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TR4 Glove Box Striker Plate

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So, I decided to tackle the dash replacement this weekend. However, the lock on the glove box door does not catch like the previous dash. I am assuming there is a "striker" plate that catches the latch on the lock, but for the life of me I cannot find one on the internet? Previous owner had bent the metal frame down, but again, looking to making it more OE and functional. Leads?



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Checking my Parts Books, the TR4 seemed to have a small

plate welded on as part of the dash, whereas the TR4A has

a small L-shaped bracket as striker plate fixed with screws.


The difference is probably caused by the TR4A wood dash

needing a lip projecting from the metal dash.


The TR4 Parts book details only the metal dash and the TR4A

book details only the metal/wood


Which raises the question of what was done on TR4 cars

with a wood dash - and I don't know!



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Thanks, as the "L bracket" is no longer available, I will have to shop from the correct sheet metal and fabricate something. Thinking of mounting a flat piece between the wood dash and dash box frame with the right dimension. Of course, I'll have to find fasteners that are flat and don't protrude too much as to flex into the wood dash. Always something. If that doesn't work, I suppose an L bracket will do the trick as well.

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