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  1. With pleasure Derek! Thank you. Bill
  2. CC series 15%, CF series 18%, CP series 38% and CR series 68% CP51049 was originally non od and now has a J type Thank you Derek. in the 38% you quote, is this from an O on the commission plate or would your figure include those like John's that have been retrospectively fitted? That's now two coffees or ice creams for you if cousin Alan doesn't "liberate" one before I deliver yours! Regards Bill
  3. Thank you Derek! I'll decline, but it would be interesting to know how many of the CP took up this option? Furthermore, how many TR6 were CP and how many CR? I'll treat you to something at Malvern assuming it's still on? Regards Bill
  4. As to drill quality, it is useful to know that there are two ways to make a drill. Roll forged or ground. Roll forging is a cheaper process whereby the rod is squeezed into shape and obvious by the stretch marks at the chuck end of the flute formation. Ground as it suggests is removal of the excess material so leaving a clearly defined flute shape. More expensive process. Generally, the roll forged drills are not as good as the ground ones due to the steel being of lesser quality despite both stating HSS (High Speed Steel). Even better are the 5 or 8% cobolt HSS drills.
  5. ZB32 Brierley is the way to go. I've found though, unless you have a lot of say, ones under 7 mm or so, it takes a while to reset the machine. It will also do conecutters and spot weld drill but again, need a quantity to justify setting up. If you change the wheel for diamond, you can do carbide drills. I buy good quality masonry drills and regrind these for locksmiths. Also very good to use for fixing metal electrical trunking to walls as go through the steel and into block/bricks in one go. Obviously there are far cheaper machines out there normally only up to 13 mm and of fixed po
  6. From Osram's www, it gives the following approvals: Alfa Romeo Giulietta Audi A3 BMW 2 series Active/Gran Tourer Ford Galaxy, Mondeo, S-Max Opel Astra Peugeot 308 Skoda Octavia Volkswagon Passat/Polo 19 W, 1500 lm 6000 K Typical price per pair: Euros 100.72, with adaptor 130.74, Smart canbus 31.50 to 67.99 Approved H7 low beam only in Germany. Right-hand traffic only. Driving in left-hand traffic (e.g. England) requires upgrading to Halogen lamps.
  7. I am stuck with the D plate. If the V5 doesn't say "non transferable", I'm fairly sure you can buy a non suffix cheap registration and transfer onto your car to get rid of the D plate. I know, irritating to pay £750 but most of the "age related" plates are issued to vehicles that have had their original plate "asset stripped" and sold off so to prevent perpetuation of this, DVLA will issue "age related" but only on a non transferable basis. Well, that's my understanding! I don't know if, when DVLA state "non transferable" you can still take off that plate and effectively hand it back
  8. What wheels have you got on there John?. They look really good. Regards Bill
  9. My insurance company agreed in writing that T would be acceptable with good quality tyres, after a discussion with the underwriters. I am not insured for track use, don't drive the car hard & no intention of autobahn high speeds. I note Stuart's comments, as the underwriters advised me to inspect the tyres periodically (as we should anyway) in case there was torque ware. Your insurers maybe but what about, should the worst happen, the other party that were injured involving you? Surely they would seek to not only seek recompense from your insurers but they might also seek to instiga
  10. VW Transporter van has 'C' rated from new!! Only 50mph? I think you'll find the C designates Commercial rather than speed! Regards Bill
  11. Bill, the topic question is about standard od switch operation not how logic switches work. Which was answered by Roger. You don't have to read any subsequent thread drift Tim or single me out for going off piste! Regards Bill
  12. Roger. Same function but we're using different names to describe a switch that is in effect a bell push and only makes contact when pressed and held there for a time long enough to create a change of state, be it audible or to trigger a relay to toggle between functions. Well that's my understanding! A retractive switch is a switch that returns to its original state after being pressed – unlike a common toggle or rocker switch, which maintains its pressed position. A momentary switch is a switch usually in the form of a push button that is only engaged while it is being depressed, a
  13. Does this mean Roger that the original switch is redundant as only up or down, not retractive, and another switch replaces it, or left in situ and a retractive switch put somewhere else? Puzzled Bill
  14. However if you have a Logic Box then a flicj=k down would engage it and another flick down would disengage it (as well as changing gear etc) Reading this suggests that the original switch would keep on moving down so after say 60 operations the end of the lever would be on the opposite side of the steering wheel? Regards Bill
  15. Perhaps this might give a little more detail Richard? Regards Bill On arrival at our unit, cylinder heads are stripped for initial inspection. Next, they are chemically cleaned; caustic for cast iron, and acid for aluminium. The heads are then hot washed and gritblasted. If the head is a standard leadfree conversion, new guides are fitted prior to fitting the exhaust seat inserts and cutting the valve seats. If the head is to be performance modified, the next step is to reshape the ports using die grinders- and a lot of skill and experience! When we are happy with th
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