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  1. This is a common issue with the Opus style distributor. The circuit board inside expands and contracts with the heat cutting the circuit. As stated here, the rev counter will drop to zero immediately it happens as it cuts off the power to the coil and rev counter simultaneously. After 20 minutes of cooling down all will be fine until the temperature rises cutting it off again. How do I know, it happened to after I'd converted mine to V8 over 30 years ago. At the time the best cure was to fit a Lumenition module inside the distributor and it's still working now.
  2. The handbrake's pivoting / compensating arm in the middle of the rear axle needs to move freely for everything to work properly. The rubber bushes inside eventually fail with age and decades old coatings of grease can turn solid. its not uncommon for the brake adjusters on the 5 speed shoes to be assembled back to front by a previous owner or garage. The result is a handbrake that just about works at the limit of its adjustment with a new cable and shoes. Unfortunately this later compromises the ratchet mechanism as it eventually rounds off the teeth After replacing everything correctl
  3. If it's a Rover V8 try Real Steel Uxbridge or RPI engineering in Norfolk. American V8 Real Steel in Uxbridge
  4. Back in the late '80s Cox and Buckles charged me £300 to supply and fit a new pump.
  5. What's the spec of your V8 to give it too much power to put down? There's plenty of 3.5 to 4.6 litre RV8's powering heavy SD1's and lighter TR7V8's with standard SD1 clutches. These guys have options if you're in need of them. https://www.v8tuner.co.uk/category.php?id=20&page=1
  6. I've found Robsport, S and S and James Paddock are good for used / reconditioned Wedge parts in the past. At only 9 years old, my 2.0L subframe attracted an exchange surcharge for a V8 item due to corrosion.
  7. The bolts that hold the seat runners to the floor are 8mm Torx headed high tensile bolts. The seat belt stalks are mounted to the seat frame. Sub standard bolts or those that are spinning within their captive nuts are a serious safety issue in an impact. on a lighter note, the wedge can be a comfortable long distance tourer if that's what you're after.
  8. From the TR7 Forum............ it looks like this may be what you're after. https://www.cromwell.co.uk/shop/hand-tools/ring/1-11-16inchx-1-7-8inch-a-f-ch-v-an-ring-spanner/p/KEN5821470K http://tr7triumph.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=11532&p=82684&hilit=Crush#p82684 hope this helps Adam
  9. Hi, the easiest option is as per the TR8 / TR7V8 conversions. The 2WD LT77 5 speed gearbox as found in the TR7 / Rover SD1 and various other BL derivatives will bolt on to any Rover V8 using the appropriate bellhousing, flywheel and clutch etc. All the bits are available although the gearboxes may require a search as good ones are becoming scarce. You may need to get one rebuilt. Then there's the R380 box which superseded it. Apart from that there are various kit car / custom car arrangements to enable the Rover V8 to drop into Fords or other rear wheel drive vehicles. You'll need
  10. The TR shop in Chiswick used to advertise wire wheels regularly in the past and TR7 items were amongst them. Cheers, Adam
  11. Hi, I had this problem with the "Opus" distributor as well. Fitted the Lumenition gear to it 17 years ago, no problems since. Cheers, Adam
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