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  1. Not as much as the out of place Nissan jeep!! Your car added to postcard trade..
  2. Stuart, I seem to remember the grief you got from the garage owner on that day for taking the photo? Dan
  3. Would this be the car? http://www.emeraldm3d.com/articles/apr2012/ Dan
  4. CR6052 with cut out for door pull, but no side impact bars. Dan
  5. Thanks Stuart for the idea and as you mentioned I didn't want to replate..
  6. Would this be one of the offending artifacts? Dan
  7. Thanks gentlemen, now that's the support one should get from "smart-what'sit" Dan
  8. Thanks everyone for your replies. I should have known from the external shoddy workmanship, but continued to wire it in to the loom :-( At least the loom is ready for the next device! Roger, can you point me towards a retailer of the linked kit?
  9. Well Bruce, I bought one! Thought there would be support for the device as Moss, Holden, etc., sell them. Hopefully my post will help potential buyers.
  10. Thanks for your reply.. Yes, I have gone through the troubleshooting several times. The main problem that I can identify is that the relay isn't clicking.
  11. Yes indeed and Moss are still selling their products..just zero customer support! (At the moment)
  12. Thanks Alan and Harry. Here we come PayPal! The system out there for the classic minis works a treat and is plug and play, no cutting wires. Dan
  13. Afternoon.. Just wondering if anyone has had dealings with the company Smartscreen in the recent past? I bought one of their devices late last year and fitting it now , but can't get it to work. Have emailed them several times with no response and their phone rings out. I have contacted Moss, as they are still selling their products, to see if they are still trading, but they couldn't advise. Any ideas? Dan
  14. No worries Vince. FYI I just used a machine screw and a nyloc nut to replace the rivet.. probably other ways of doing it :-)
  15. If we're talking about the same item, I bought two a number of weeks ago? Dan
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