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BTW am using Duckhams 20/50 with a k&n HP 2005 spin on oil filter.

Lots of chat about engine oil after reading it I settled for Duckhams hope it helps the oil pressure.

Lots of people doing classic oil now Halfords about £20.....also seen Wilko classic oil for £18  any comments?

Regards Lee

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Hi Lee,

The Halfords classic oil does not have quite enough ZDDP (apprx 1000ppm)

From past posts there is a question mark over the Duckhams. It is not disclosed on the tin.

Heritage Classic 20/50 has more then enough. Clearly specified on the tin. Good value at £18/gallon



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It's gone up in price ! now £19.95 for 5 litre. Don't worry too much about oil pressure, the TRs like flow, some oils are marketed on increasing oil pressure, if it's a problem I'd rather fix it mechanically. 


Order  5 x 5 litre and get free delivery from their off line website.

Mick Richards

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Classic oils of Bicester do a good 20/50 with the correct amount of ZDDP. Good friendly Company. I have gone to their oil from Millers as it was getting silly price wise. No difference in pressure or amount used.

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Sorry Mick & Roger! We are talking about the same good stuff!

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