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Converting a LHD car to RHD

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If I were to do the work myself, what would be the likely cost?

How about being done professionally...has anyone had this done recently?

Please PM me if this is not something you wish to share on an open forum.

Many thanks


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Costs of minor items do add up. In addition to big items mentioned already For a TR4A and I guess tr5 would need same.

front amber indicator lights. £50 pair

rear amber lenses. £30 pair

front rhd headlights. £60 pair

Wipers and arms. £ 80 pair

tacho and speedo cables. £40

changing brakes and clutch positions means new hydraulics pipes. £150

I found that modifying the loom was doable as the main spine of the loom ran down the right hand side of the car so meant that I shortened most leads. The pvc was in good nick and still flexible. Some nibbling of the engine bay wires had taken place during the cars long term storage but all repairable. Having said that a new loom is not a huge cost so depends on your budget. 

David B




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I have done this with a TR250 and a TR6, although the last one was 27 years ago now, and you can probably buy bits now that you couldn't get back then.

Moving the bulkhead holes from one side to the other wasn't a particular problem, I made a throttle pedal from some bent rod welded to the original LHD throttle pedal, but IIRC the brake pedal required quite a bit of work, and although I put the clutch master cylinder in its proper position when I did the TR6, I left it on the front of the bulkhead on the TR250 as it was simpler to do and brake fluid leaks made less of a mess of the paint (though I do use silicone fluid in the clutch now). Obviously the standard clutch pipe doesn't fit in this installation, but mine doesn't have the original engine anyway

I think the metal part of the dash was the most complex part, required lots of cutting and welding, though the steering column mounts were not particularly difficult to do. I was on a minimal budget at the time, so the RHD rack was from a Triumph 2000 saloon with TR track rods fitted and I made the wooden dash from varnished plywood which is still there and looks as good as the day I made it!

I did spend on a new wiring loom though as the  loom comes through the LH side of the car and would need all the wires lengthening. I used a TR6 front loom as virtually everything except the wiper motor wiring is the same, and just joined the existing back half of the 250 loom to the front TR6 item. Wiring the wiper motor does require some head scratching though!



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Simon, re the wipers, if you are reasonably tall, I would not change them over as you would be looking through the uncleared area. 

Best to keep as is & you would be looking through swept area.  My 6 is ex-LHD, but wipers are still for LHD.

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