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  1. Interesting. So what fuel pumps are suggested ? Thanks Kevin
  2. Hi Waldi I have read your posts on fuel hoses and filters some time ago. What did you end up doing. Thanks Kevin
  3. Filter is Bosch 005. Any thoughts as to how often this needs replacing, Kevin
  4. Having read many threads on the Bosch type upgrade I installed a Moss system approx 4 years ago. In that time the pump is noisy. Trying now to understand my options. On looking at various pictures that other suppliers offer, it would appear that the Bosch filter is mounted below the pump where as mine is mounted on top of the pump. Could this make a difference ? Any suggestions on placement of pre and post filters. What would be a reasonable period to change the filter I have done approx 7k miles since the system was introduced and was noisy at the outset. I intend to fit new fuel hoses and
  5. Hi Waldi, Thanks. I have also found out that Moss maybe doing the right size now however, the felt made for a Spitfire might be an option . I looked on Moss website and the two felts have different code numbers. Not ready to place an order with them just yet as I'am waiting to see if a sale is coming up. Kevin
  6. kevinfryer

    Front Hub

    Hello Refurbing front brakes / hub etc. Having looked on the forum I will be fitting Timken bearings. My question is when it comes to replacing the steel retainer and felt washer is there an improved option. If felt is the answer I have read that the felt might need reducing in thickness, what would the best method be in doing this. With regards to the Hubs what are opinions on cleaning them up. would shot blasting and powder coat be an option, Any suggestions would be appreciated Thanks Kevin
  7. Thanks Waldi for your post. Kevin
  8. Good Afternoon, Currently have a K & N oil filter + oil cooler fitted to my CP TR6. Please advise is filling to the full marker the correct thing to do. Is too much oil in the system a bad thing as the K & N filter holds a quantity of oil together with the radiator of the oil cooler + pipes Would this mean oil pressure increases? I have good oil pressure currently Many Thanks Kevin
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