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Strange Bits in V8 Engine

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Hi Everyone & Merry Christmas,

I am in the process of rebuilding my 3.5L V8 in my Grinnall Body style 2, it's been a long saga which you will have read in my reports in the TR Action.

I was installing some new rockers and rocker shafts and found more what appear to be broken plastic 'cups' approx. 3/4" across when together, I have found these bits in the rocker compartment near the oil exit ports on both extremities of both heads, I would estimate to make up about 8 complete now.

Maybe they are valve stem seals off the inlets although I don't think this engine didn't have them? :huh:

I'm concerned that bits of these may be the clogging up the oil ways and lead to the original problem of the distributor cog grinding away?

Any ideas anyone please?

Happy New Year to you all :rolleyes:



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No experience of those engines Phil but I would have thought you are right about them being valve stem seals..maybe an aftermarket product?

Certainly not going to be doing any beneficial in the oil system...


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Thanks Guys,

Interesting how they have hardened into cup shapes, probably heat, certainly the engine hasn't had any significant smoking problems so I don't think they will need replacing?

My main issue is oil pump, the oil is coming through but really gurgling like when you first use a hose pipe, I'd have thought it should be more constant?

I've put some wire down the feed ports to the rockers and blown through with a air line but it remains the same, maybe that's how it should be, oil pressure has always been good on the engine, so it's all a bit weird :wacko: here's a video: 

Any further thoughts welcomed.


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Is that not just because of the slow rpm of your drill? Between each revolution and pumping action there is enough time for that top oilway to empty of oil & fill with air...it doesn't have the classic hallmarks of a failed oil pump.

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Thanks John very reassuring, also I have been told when the rocker bar is back in place, the pressure and flow will also improve? :D

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"oil pressure has always been good on the engine" what oil pressure would that be then ?

Mick Richards,

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Looking at the film I see entrapped air bubbles. If it remains like this even after a minute or so, when all air should be purged out, I could well be that the suction side has a ( small) air leak. When I tested mine (on a TR6) it gave a steady flow.

Thick cold oil and a low level could also do this.


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