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  1. You're right, I've always scratched or damaged something lifting it out. Don't know why I didn't try this idea!
  2. I've also never heard of this method for the TR7. I've removed several and always used the procedure you mentioned by raising the rear end. But You have said that you've removed the subframe in earlier posts, if that's still not in place it could in theory work quite easily. Provided of course, if you have the means to raise the car. Be interested to hear how that one goes!
  3. My 7 failed it's MOT last year as it had a small hole in the underside of the subframe. The garage said they would have to remove it to weld as it was so close to the Mountings. I decided it was cheaper to fit a replacement and eventually found one on eBay for £180, plus travelling from the Cotswolds to Manchester to collect it. The removal of the old one and fitting the replacement was a lot easier than I thought. I was so glad I made the decision to do it as when the old one came off it was virtually crumbling away! It would never have been repairable and was probably very dangerous! Not sure at what point my 1981 TR7 will become MOT exempt, but this was a problem that I probably wouldn't have noticed until I experienced structural failure!
  4. In my opinion the sill trims would trap dirt, hold moisture and encourage corrosion. I removed them from all the various TR7s I've owned, but always passed them on to the new owners when I sold the cars.
  5. Back axle needs replacing too!!
  6. You'll definitely need a 5 speed prop shaft, very likely a bellhousing too. In my opinion you're making the right decision on converting to a five speed. It drives so much better and is a more robust box.
  7. May seem a basic answer, but my fan didn't work when I purchased the car. It had been stood for a while and just needed the slider switch connection cleaning.
  8. This may seem criminal to some, but I purchased a black leather with green stitching kit for my tatty dashboard. Removed all the dash and took my time getting a perfect fit, looked lovely! Then during this years heatwave some of the joins widened. Still looks good, but maybe painting it would have been a better option! Just for the record, I have a complete spare dashboard that I will retain in case any future owner wants to convert back to original.
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