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  1. Thanks, how good a match was it ? Mine will be side by side and have to be blended with original if I remove the strip ? Was it an original Triumph colour ? My local home paint shop admitted that their Dulux scanner matched it to the nearest on an extensive chart . Car paint blenders may be more accurate but my local chap could not visually get a match for my 350Z, silver, even when I gave him the colour code. That year, 2005 , there were 5 variants !
  2. Thanks both. Have been onto the Robsport website and on Bodywork page 15 they have clips. Like you Mike I would prefer no strips but I have a small problem. Previous owner had the car sprayed in a very nice, but not Triumph red and did not leave paint info. I need to re spray the sills which will have to be with a " matched " paint which is unlikely to be perfect. The sill strip provides a break between the sill and above panels so disguising any colour difference. Jeff
  3. My TR7 DHC has a black metal strip attached to the sill. I need to remove it. Can you tell me how to remove it, how is it fastened on and what do I need to refit it. Can't find anything on the forum. Jeff
  4. Now identified the problem, the shaft from the gear lever has become disconnected from the gearbox shaft. Oh joy. Be warned if replacing the perished rubbers, do one bolt at a time. Loosen before take one out so enough space to squeeze new rubber into place when one bolt removed. After a decade off road moved my TR7V8 (LT77 gearbox) and found problem with gears. Read rubbers perish on gearbox extension. Replaced these but made the mistake of removing all 4 bolts at once and cleaned out perished rubbers. The extension flopped about and I had great difficulty getting bolt / rubbers line
  5. You mention coolant replaced few weeks back. I'm no expert but recall many comments that the Rover V8 is a sod to get all the air out of the system. May be worth a check on V8 related forums on correct filling etc procedure before tearing everything apart. Jeff
  6. Re Alec's comments . I thought these bumpers were necessary to meet the 5mph, no damage collision, requirement in the US. Now presumably long gone. Re David's comment and racing TR7's. I raced a TR7V8 in the TR register series where a 870kg minimum weight applied. I kept the original bumpers but cut away as much as possible of the steel frame and left just enough to keep the outer cover in place. Doubt would have achieved 870 kg without doing this. Would Tony Ponds TR7V8 have been carrying around all that weight ? No major impact on the driving/handling but ,without all that weight , t
  7. I have a TR7V8 DHC which has been languishing in the garage for 10+ years. It runs , needs MOT and then I want to bring it up to snuff. My sometime back preference would have been to do away with the original black spoiler and fit the race version and painted the black bumpers the body colour. Life now seems to be to prefer original. Would appreciate comments Jeff
  8. Thanks David, sounds a good idea. Its the front one I am looking for . Do you have a front one ? My son lives at Great Chesterford near Saffron Walden so , depending where you are in Cambridge, may not be far, when we come over sometime , to collect. Jeff
  9. Can anyone direct me to a description of how to repair the crack that regularly appears on TR7 plastic bumpers. Sure I have read one in the past but search even for "bumpers" did not throw up anything. I'm doing it wrong ? I have Roger Williams "How to restore a TR7&8" but has nothing on bumpers. Please help ! Jeff
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