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  1. Panel fit and gaps look like factory standard.
  2. Is that Blackpool tower in the background?
  3. Thanks Roger that will help when i get round to the fixing the alt glimmer on 64xph.
  4. looks good David. how is the Olympic 4 coming along ??
  5. Tom was the pocket for a pot of vasaliene
  6. thanks for the replies . I have an alternator fitted, so will be looking into a dodgy fuse or earth connection. I honestly thought I had blown a head gasket.
  7. quick update. had chance to have an hour in the garage. changed plugs. topped up coolant. crossed fingers and fired up first time. seems to be running ok and strangley lecy fan and gagues working!! could this be an earthing problem? had same issue after the mot with loss of sparks and then loss of horn and wipers?
  8. hello Dave Roger thanks for you replies. Had the plugs out and all looking good straw brown no sign of water in the oil. will focus on electrics now dont think the fan feed is direct from batt.
  9. Had a great day out in 64XPH but heading home got stuck in long traffic jams. noticed I had lost power to the fuel and temp gague and by the time I could find somwhere to stop the engine had boiled over. lots of steam and most of the coolant made its exit via the rad filler cap. Eletric fan fitted with overide switch. None now working. not had the plugs out yet. but any advice on next steps welcome.
  10. I had this on the m5 northbound out of Avonmouth on DiD. 64 XPH was running well so decided to pass a few cars using lane 3 pulling up out of avonmouth. There is a 4th lane that runs out at the top of the hill and some bright spark in an audi thought he would have a go at the 200mtr marker where the lanes converge such was his intent to get passed it had slipped his mind that he was heading to the armco at approx 80 mph and about to run out of road.He just managed to recover it and fill the space left when i slipped into lane 2. We were glad to exit and rejoin the a38 for the trip home.
  11. Had a good run out in the red TR yesterday, 250 miles in total, the car preformed faultlessly and got better after each mile. On putting the car away in the evening I went to release the bonnet to isolate the battery, all that happened was the bonnet release catch came off in my hand! After a sphincter tightening moment I realised the car was fitted with an emergency release catch under the dash. (if you dont have one please fit one for peace of mind). The bonnet popped open with a reassuring clunk as it released. My question is what is the best type of cable replacement to fit and
  12. Sarah and I did our own thing for DiD good weather so headed west from Gloucester to Dunster for lunch at the Luttrell Arms. 64 XPH ran well and got better as the day went on. Just proves we should be out in our cars. Quite a mix of classics around Gloucester, many MG's! only saw one TR all day, that was a TR 6 in green seen at Norton Fitzwarren at 1640. A great day out!
  13. Thats the one i used. works well
  14. thanks both . "bmw" switch off ebay arrived this morning so will tinker over the weekend and fit. thanks for all the advice and pics.
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