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  1. Hi Chris. Richard Connew would be a good place to start for advice. I'll PM you his email so as not to put it up on here for the spammers!! Malcolm.
  2. Chris is right (of course) but I am sure I remember Neil Sawyer saying something about the use of 14" wheels for historic rallying? Ring any bells Chris? I don't have Neil's contact details anymore but he or Gabe O'Connel would be good people to ask about this. You are still in touch with Neil Chris? Malcolm.
  3. well I agree with Wayne. If you have a good solid car you're most of the way there. All you need to do is source a good 2nd hand V8. The engine swap needs a hoist (local hire shop) and a weekend with some spanner handy mates. I'll change an engine for a case of beer :0) Don't give up!! Malcolm.
  4. Alec. Wasn't this the car Becky bought to replace HOT 1 SIN??
  5. Thanks guys. I am aware that I've let you down a bit in the last couple of years. As Alec says domestic (and work) have made these the most difficult times I've ever had to face!! But I have enjoyed being your Registrar and will miss it very much. As to who is next? Well I've a couple of ideas, but lets see who sticks their head up first Malcolm.
  6. A good investment those roller-bearings. I would buy a kit from one of the specialists too. A few more £s but with the instructions and backup required by a numpty mechanic WAYNE! - When did you get the new V8 Grinnall?? Malcolm.
  7. I don't doubt it Tony (knowing the originality of your FHC) so I'll admit to being wrong! The 2L cars I've had have had manifold gaskets (presumably fitted later in life) and the part is listed. But you learn something new every day. As my old boss used to say 'never assume, it makes an ass out of u&me'! Cheers Malcolm.
  8. Which book? There IS supposed to be a gasket! Malcolm.
  9. Good point about the strut top bearings. I had this done on my V8 DHC and it really works. Much cheaper than any PAS system too M.
  10. My thoughts exactly. They do a modern electric PAS system which is probably a better bet than messing about with second hand SD1 / Stag / or whatever bits. Malcolm.
  11. I'd refer you to the forums at Club Triumph - http://www.club.triumph.org.uk/ where you will get a good answer to that. Sorry, but just don't know my Dolomites! Malcolm.
  12. I is a very fiddly job to be sure. But no more than that. A decent set of sockets and spanners has always been enough for me (plus much swearing and cursing). I'm quite irritated to know Alec has a 'special tool' but have never needed one.... Best of luck, but it IS possible without one! Malcolm.
  13. Sure you all spotted it, but the "other" (not Chris Turner's) restored Coca-Cola TR7 is for sale on ebay. And quite a bargain for a very rare TR7 which has recently had a lot of money spent. Not for me, thanks to Chris I have already had the pleasure of a summer with one of these special cars. Just letting you know! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...ME:B:EF:GB:1123 M.
  14. Good find. And quite an unusual colour now as many of the white ones have been re-sprayed. Looking forward to some more pictures when it dries up! Agreed that whilst it isn't a factory fitted sprint engine, this is a worthwhile conversion and (as with the V8) one that would have been produced in large numbers in the UK had things gone better for BL. Good luck with the car Malcolm.
  15. malcolm


    All you need to do is source a pair of H4 halogen headlamps (as used on the Mini). Then you can buy some extra-bright bulbs for them (got my bulbs at Halfords). What a difference! Have a look on ebay.... Malcolm.
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