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  1. Hindsight is wonderful but in case you didn't buy these advertised February 1963...................... I was only 7! TR3A TFN 500. First reg Nov 1959.White-blue hard-top.Full Laurence tuning. 120 mph+ Overdrive on all forward gears. Fibre-glass bonnet , front end. Spares include crankshaft. To be disposed of due to death of owner. Not a "trade-in." Offers around £500. Parkin & Jones Ltd, Alfreton, Derbyshire. Tel: 66 TR3(A) 1960. One of the quickest in the country. 0-60 in 7 1/2 sec. 6800 rpm. Cost £350 to prepare last 8 months. Fully balanced, Lawrence cam, comp clutch etc. Broken hearted owner willing talk over pint with nearest £625. Possible P.E. 20-25-ft inboard cruiser. Tel Birmingham- Selly Oak 0760 (evenings) Enough details for anyone to identify? I bought my Nov 71 TR6 in 1976 for £935 with 35000 miles and still have it. Regards Bill
  2. 4 hours ago, Bill944T said: Just as you need to, if you want to get the number off your TR6, it has to be MOTd even though you don't actually need a MOT to drive it on the road.......................... Regards Bill No you don't. Done 2 US import TR6's recently. Yes you do! Perhaps you're only reading my reply as pertaining to imports. If you want to get a number off any car, even one that doesn't need a MOT and even if currently registered and on the road (Ie Historic), to get the number plate off it, you have to get it MOTd. Otherwise everyone would be dragging an old wrecked chassis out of the garden and applying to get the "nice" number plate off it onto retention.................... In 1978 I transferred a cherished plate (my initials) originally issued in 1956 to an ambulance to my TR6. In those days it was easy as you just needed the "buff log book" and the fact the ambulance was being used as a hen coup didn't matter then. When I applied to get that plate off the TR6 in 1989, DVLA didn't reallocate the original K reg plate but instead another age related K reg and put my initials one on retention. I laid the TR6 up. and four years ago decided that I wanted to get the reallocated plate off it to sell and to ask if I could get the original K plate put back on the TR6 and get it as Historic. It had to be MOTd though as the rules had obviously been tightened up since 1978! To be honest I didn't hold out much hope but credit to DVLA, once MOTd and taxed, they reallocated the original plate, gave the TR6 Historic class and put the age related plate on retention in a few weeks with no fuss. I sold that one for £505 after auction fees recently. Regards Bill
  3. You do if it’s an import and you want to register it. It has to be certified as roadworthy prior to being issued an age related number. Just as you need to, if you want to get the number off your TR6, it has to be MOTd even though you don't actually need a MOT to drive it on the road.......................... Regards Bill
  4. Never mind that, someone's nicked his engine! Regards Bill
  5. Realised £197.88 plus £5.50 with the three underbidders of £192.88, £170.15 and £148.00 Regards Bill
  6. Off topic, but my DD payment confirmation came through, with the letter asking for my date of birth for their records with no further explanation.................. Regards Bill
  7. i have it on good authority that 74 were defo painted black behind the grill Would they also have left the showroom with reflective number plates? !!!!!!!!!! Regards Bill
  8. The TR no longer has its original engine and has something that revs a lot higher, hence the lower gear ratio Go on, stop teasing us, tell us what you're putting in there! Regards Bill
  9. Checked the poundage rate of the valve springs to be sure they were below the 160 lb max quoted by Newman for their cam I am fitting. They came in at 85 and 40 at full compression. Total therefore 125 lbs I like the set up Peter, but isn't there a contribution from the slideway or am I overthinking the mechanics of friction? Regards Bill
  10. Mk2 Chopper XAS tyres? Look great. Regards Bill
  11. Just had to tell somebody! I've been looking for spare sealed beam 55 W halogen units to fit the Lucas LR range of spotlights having established the replacement 5 1/2" ones for the Rover/Triumph quad headlamps for saloons are not only too deep to fit the shell, but have different lugs moulded onto their perimeter. Occasionally you see some on the bay but generally only the fog lens, used and LR6 or 9 which aren't period for the TR6. I found two at Malvern Autojumble yesterday and the stall had a further eight, all spot and LR14 and NOS in their original orange and black Thorn boxes dated 0974 with the lenses marked Lucas. Having spent 15 years trying to find some, my offer for the job lot was accepted as I can't see me ever finding them again! I also found a NOS boxed Stadium Quartz Iodine but with the new fangled Plus Vario so you could dim it for use in fog from 1968 or so. Good old control dash side with the instructions advising to put the rheostat under the bonnet........ I'll calm down now! Regards Bill
  12. If that's an FC sign in your image, you might want to read 5(xxiii) in this! Regards Bill https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1982/648/made
  13. A 2nd person might reach it from “down under”. Crikey, that's a long spanner! Regards Bill
  14. Did you get the 205 tyres passed? Regards Bill Posted February 17, 2017 Hi there, I am looking for some evidences that tyres with that size was in use on a TR6 within the building period of the TR6 (plus 10 years), means from 1968-1976/86. I want to use this size on my originally 5,5" rims (or an centre-lock Minilite) and the german TÜV (Mot) says ok, you can use the tyres, but show me that the 205/70 was a common option on a TR6 in these days. It is not enough that these tyres of this size were available (what they were, I guess standard on E-types), I need some historical picture, pricelists, reports, certificates or something like that. Also very helpful would be the same for centre-lockwheels in Minilite-stlye. I have to proof that at TR6-driver could order/buy/drive them in the period between 1968 - 1976/86. Who can help me with that? Kind regards Cas
  15. And again this evening and after they were pulled, has yet again re-listed,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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