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  1. cord

    Trgb parts

    ...just wondering why the big saloons (2000/2500) used telescopic dampers as opposed to lever arm, even though they had similar trailing arm arrangements?
  2. cord

    Weber Manifold

    Thanks again for the advise. Is there a major problem with the rose jointed pedestals? It looks, as far as I can make out, that Moss are selling the TWM manifold. Is there difference between what Moss are selling and the Webcon manifold?
  3. cord

    Weber Manifold

    Thanks Neil for the advise
  4. cord

    Weber Manifold

    Thanks Neil. Any idea who supplies the better one?
  5. cord

    Weber Manifold

    Working on a UK TR6 head, are there different weber manifolds available or are all the suppliers selling the same? Thanks in advance.
  6. cord

    What's its use?

    Apologies for the late "thank you" for the submissions. . . I like the idea of the "anticorrosion cleat" and we can see, a great success!!
  7. cord

    What's its use?

    I remember the use of this bracket, on the steering rack bracket, being questioned before but not the answer, enlighten me again, please.
  8. cord

    New Door Hinges

    Thanks for the replies. Hinges need more work than replacing pins. They need to be drilled out for larger pins and I would prefer to replace with new, unless the available new hinges are not fit for purpose.
  9. cord

    New Door Hinges

    Are the new door hinges supplied by Moss/Rimmer fit for purpose? Mine are very badly worn and need more work than just changing the pin. Dan
  10. Thanks for the replies, all makes so much sense when you know! Another question if I may, why are the rear inner wing profiles different? Passenger side doesn't have the deep dish/well that the driver side has? Dan
  11. It called a, "PLATE, metal, blanking paint drain hole" , in the moss catalogue. Any ideas?? PS. It's in the spare wheel well. . . .under a piece of sound deadening.
  12. "The last TR6 to be registered new in Ireland..." as per Pat McMahon!! Now, Niall where do I buy this duck tape Thanks Stuart
  13. Thanks Stuart and Derek for the quick reply. What covers the extra hole that's left for the non-us cars?
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