted look the part. What are they worth to someone ? £80 ? I am in East Sussex near Heathfield if anyone interested.
  8. KOB

    MX 5 leather seats

    Not like the ones I bought from you !!!!
  9. KOB

    MX 5 leather seats

    Still have these for sale, in near perfect condition, the little wrinkle is from where I had a cardboard box on them in store, now gone and all perfect. They came from a special equipment Jap imported MX5. the leather is quite superb quality not like the usual cheapo car seat rubbish. They do not have heater elements fitted. anyone interested get onto me they need a new home as in the way. Kevin ps I am in East Sussex near Heathfield
  10. In my honest opinion, junk the Lucas PI, it does not matter how reliable you believe it to be, the very smallest issue will be a catostrophic failure, and NO ONE in Europe has any idea of how to deal with Lucas PI. I am tired of the so called experts saying otherwise, I live in France near Angouleme and had a pal come out after having his Pi "sorted" by an expert, only have to spend hours getting him collected and his car collected. Why expose yourself to this, NO ONE will understand how to remedy an issue and even if they do there are no spares that are available on the mainland, at best days waiting for something to arrive. Sure it may only be 5 days before parts arrive, 5 days when your holidat clock runs away. Cynical ? yes I have owned PI triumphs since 1974 and am realistic
  11. I did the ring in my 6 soon after I finished the resto, I had taken it down to the Oldtimers event. Caution on the ring is your number 1 friend. when we were on there were several race teams that had come along with exotic Porsches and the like on trailers and they we really pushing the track to its limits and yes there were other vehicles on at the same time including 52 seat buses. All this can be dealt with as long as you keep your senses alert at all time, especially for what is coming at you from the rear. But the bikes really do scare me. They really do throw caution to the wind and there is a procession of smashed bikes being brought back to the start finish on the back of a truck. One member of our party was in an E type and was hit from behind by a bike at over 120mph. The whole incident was recorded and both driver and rider were carted of to the police for an analysis of the event on video. Outcome was that the police decided the E Type driver had strayed from a recognised line and was at fault and had to pay damages to the bike owner who luckily was only suffering from minor injury. This entire episode took almost two days before they released the car and the wrecked bike back to the owners. be warned the Ring can cause you and or your wallet serious damage.
  12. KOB

    Mazda MX5 seats

    Still available to the discerning TR owner !!!
  13. KOB

    Mazda MX5 seats

    My thanks for the picture resize link.
  14. KOB

    Mazda MX5 seats

    Seats still available if anyone interested. Kevin
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