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  1. TR Paul

    A Nice Rack -2.

    Hi, just thought I'd let you know that I successfully fitted the previously mentioned rubber coupling yesterday, with the aid of water pump pliers & a jubilee clip,; this job would've been impossible without these aids. I now have a drivable TR6 again, so a big thank you to Stuart, Harvey, Andrew & Z320! Best wishes & Happy TR'ing Paul.
  2. Hi David, I converted my 1970 TR6 to the TR4 style door pulls. as others have said, there were already holes in the doors & door cards to take them. I fixed them using anchor nuts (available from Merlin Motorsport, Castle Combe) that you rivet to the door- very professional; by my standards.... Cheers, Paul.
  3. TR Paul

    A Nice Rack -2.

    Thanks, chaps; Great advice! Cheers, Paul.
  4. Good afternoon... I have recently fitted a new steering rack (after the issues I outlined in my previous post 'a nice rack'), to TRoy, my 1970 TR6. I now have 2 problems: 1) The new (made in Argentina) rack doesn't have provision for a grease nipple; Is it worth having the blanking plug that holds the steering rack damper spring in place, adapted to take a nipple? The plug is not interchangeable with the item from the 'old' rack. 2) I disconnected the lower steering column from its' flexible rubber coupling, in order to ease the fitting of the column to the pinion shaft. When I came to re-connect the coupling, I couldn't re-align the bolts with the threaded holes in the clamp on the end of the upper column, and I was starting to cross-thread one of the bolts. I gave up when I noticed that the coupling had started to split (through age, not my ham-fistery, I think!). I've now got a new rubber coupling (from TRGB), so I'm ready to try again. Do any of you have any tips or tricks, to make this job any less of a pig! As ever, any advice will be most gratefully received! Best wishes, Paul.
  5. Hi Jeroen, I've just spotted your 'wanted' ad on the forum classified section; it might help you to know that this style of wheel is the 'Cosmic Mk2' (they were made from the late '60s 'til the early '80s). Good luck finding the wheels of your dreams! Cheers, Paul.
  6. Hi Jeroen, They are very smart wheels... I had a set on an Austin A35, & they transformed the look of the car. I can only suggest keeping an eye on ebay, & maybe a 'wanted' ad in TRaction magazine, & the classified section of this forum. Good Luck with your search, Best wishes, Paul.
  7. TR Paul

    A Nice Rack?

    .....and sorry for the disappointment, John!
  8. TR Paul

    A Nice Rack?

    Again many thanks for all your advice & experiences; a steering rack is not something you want to be cutting corners with (if you'll excuse the terrible pun!). A good & safe weekend to everyone, Paul.
  9. TR Paul

    A Nice Rack?

    Hi Chaps, thanks for the your input. I was already erring on the side of caution regarding the 'rack play, but your input has made my mind up; an 160+ mile round (or any) trip in a TR whose steering pinion could be on the point of failure - Better safe than sorry. I shall be investigating the problem thoroughly before going anywhere. As ever, many thanks for your advice & support, Best wishes, Paul.
  10. TR Paul

    A Nice Rack?

    Evening chaps, here's an update on my exciting steering rack situation.... The column coupling is solidly fixed to the pinion shaft, which is doing all the moving; Mean while, at the 'front' of the rack, there is no evidence of a circlip, or any location for one. There seems to be a blanking plug 'round there, which feels like it might be undone with an Alen key, or similar. Cheers, Paul.
  11. TR Paul

    A Nice Rack?

    Hi Waldi, I am fairly certain that it is the pinion shaft that is moving, as opposed to the coupling. I will investigate the circlip (or lack of). Thanks for your input, Best wishes, Paul.
  12. TR Paul

    A Nice Rack?

    Hi Roger, thanks for your reply. It's the shaft which has the pinion on it (that's connected to the U.J at the bottom of the collumn) which is moving. Cheers, Paul.
  13. TR Paul

    A Nice Rack?

    Good morning.... I've recently noticed about 2-3 mm of (in & out) play in the steering column, on TRoy, my 1970 TR6. Upon Investigating, I've found it's coming from the steering rack; the shaft upon which the pinion is mounted, is moving; I realise this will be a rack replacement, but would this be something I need to address ASAP, or will it be safe for me to drive to Castle Combe (from Bournemouth) on Saturday? As ever your advice will be much appreciated, Cheers, Paul.
  14. Hello, just thought I'd give you all a quick progress report: This morning, I tweaked the tail lamp contact, within the bulb holder, which resulted in the tail lamp working, but not the brake lamp (the opposite of the situation last night; grrrr..., but it did prove a point). However, after a bit more fiddling of two contacts, I now have both tail-lamps AND brake lamps working (for the moment!).... a miracle! I will, in the not too distant future, be looking at earth leads for all my rear lamps (already got them on the indicators). A big thank you to all of you, for your kind & knowledgeable advice; Happy TRing to you all! Best wishes, Paul
  15. Evening gents, many thanks for your responses.... I have swapped bulbs, because the original issue was that the 'dull' (tail lamp) filament in the bulb had failed, but then that bulb might have been a better fit than what's in there now; problems breed more problems! I shall keep digging. Sweet dreams, Paul.
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