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Rear Wing Fixing Clamp

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My son is about to restore a short door TR2 and asked my a question that I cannot answer.


On the Moss site:




It shows item 19 ( rear wing fixing clamp)


When we dismantled the car 40 years ago I could not recall such a clamp being fitted but then my memory is failing fast. Perhaps it had rusted away?


Does anyone know if this was an original fitting or a later enhancement





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Yes original fitment to pull the very rear of the wing by the lamp tight into the back panel, it might well have not been fitted to the very first few cars but certainly from then on.


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As Stuart states they were original fittings. They are an absolute swine to fit believe me!

This is a two man job! I had to struggle by myself!



Which is why they are often not re-fitted after wing removal.



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That's interesting, the photo in the above link shows the clamp incorrectly made, the captive nut should be on the other side.

When I was putting my car together (early TR3) the clamps supplied by the TR shop were the same. I moved the captives to the other side.






You beat me to it Tom !!

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Hi Bob ~


I'm completely confused now! Which side should the captive nut be on?

Perhaps my clamps, supplied by Moss, had the captive nuts on the wrong side?

This might explain why I had great difficulty in fitting them.?

I had to bend my clamps inorder to get the securing screw to engage with the nut.

My clamps came as per Bob's (Rimmer) pattern.



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A couple of photos here:

20210707_101056.thumb.jpg.47c6d6674f720e969923cab6f73006a2.jpg  20210707_101125.thumb.jpg.df414d48d3b08ea6c98f2d7e7f1c1164.jpg

Taken looking up under the wing, outer wing on the left, rear of wing at the bottom.  click on to enlarge.


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