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  1. I have used a polyurethane adhesive for a while- works really well and is very strong. Much like modern windscreen bonding agents- in fact mine was a Vauxhall product. its also easy to get the glass out- just cut away the sealant with a stanley knife. James
  2. Personally, I'd leave the prop shaft in place- you'll need it to lever off the push the whole thing "home" when you get near the end. Wooden levers are invaluable for this along with gentle rotation of the output shaft, proviced you put it in top gear before you try to turn it to mesh the clutch plate with the G'box input shaft. Try 3"x1" (in old money) for a start. By the time you've rotated the gearbox and dropped the G'box on your jack there will be enough room to get the 'box out without removing the propshaft- always assuming you remove the gearbox rear mounting and drop that onto your ga
  3. Does anyone else count 60 spokes on those wheels- not "complete with 48 spoke painted wire wheels which the vehicle is correctly riding on today."? Ooops. Very nice car though- wonder how it drives? James
  4. .....and a quite rare axle bump stop I see! James
  5. Well, I do think you can benefit from some modern good quality sound deadening- Mine was "Silentcoat" as above. It does transform the TR quite dramatically especially if you add other deadening and sound reducing materials around the inside of the car. I guess bitumen will burn but that conclusion is not really applicable on the top face of the Racetorations tunnel cover is it? James
  6. This is how I did my 2 piece Restorations cover. so far excellent- I've had a need to remove the rear section to adjust the OD solenoid and re-tighten that terrible exhaust clamp properly and its great. Adjustment including stripping out interior though is a four hour job. Sound deadening is stick-on black stuff with aluminium face and MLV (mass loaded vinyl) below carpet all from Sound Deadening Shop on-line- no link, only a satisfied customer. Seems to work a treat. Good luck. James
  7. A man has to have something to keep him occupied. I keep telling my wife that! James PS In these post PC times for man read Person and for wife read Partner. Perhaps...
  8. Its a bit of a task, made worse by the weight of the G-box combined with the overdrive. Separating these two is nigh on impossible in the car, so they both come out as a pair. Usual H&S precautions apply. Lift the car onto axle stands around 400-450mm high (unless you have a car lift or suchlike). Double-check stability and then check again every time you get beneath the car. Disconnect clutch, and remove slave cylinder bracket and tie up the thing (no need to drain but watch out for piston which could drop out! Remove the clutch operating rod and yolk. Take off metal plate from
  9. If you are using expensive media (glass beads or grains) you'll need a few variances of sieve. Start with the one we all recognise and then get a bit more sophisticated by making your own to suit what you are doing and the condition of your well-used media. Sieve material is available on t'internet. James
  10. Similar, but different- can anyone suggest a supplier for a new WHITE surrey? Mine was bought from a major supplier and is marked CHT. The underside is beige which is fine, but the top is very, very thin allowing the sunlight to noticeably shine through. More importantly, although its watertight its very thin and flappy when moving and a bit tight on material- the rear (side to side plane) is very tight and its extremities are nowhere near the top of the surrey frame "B" post. James
  11. Had this very same issue- I changed the control box and it immediately fixed it. however, this didn't last long and after changing it again its been fine for the past 5 years. James
  12. My team of engineers are currently fabricating a fully-demountable 4-post lift for when we end lockdown- you never know! James
  13. No, you cant get it cut down. But, what you can do is get a glass specialist to make you a piece to pattern and then have it toughened. They will know the allowances for shape-change. In the construction world this is an everyday occurrence. James
  14. Roger H mentions above some who have had the glass made to their particular opening, which, as one who also has oddly fitting glass (poor, very poor, fit against the fabric Surrey but pretty good at both front and back frames) I would like to know more about- has anyone within earshot done this and might the cost be comparable to a new, bought-in one I wonder? Any info would be appreciated by many I guess.... James
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