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  1. Help I have a metallic clattering sound coming from the front of my engine. It sounds as if it is coming from inside the timing chain cover. Strange thing is, the sound is not always present and it is not in sync when I rev the engine, as I would expect. It just sounds like something is being thrown around. Any thoughts as to what this could be, and could it cause serious damage? Many Thanks Bill
  2. wmilton

    Strange Brakes

    After a fairly long drive (say 2 hours) I have noticed that sometimes the brake pedal becomes rock hard, there is no play whatsoever, then after a few minutes sitting at idle it reverts to normal. I have owned the car for 10 years and this occurrence has only started in the couple of weeks. Has anyone an explanation for this and should I be concerned? Thanks Bill
  3. wmilton

    Gearbox woes

    Thanks for the advice guy's. Looks like I'm off to see my local gearbox man. Still, not bad, thats the first serious problem I have faced in 5 years of trouble free TR ownwership. Regards Bill Milton
  4. wmilton

    Gearbox woes

    Oh Dear I took my six out for a spin this wonderful sunny Sunday to clear out some of the cobwebs after the Christmas and New Year lay-up. It was great fun, but then, after about 15 miles I went to change up from second gear to third only to find the gear stick would only engage neutral or second gear. I was not far from home, so, managed to limp back in second gear. Thing is, there was no advanced warning of anything wrong with the gearbox, no strange noises or clunking gears at any time. The gear stick only moves back and forth between second and neutral, it does not even have any of the play you normally get in neutral. Can any of you (more knowledgeable types) give some kind of prognoses of the likely problem, as I am not to mechanically minded. Many Thanks Bill Milton
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