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CWP broken in thousand pieces

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  • 2 weeks later...

It took some time to clear hopefully all of the problems.

The shafts to accept the bearings had been too large,

inner diametre of crown wheel was to small and

diff cage was out of round from the crash.

Also the stubaxles had been out of round.


Already on the 4th attempt I had pinion position and preload

and crown wheel position and preload in limits and got a nice imprint:




And with some sand blasting and powder coating the rotten stub axles could be made a good look, too:




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I admire your perseverance. When my diff blew up I went with a Quaife LSD. Probably a silly waste of money but I try not to think of the TR as a practical & economic vehicle. Actually I don't need to try too hard :D

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Hi John in the V8 I have a Quaife, too.

Some years ago Rimmers had a sweet price for it,

maybe was about 600 GBP and the pound was sweet for Euro.

So I ended very far below 1000 Euro including shipping to Germany.

Maybe about 700 to 800 Euro and the price doubled the following years.


I am happy with it because it seems to improve acceleration significantly

maybe because it reduces slipping of one wheel in lower gears.


Had a plate LSD formerly and had problems with understeer in tight corners

and plate glueing together when hot that there comes a terrible noise when

cornering. Got better with special oil but only perfect for the track, not for all

day use and cruising. I think the Quaife is a well spent money.

It has no disadvantage when cruising and helps when going fast.


The job on a diff is not that much work.

With preparing all parts well you later save a lot of time.

Setting the CWP normally needs to pull bearings 10 times.

If they stick its a pain and if the puller can not be fitted perfect

it will be a pain, too and one might spoil a new bearing when

pulling on the bearings cage.

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You should always use proper LSD oil in any type of Limited slip diff otherwise you will get horrible creaking noises.


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