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  1. Mortgage deeds are no longer what they used to be. I worked for one of the countries biggest mortgage lenders. We retained the deeds of all mortgaged properties in an advanced vault, it was even flooded with Co2 in the event of a fire alarm, fully automated so no staff risk. As they used to say the deeds were prima facia evidence of ownership. One of the best jobs as a manager was, too meet the customers who had paid off their mortgage and, hand them the deeds to their house. A cup of coffee, and in most cases the objective of a life's work achieved I have seen some spectacular set a
  2. Hi Great idea. I live in a commuter town 40 min from London would be great to swap an exchange experience. Sean
  3. Nice car and nice dog too. I had a couple of Jack Russells too ... what's her/his name?
  4. get Pinky to advise you he has a great sound system in his 6
  5. This video together with others should explain how to change UJ's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_itF2vDy_s
  6. Interesting to see it has a North London Group badge on the screen, a old member of the group? Sean
  7. seanlen

    Car lifts

    You have a private message
  8. This Hard top was first on at £675!!! Then put to auction clearly had no confidence and pulled it today after some bids. I think the market will determine it's worth. Yes I was following it as well.
  9. Looks like Bills from the NLG. Was a very nice car. On here as AylesburyDuck.
  10. Pete A couple of options on this thread. done mine last year using the cut and screw on method. http://tr7triumph.com/forum/search.php?keywords=steering+bush regards Sean
  11. Norman A number of the North London group use a company in Feltham and have had good service. http://www.propshaft-services.co.uk/ Sean
  12. Chris There are some demo videos on youtube for product you are talking about just type in accuspark and you should find the guides. Sean
  13. John 215 who is sometimes on here, but more active on the tr7.co.uk forum, has a nice chrome brace fitted to his 7v8. He should have the info you are looking for. Sean
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