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  1. I have read it Peter and it is very informative and it is one of several sources that has given me a reasonable understanding of Weber DCOE type carbs. I have a setup very similar to Mike and I was interested in the idle jets that he finished up with. Regards Rog
  2. Brilliant Mike - thanks. What size idle jets did you finish up with to get a reasonable idle and transition. Regards Rog
  3. Nice. Couple of questions if I may. Did you have them setup for your engine when you bought them and before going on the rolling road? What jet sizes and emulsion tubes are fitted? Thanks and regards
  4. To help in making an informed guess of the expected compression pressure in PSI, multiply the compression ratio by 20 and subtract twenty. Making an informed guess using this method is considered preferable to making an uninformed guess.
  5. Peter It’s handy that you can multiply the Compression Ratio by 20 and then subtract 20 to get an estimate of the compression pressure in PSI. This seems to work pretty well as a starting point even though it’s not an exact science. All plugs out, good battery and wide open throttle seems to give comparative values Rog
  6. You could try using M5 whilst you save up!
  7. Icarus60

    TDC, ??

    Pete I made up a TDC lever using an old spark plug. I tension the external part of lever upwards with an elastic band and as the lever has about a 5:1 ratio it is simple to determine TDC. The off the shelf tools are great for central plugs but you have to careful when using them when the spark plug is inclined as they can jam. regards Rog
  8. Hello There,

    Thanks for getting in touch my home number is 0161 494 5047.

    Best Peter

  9. Peter Please PM your telephone number to me and I will give you a call on this. Regards Rog
  10. It is a good idea and this has actually been a standard practice on piston aero engine for many years. Google Lycoming pressure test for some good info. ( It is also standard practice to cut up the old oil filter on each change to see if the bits are getting any bigger etc) I hope you sort it Bob Rog
  11. I found putting a couple of handles on the box lets you rotate , pull and lift as necessary to get the lump onto the passenger side floor and beyond. If there is grease nipple on the cross shaft remove it as the little blighter gets in the way. Best of luck
  12. Thanks for all the inputs. I've been thinking the same Tom but the PO replaced the original AC Pump with a matchbox sized electric thing for some unknown reason. Thanks for info on the Hueco pumps and I will have a good look at them . Point taken on avoiding the fakes. I have now purchased a pressure regulator and filter and whichever pump I finish up with I will measure the fuel pressure at varying operating conditions. Again - many thanks Rog
  13. I'm just fitting a Ford Focus switch. For info. The unit is not polarity sensitive. The centre terminal is a live feed to the unit. The left hand terminal is marked NC and feeds live to pump/pump relay/solenoid valve or whatever you need energised, when operating normally , but goes dead when the switch is knocked. The right terminal is marked NO and is normally dead but becomes live when the switch is knocked. I didn't get any wiring with the unit and will 2.8 non insulated female spade connectors. Hope this is useful. Regards Rog
  14. Many thanks to all. I'll look at the functionality, cost and availability of these option and yes Stuart I will include a crash switch. In an ideal world I would choose a pump that, as well as reliably doing the basic task , is only audible whilst actually moving fuel and does not allow fuel to flow from the tank when the pump is not powered up. Ill keep you posted regards Rog
  15. I am steadily sorting out my TR4 fitted twin 45 dcoe Webers and I would like to get some advice regarding a suitable fuel pump. The engine should be capable of upto say 150 BHP. Currently it is running with a modern unbranded small electric job , of unknown history or pedigree , next to the fuel tank which functions but may become a limiting factor as I continue to develop the car. This fuel pump makes a near constant pumping noise, so does not indicate when sufficient pressure has been reached on start up. It also appears to allow fuel to flow out when not powered. I also suspect that th
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