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Is this your TR5 ?

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12 hours ago, Topoff said:

How did the Herald in the widow get upstairs ?  Looks like it's being worked on. 

Obviously a lift, quite a few garages back in the day used to have upper floor workshops.


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My fascination with maps lead me to try to find this garage by using the church in the background as a starting point.
I did not find it, (There seems to be a newish development where the garage would have been) so I looked on the OS maps of the 1960’s and there it was. Opposite  “The Cathedral of John the Baptist.”
A building clearly marked “Garage”.
To get to the back of the garage, (Where the picture was taken) you go down “Grapes Hill”.
There is a clue in that name…

It appears that the front of the garage is higher than the back of the garage, and there is  private ramp (Shown on the map) to get between the two levels.

There we go.
Looking at old maps can be one of the worst stealers of time ever.

(Whilst typing that Graham beat me to it !!!)


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the grapes hill / unthank road Earlham road / chapelfield. Traffic light junction was altered around 1970 , when the Norwich inner ring road was constructed , and a new roundabout was put there , the showrooms for Duff Morgan where at No 3 Earlham road , service and parts where accessed from grapes hill at a lower level .

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