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    Triumph TR250 (just back on the road June 2015), Grinnall TR7 V8 3.5L, Grinnall Rounded Style TR8 4.0L, Grinnall Rounded Style TR8 4.6L EFi V8, TR7 FHC (in build), TR7 DHC (in build, Eunos Roadster 1.6L, Mercedes E400 3.0L V6 AMG Cabriolet

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  1. Hi Al, thanks, ye sit looks as if air is getting in, further work to do
  2. Hi there, for those of you who follow my Grinnall reports, you'll know I have had some issues with the engine in my Body style 2 Grinnall, it started with the dizzy cog stripping which I suspected was caused by a repro dizzy, however now I suspect the oil flow to the top of the engine, have a look at the video, whilst the flow seems OK, the continual spitting of air looks strange to me, your thoughts are welcomed. FYI I did loosen the rocket bar to see the flow.
  3. Phil Horsley


    I am amazed they are out of stock, there were loads at the office just 3 weeks ago?
  4. Phil Horsley


    Hi Brenda, TR Register square umbrellas are available via the office, they have been especially purchased to fit over the cockpit with hood down or Surrey on, they are £35 each and nice quality. Give Jo a call in the office 01235 818866 or email her at office@tr-register.co.uk TRaah for Now! Phil
  5. Hi there Moss do them, a bit expensive though https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TRIUMPH-TR250-REAR-WING-BADGE-621866/182354971816?hash=item2a75340ca8:g:r7YAAOSwQcJaKnaD And Revington https://www.revingtontr.com/product/621866/name/rear-wing-badge-tr250 Rimmer https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-621964 This guy might be cheaper? http://www.ivormdavis.co.uk/Product.asp?Prd=621866Z BR Phil Yes they are a foil not enamel
  6. From memory TR7 Sprint were produced in 1977 so it would have been Speke, and only about 60 of them, usually had KDU & SJW registration numbers so this is likely a TR7 with a Sprint engine fitted probably from a Dolomite or a head change?
  7. Don't disagree about modern seats, however I have 4 TR7/8's and have owned a further 2 and never had an issue with seats unless the foam and diaphragms are in poor condition, everyone to their own
  8. Hi there, I'd agree, spend some money on new foam and diaphragms and you'll be pleasantly surprised
  9. Thanks Andreas, good information
  10. Has anybody got pictures of how to fit them please?
  11. Hi Christopher I had the owner of Pre-production TR8 MHP 404V contact me recently whilst I'm caretaking TR7/8 Register. From records only a total 22 RHD were ever built, so this car has historic value as it sister cars have, neither of the sister cars have been taxed or MOTd since 1984 (387V) & 1992 (396V) and we have no record of who owns those cars or where they are, does anyone on the forum know of them? Phil
  12. Hi Keith, Glad it's 'resolved' and looking forward to hearing she's up and running again, here are some more wiring diagrams I have, not quite so good as the other? Triumph TR8 1980 carburettor wiring diagram.pdf TR7 1976-77 Wiring.pdf TR7 1980 Wiring.pdf TR7 headlamp control circuit.pdf
  13. Hi, they are also available from TR Shop for £35 See link: https://www.tr-registershop.co.uk/tr-register-umbrella-9866-p.asp
  14. Hi Keith, As you know, a Ballast Resistor is an electrical device that reduces voltage to the coil so that more energy is available for the spark plugs during starting. As John and Roger have already said, the TR7 does have one in line of the ignition circuit, however usually Grinnall conversions had a circuit modification utilising some of the Rover SD1 ignition loom and in some cars a seperate ballast resistor was mounted on the inner wing. None of my Grinnall's have this ballast system so it could be yours didn't either? Certainly starting the Rover V8 needs a good voltage to get adequate spark and cranking. I will get you details of the ballast system and get back to you soon. P.S. can you tell me the number on the side of the distributor please? Phil Wiring diagrams: Rover SD1 wiring diagram.pdf TR8 US & UK & EFi Wiring Diagrams.pdf
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