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  1. Thanks saffron for those excellent showroom images of an original 69 car...John 390 note the Rocker cover is silver painted (like my CP26309) not chrome. Mine has the original black spoke wheel (safely stored under the bed) as I preferred a smaller wheel I fitted a similar style. Another early difference where the gauges had black rims. And apparently the Black tail was 'Matt' black not Satin black.
  2. If you are free this Saturday (15th Sept) the village of Redbourn in Hertfordshire (between St.Albans and Hemel Hempstead J9 M1) are holding their 2nd annual Cassics on their common opposite the Cricketer's Pub. 12pm to 5.30pm. You may be lucky and get your car in for £10 on the day ? www.redbournclassics.co.uk they recon to have over 300 Classic Cars and Bikes of all types, Commercials, Trucks & Tractors. There are also Side Show family attractions and Catering. I've entered my TR6Pi which is it's first time I've ever shown it at a classic car event, and will be my first drive in it this year (broken back, don't ask) A white and black car with wire wheels I'll be doing a spot of marshalling so if you wanna say Hi...I'll be wearing my trade mark white baseball cap and a fetching Hi Vis vest. Denis Read my Profile if you're interested in Motor Racing find me for a chat.
  3. just noticed my Honda Accords tyres are 65 profile so I measured them against my TR's tyres and it looks like the same profile to me!...My TR's wires have inner tubes of course!
  4. Hi Anthony, My 1969 UK spec TR6Pi was supplied new to the original owner (I'm the 3rd owner) with factory option wire wheels, which are still on the car. The original tyres were still on the car when I bought it (way back in 72) they were Dunlop SP Sport Radials, Michelin XAS were also fitted back then as well by Standard Triumph. The original tyre is still on my unused spare wheel and states on the sidewall 165/15/HR. There is no profile measurement displayed! but I measured it with a tape measure wheel rim to top of tyre is about 5 inches. My son who is a professional Racing driver who has worked as a professional tyre tester for Bridgestone and Michelin has driven my car (now on modern Michelins 165/15 and says they produce more grip than the chassis needs! So there is no need to overload your suspension components, joints or stub axles with a wider or lower profile tyre. Unless of course you have a new chassis under your car and up rated suspension parts and stub axles? Hope that is of some use to you? Denis
  5. Denis

    Water Pump

    Thanks for all your replies. Yes, it's the original water pump (Aug 69 CP Pi car) and No it doesn't move about or leak, with the fan belt off it just spins freely, albeit you can hear it spinning. I'll have a listen with my trusty rubber hosepipe to the Alternator which is the original one too 75,000 miles. Timing chain well it was changed in an engine rebuild less than 10,000 miles ago...Really? Would that make a light sort of 'Shissing' light scraping sound ?
  6. Denis

    Water Pump

    Background sort of 'Schissing' sound from my engine...doesn't change if I dip the clutch. So listened around with a rubber hose pipe...Water Pump sounded quite noisy. I popped the belt off and the pulley spins freely enough. So assuming it's the water pump bearings...are they easy to change, or get hold of new ones, do I need special tools, and do you have to drain the coolant? Or...any harm in just leaving it? And, was it my fault for being lazy, greasing it the last few times with CV grease that was in my gun?
  7. Anyone keeping a log of all these ex Exported TR's coming back here? Soon they won't be that rare at all, and hopefully they'll stay at sensible affordable prices for future owners to enjoy.
  8. TR's were never hand made precision cars, they were just thrown together to earn Britain Dollars! Part of the charm and character of these old sports cars we have preserved are the 'original' awful 'shut lines' ...I'll get my coat (again).
  9. Interesting bluebob you bought it new in 1969 eh?...Cos my white Aug 69 UK Pi car, true, I bought it in 72 but it had only done 16,000 miles and was like brand new, still on it's original well worn Dunlop SP's, and it came with black stonechip Sills (why do Americans call them 'Rockers'?). I'm with Andrew Smith for the same reasons he states.
  10. If you're going to Restore a Car and record it with a Blogg...THIS is THE benchmark of how it should be done!...What a SHAME it has to be abandoned !
  11. All the early CP TR6's had body coloured windshield surrounds just like the TR5 had. I've forgotten at what chassis number or date they added the black paint...somebody will be along to remind us hopefully.
  12. Aarhus...If your car has been repainted? The Black windshield surround might not be correct for a 1970 car! Mine came new with a body coloured windshield frame, White from new. Your Vin Number would provide more info from the authenticity experts on this site.
  13. When I bought my car in 1972 it had horrid chrome Bullet mirrors like used on mid 1960 single seater racing cars, mounted half way down the front wing they looked so stupid and too far away to see much in them! So when I fitted new Wings all round I was glad to see the back of them, I never liked the standard BL door mirrors as I thought them a bit ordinary, so fitted a 1970 period correct F1 style racing Mirror to the drivers door.
  14. My 69 CP Pi with standard head runs well on Shell V Power + Nitro since Neil Fergusson refurbed my M/U and I fitted new injectors.
  15. Oh! When I touch up my White paint with the 'Classic Car Colours' Rattle-Can white 19 it doesn't match anymore...like me it's obviously faded a bit!
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